Friday, January 11, 2013

State-Sponsored Harassment and Rape & Criminal Keyes Family

LOREE Garrett
9:23 AM (0 minutes ago)
to dicksiedael

Also, if it is Theo Keyes that the Keyes are related to, this kind of
immoral activity is not even surprising. Theo Keyes knew I had no
other place to live and I didn't--I didn't even have a housing shelter
to go to at that point in Wenatchee, and he went into the house and
openly masterbated in front of me, and then went around a corner and
did it and I could hear the whole thing even if I didn't see it. He
did this right in the hall so I couldn't leave the house without
passing by him doing this so I was trapped in the house. He did this
ALL the time and I looked for housing and the U.S. FBI and federal
government deliberately put me in that position, to be sexually
harassed, when I was eligible for federal housing money and had
already applied. They illegally kicked me out of it, to be forced to
live with U.S. Army that sexually harassed me.

I believe these are the same Keyes people and he worked for Michelle Erickson.

I would like to know if Kevin Boll has tried to get sexual favors from
you since you moved to town. I want to know about anyone else too.

You're beautiful and I think more than I am, and I'm sure if they've
raped me and sexually harassed me and assaulted me, with the FBI and
local police colluding and bribing eachother to conceal crimes against
us and refusing to take reports, I'm sure they've done this to you.



LOREE Garrett
9:16 AM (7 minutes ago)
to dicksiedael
I'm not taking it down. I made the bad mistake of taking down the
post about Kathy, Debbie and Patty when I did, because of these same
kinds of people telling you to do this. Your entire letter sounds
like it came from Theo Keyes, not you.

I saw criminal assault of Dad and neither one of you would kick me out
for reporting it and I have already had it on my blog. It is on my
blog already, from almost a year ago. You read it then, and no one
told me to take it down.

I don't care if you won't pay for the've been stringing
me along on that for an entire week and that isn't something you'd do,
along with forcing me not to see you for a week either.

I do believe you are sexually harassed too but I haven't caught it yet.

Why would you tell me to take this down now but not in the past?

All this is, is an attempt to interrupt my college again.


At 9:34 a.m. right after I wrote this, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, who I made a report against when I first moved here, called for my mother. Debbie, Kathy Hathaway,and Patty Otterbach were and are torturing my mother and I filed a police report.

The corrupt officer who ran to the office to take the report was one who beats my Dad and keeps a lookout for criminals. His name is Sean/Shawn.

He said "Your parents are just OLD." He is a corrupt cop and he clearly was friends for Cindy and Debbie.

I have witnessed other things being done to my mother at public yardsales with these same people around later.

I was told to take down the post about them and about Patty. I did, because I was worried about them, and it was a mistake.

Not one single officer from this town contacted me about the formal complaint I made, of my testimony that my mother was brought back from Roseburg, after being out with Patty, with marks of assault all over her body.

Not one cop called me, or asked me questions about this report. Instead, they told my parents to tell me to take down my blogpost.

The officer who wanted to be in charge of that report so badly was, as I say, this guy named Sean. I later caught him doing a lookout for people who apparently went to our house, as he was lingering around sidewalks and corners, watching where I was when I went for a walk.

Aside from him, the other cop I noticed who has stood out, is the one I've mentioned before, who is from Coos Bay I believe and has done work in this town for a parade Coquille had and who is extremely vicious.

The Keyes family in town, who has the girls that sexually harassed my Dad, is the one with the Dad that is 20+ years U.S. Army and the nurse wife. The Keyes I was forced to stay with, who sexually harassed me in the house, told me his Dad was 20+ years U.S. Army. Keyes and Michelle Erickson also both admitted (Erickson admitted under oath in court in Douglas County)that Theo Keyes worked for Michelle.

Debbie Sweetwater-Burt is the one who told my mother to tell me to take the post down and my mother doesn't want me to leave and neither does my Dad.

It's Debbie.

Additionally, Debbie is the one who called the house after I made this post and she is also the one who tried to influence what my Mom did with helping me with my appeal for my son Oliver. She is connected to a lawyer in Wenatchee, WA that had my case: Collier.

At the time that I was reporting Debbie, he was refusing to get in touch with me about my case with Michelle Erickson. Actually, I take that back. He was ignoring me until I reported Debbie and made the claim she knew lawyers connected to my appeals case for my son, in Wenatchee.

I believe this is the same Keyes family. And Debbie knows them and has tried to do favors for them.

She has no right to try to force my mother, her employee, to kick me out of my housing if I do not take down a report about criminal activity I've witnessed by both her and by people connected to her (the Keyes).

It also means what they've done over here to my parents, they were connecting to people they knew in Wenatchee, WA who assaulted me and tried to keep me from my son.

I called my Mom just now and could tell by her voice that she didn't want me to move and she was depressed, right after a call from Debbie. And then after Debbie called, she was driving to work.

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