Monday, January 7, 2013

In Response To Brainwashing By The United States

This is part of something I wrote to my son, which I thought I would share to other U.S. citizens who feel they have also been brainwashed by a country that commits treason against them:

"Hi Oliver!

It is pretty late right now and I meant to write to you before your bedtime!

I am very sorry about that.

What I was doing that made me forget, is something for our family still. I was looking up places to go for vacation, and to go with your Grandpa and Grandma, and maybe talk to people in another country about helping you, along with people in the United States.

So I was definitely thinking about you!!!!

I wonder what you did today? It's Sunday, so it must have been a big day for you. Sort of tiring? Or did you do something fun?

Tomorrow I start classes for college but I'm not looking forward to it. Most of the time I like classes a lot--I really love school,usually, as long as there are not bad people...but I have been thinking about you and worrying about you a lot.

It bothers me very much that this country has done the things they've done. There are supposed to be good people, and good police, who protect people and they have not done this for you in this country,even when it's been brought to their attention many many times.

So this is what I am working on, because when people who have jobs that are supposed to be used to protect people, let kids get hurt, on purpose, it is extremely bad. Well, you know that.

You should be in a better country than the United States. I want you to always remember that the United States is NOT your country. You remember this, okay? They have done so many very bad things to you, you can never trust this country, and you cannot be fooled into thinking it is a good country. If this country fixes what they've done to you and me, then we can think about the possibility that this
country has changed, and is a better place. We can then think it might be safe for you to live here and that this country honors the oath it took by signing declarations into the constitution and into law that says if you are a citizen or born here, you have right to not be hurt.

Because this country has broken it's promise to you, to me, and to some of your other family, it has broken the trust and to believe one single word a U.S. government official tells you, or any person that takes money from the government, is not a good idea. You can't trust mobsters either, that aren't connected to government.

This country made a contract that promised to obey the laws and protect you. They have broken this promise over and over. So when this country honors the contract for some citizens but not for you, it means this country has committed treason against you. Because this country has tortured you and committed treason, you have no reason to respect this country or its officials and you cannot live here.

You can't live in Canada either, for another thing, because they also broke their contract and lied and hurt you. So there is a country for you, that will hopefully just allow you to live without being hurt by the government, but you are not there yet.

I am working on finding a place for us, or someone in this country to fix their problem. If they don't fix their problem, it will eventually become a very big problem that no one will ever be able to fix because it will be too rotten to try to make good anymore.

I love you.

I have thought about you all night.

I hope you have a good day at school tomorrow..."

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