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UPDATED Stacy Stubblefield and Cop Set-Up From Kentucky

I just confirmed Stacy Stubblefield's education (UPDATED: 1/23/13 see bottom of page).

She is the midwife who tortured me and my son.  Her husband is a cop in the area. 

Well guess what.  I remembered her having some kind of educational background in the Midwest somewhere, and I remembered her husband was a police officer in the Wenatchee area.

Well, remember when I was falsely arrested by Wenatchee police for "grand auto theft?"  It was  a set-up by Stubblefield.  It was a set-up between the man who picked me up from Shannon Borg's house in Seattle, Washington, to ditch me at the courthouse knowing I would have to get a ride back to get my things. 

The man they had waiting for me, was from Kentucky.  Kentucky is where Stacy got her education to be a nurse.  That man is the one who told me I could drive his car, with his permission and that his girlfriend was in Kentucky for a CPS case.

The entire thing was set up by medical professionals and cops.

Stacy Stubblefield lived in Kentucky and became a midwife-nurse there.  Then she got further education at OHSU, in Portland, Oregon.  From Portland, Oregon, she and her cop husband moved to Wenatchee.  So her husband, if he was a cop in Oregon, he already knew about me.  It means he was connected to cops in the Portland area first, and then they moved to Washington state.

Shannon Borg was connected to the medical professionals because her husband owned a medical facility in Seattle, WA.  So when I intuited she already knew this man who picked me up to take me to Wenatchee, I was correct.  And when I intuited that man had it set up ahead of time to ditch me there, instead of taking me back to Seattle as agreed, I was correct.  When I intuited the man who was driving slowly past me, already knowing I had no money on me at all, and that I would have to get a ride back to the motel to get my belongings (the things I had which were not stored in Seattle), I intuited this was a set up correctly.

The entire thing was a medical professional and cop set-up.  That man who was waiting to pick me up, knew Stubblefield, from his girlfriend who was from Kentucky.  This was why when I borrowed his car, I was correct in noticing 4 different police officers started to follow me, all at the same time.  Four cop cars, for what?  Alvaro Pardo I guess.  They all got behind the car and followed me all the way to the coffee shop.  Then the same thing again.  And then when this woman came home and lied and said it was her car, they ALL knew it was a lie.

The Wenatchee cops then stole my bag from me with evidence stored on my videocamera and they deleted my photo evidence of torture marks on my son.  They also deleted evidence that I had legally stored, which proved my visits with my son were normal and I was not nuts, contrary to lies written about me by the CPS monitor.  So they all knew I could prove Sue perjured herself by making false reports about visits with my son.

The entire CPS case was a lie.

In addition to Stubblefield and the woman who lied and said I committed "grand auto theft", both of them from Kentucky, I think AG Mary McIntosh is originally from Kentucky or somewhere midwest.  The other person who I know lived in Kentucky is Tim Henderson.  Tim Henderson lived in Portland, Oregon the same time Stacy Stubblefield was going to college there, and that her husband worked as a cop.  Tim got mad when Monica Allens mother told me she believed Tim was holding Monica hostage and when she and I went to check on her, Tim called the Portland police and told them I was crazy and had them give me a restraining order.  Tim Henderson was immediately connected to police.  He then left Oregon with Monica and lived in Kentucky. 

Tim had family in Kentucky and knew people there.

I knew there was something wrong with Tim.  Monica was the one who first thought something was wrong with him.  She was going to quit dating him because of all of the radars and red flags and I was stupid enough to play devil's advocate and tell her maybe it wasn't what it appeared to be.  Then, she got sucked into it, and by the time I realized he wasn't a good person, and was misrepresenting what he was about, it was too late.  By then Monica had fallen in love with him.  After they were married, Tim tried to hit on me, in his own house, before Monica was there.  He suggested we be sexually intimate. I was so shocked by it that I wouldn't go to their house without Monica being there first and I asked her to just meet me out in public instead of meeting at her house.  He even sort of leaned forward to try to kiss me and I backed off and said I would come back in a while when Monica was there (I think I left and came back).  Then Tim sort of began to monitor Monica and almost stalk her.  After this, was when Monica's Mom, who might be prone to exaggeration, told me she thought Tim was holding Monica hostage.  Out of all the boyfriends Monica had and all the time I knew Rebecca, she never suggested such a thing.  So I went with her to the house and that's when Tim screwed me over, and lied to police.

I remember the police acted like they already knew Tim.

So at that same time, Stubblefield was going to college as a nurse-midwife and her husband was a cop somewhere around there.  They moved to Wenatchee.  Then when she tortured me and my son in childbirth, it was seriously torture.

After this, she and others were trying to make sure I couldn't sue them for my son's damages.

I cannot believe this.  They literally set me up for a false arrest.  I mean, I always knew it was false, and I knew it was a set-up, but it's still shocking.   I remember I had started to wonder if Tim Henderson was really a Protestant christian and if he was maybe Catholic but just saying he was Protestant.  I know it crossed my mind because he had all of these Catholic books that he had purchased and had in his house.  I just thought it wasn't really the kind of reading material most Protestants had.  I know he went to some Bible college, but that doesn't say anything anymore.  I just remember thinking something was "off" or not right.  Like something was seriously wrong but I couldn't exactly put my finger on it.  He was lying about things but I thought is it religion or what? and then he came ontome and I didn't trust him at all after that.  It freaked me out.  Right there in the house of my own best friend.  Now, looking back, mabye he was even hoping for an opportunity to set me up that way, to distance Monica and me from eachother.  Instead, he used the hostage thing, and she was already not acting like herself.  They had some weird hippie friends, one of them named "Anna" who was Monica's best friend later.  Tim refused to socialize with anyone except this small group and, I guess, cops.  Monica started getting into this midwife-only thing and wasn't going to go to a hospital and I said I didn't know if that was a good idea.  She was determined and half of it was Tim and Anna's ideas.  So maybe they got connected to midwives and cops that way--I don't know.

I know that Stacy went to college in Kentucky and her husband is a cop and they lived in Portland, Oregon when I did, before moving to Wenatchee, WA.

I got set up for a false arrest on the night before I was to start a high-paying job in Seattle, WA.  It was cops, medical professionals, and ones connected to Kentucky, Canada, and Seattle/Portland.  I mean, Shannon Borg was from Seattle, her husband was from Canada and had a medical group in Seattle; Tim was from Kentucky and Oregon; Stubblefield was from Kentucky and Oregon; and the people that set me up for "grand auto theft" were from Kentucky and Oregon, and knew the cops in Wenatchee.  If the Kentucky liars (grand auto theft people) knew cops and Stubblefield and possibly Tim Henderson, that leaves me to wonder about Borg and the Canadian.  He would have a connection through medical, but also possibly through Canada and Borg.  I think that Mary McIntosh, the AG for my case later, is also from Kentucky, and I know for sure her son-in-law, Jones, is the cop who told me to leave Washington state and threatened me before CPS got involved.

They literally took my property into evidence and then destroyed and deleted evidence.

The Stubblefields, I am pretty sure, moved to Wenatchee after I was already there, and trapped there.  I believe she showed up after I was already confirmed pregnant.  I don't think they had even moved to Wenatchee until after I tested positive for pregnancy.

I'm starting to wonder if Tim Henderson was even possibly connected to Josh Gatov.  I have never wondered about that, and the only way I think it's possible is maybe through police somehow, but it crosses my mind now.  I found out Josh was Jewish and then I always knew or thought he was possibly connected to Ed Israel or the Roses.  These things are possible, but it's also possible, that when Josh was so friendly with Lake Oswego cops, he might be connected to Tim Henderson through a cop connection too, and there is a British connection in that mix.

What I know for sure, is that I was set up for the car theft and it looks like Stubblefield was part of this.  Since she was so close to Dr. Malcolm Butler, who was strongly tied, himself and his father, to Seattle through U of W medical, they had to have known Borg's husband who had the medical offices and was from Canada.

As for people like Sibel, the mormon woman who worked against me in Wenatchee and wanted to take my son away, I think some of these Mormons are not really Mormons.  They are more like government employees that have had a part in using my parents to their own advantage and thought maybe they could do the same with MY son.  Not most of them, but some of them and ones involved with me.  Springer was the psychologist behind my house for years.  I mean, it's not like a lot of people have not known things and concealed things from me.  It was a former "Mormon" band that wrote "Can You Read My Mind".  The Killers.  I thought it was no big deal and then I realize what some of these people have done to my Mom and Dad and how they definitely knew things about me, and then instead of standing up for me, they tried to steal my son from me and lied about me to do it.

So what? so they can use the next generation in slave labor to their own advantage.

I want my son returned.

I know Shannon Borg is Mormon and she traveled to England and Scotland and lived there for awhile.  I know Geoff Rasmussen and his wife went to England to visit and then months later, I never heard from them again.  Geoff's wife told me why didn't I move to England, and Geoff never wrote by email.  His Uncle is FBI.  How did Rasmussen's uncle NOT know I was part of MKUltra?  It's impossible.  All of these people knew and no one would tell me, even when there was strong reason to believe me, that I was being targeted by NASA.  My whole family was, and even my son.

I was then trapped in Washington to be tortured and poisoned, because of a false charge of grand auto theft where I was ordered not to leave the state for 1 year.  It was 1 year they ruined everything about my son's life and my life.
UPDATED 1/23/13.

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Midwife License  

Credential # ARNP.AP.30006908-CNM
Effective Date 05/05/2011
Expiration Date 06/04/2013
First Issuance Date 11/02/2004
CE Due Date 06/04/2013

Hyden University - Kentucky - MSN
Graduated 01/01/2004

Credential # RN.RN.00151814
Effective Date 05/29/2012
Expiration Date 06/04/2013
CE Due Date 06/04/2014

Oregon Health And Science University - Portland - BSN
Graduated 06/01/1993

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