Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yvonne Bauer: Haldol Assault Wethink Possible; Rethink Popular

I have found Yvonne Bauer, who is turning up to not only look like Nikki from The Post Pub, but has probable ties to crimes.

She's a billionaire from Germany and looking back on Bauer history, I am not yet sure where the money came from.

When I went to her site, it said "We Think Popular" and had rainbow colors like a printing company has, graphic dots. Then it moves from this, to a horrific photo of "The Hobbit".

I am intuitive and I picked up that they are making fun of a Haldol assault that made it impossible for me to pronounce "r"s. So an attempt to say "rethink popular" would sound "we think popular".

The connection is with AT&T, and their ads are "Rethink Possible".


So what do Bauer and AT&T have in common? The printing industry, and friends in the printing industry.

I am starting to think I might be able to find a link with the U.S. military man that ordered that I be assaulted with Haldol, to these people. He looked German, and I believe he was of German ancestry, and I would love to know more about his family.

The Bauer company has printing since the 1800s. They are established in the UK as the 3rd largest printing company.

It just looks like advertisements, complementary ones:

We Think Popular
Rethink Possible

To rethink possible is to rule "possible" out.
Rethink impossible means one puts impossibility into doubt.

So maybe I'm wrong--maybe they're "friends". What my instincts picked up on, was not friendship and I picked up on it as soon as I saw the ad for Bauer with "We Think Popular".

I have written in my blog, and my mother has told others, that when she said if I wanted to be a cheerleader I'd have to be popular, I replied, "I will be popular."

I was. I was Homecoming Queen. No big deal.

Of course, slandering me and torturing me, and assaulting me with Haldol, to the point that I was addressing a bunch of Nazi's with slurred speech, and a twisted tongue (by the way, Bauer owns a company called "Twist"), and asking them to "wethink" keeping me there and drugging me, being unable to articulate any "r's" and having other problems,
I think there is something wrong with the picture.

AT&T was the service provider for Alvaro Pardo, and AT&T is the group that The Thebault Printing Company founder's house was next to. They worked together. And the last time I went to the Thebault site, which was over a year ago, I looked them up and found a design using graphic dots in the same way as Bauer.

Alvaro used to tell me "I think it is impossible but you have to try". It was always about "impossible" or "possible". I am "rethinking" what connections Pardo has to the Thebault family.

I have a VERY strong feeling that the military man who ordered my Haldol assault is connected to this woman Yvonne.

When I checked the background history for the Baeur company I found contradictory information. Several sites indicated the founder was "Louis Bauer" in the 1800s, and then one site said it was a Johann Bauer who worked for the firm P.A. Wilson in Edinburgh for 10 years. The surname Bauer is both German and Ashkenazi Jewish.
I'll have to look into it more. At this point, I don't know which group is with which. I DO have an instinctive feeling about this though, that I will find a connection between this people and the man who ordered my being drugged in Nashville, TN. Possibly a connection to Dr.'s at Vanderbilt as well.

Here's something "fun". Let's listen to "Chakra" by Uhl and Bauer:
Marianne Uhl and Bernd Und Achim Bauer

Brad Uhl is listed as living in Virginia, Pittsburgh (PA), West Palm Beach (FL), Bridgeville (PA), Brentwood (TN), and APO, AE 09316, which is a U.S. Pentagon military address. APO is U.S. Army and AE is U.S. Armed Forces.

Uhl is German and connected to U.S. Army and DEA and the man who assaulted me at the psych ward in Nashville, TN was U.S. Army and, I believe, German. I am positive Bauer is connected.

Funny when you find out, too, that people you thought were "christians" are devils.

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