Monday, January 7, 2013

Stealing From My House Again (and then Patty Otterbach came over)

Someone broke into my house and stole from me again. They stole a tea packet from me.

I had just bought different kinds of tea, and one was a variety pack with an assortment. I looked at them yesterday and took them all out of the box and had them in a drawer, as they were individually sealed.

I looked through them today, because yesterday I told my Mom I'd give her some to choose and which ones did she want to try.

A U.S. employee broke into my house sometime yesterday afternoon or evening, and stole one of the tea packets from me.

I am really tired of the United States employees breaking into my house and the U.S. encouraging this.

It is the U.S. military and CIA.

It may not seem like a big deal, that one tea packet was stolen. I know, because I looked at them in the drawer and they were all there and I had not tried any of the assortment yet.

I also know it's U.S. military employees and CIA because the same excuse for breaking into my house and anti-competition, is still being made. The excuse has been that they all find it so fascinating and therefore, torture of me, stealing from me, preventing me from work or college, obstructing my travel, and other things, are all permissable because someone is serving a "higher" purpose of using me as a guinea pig. They have destroyed my life and my son's life.

I know it's U.S. military and CIA because I took out some tea packets for my Mom, and was arranging them in a rainbow color pattern, and then thought to mix them up and put one packet on the top, because I thought she liked this kind.

The one I put on the top is the one that was stolen from me.

So I know it's U.S. military and CIA because they would do this, steal something like a tea packet, specifically to then make a prediction that the one they stole from me, would be in my hand on the top when I walked out of my house to let my mother choose some the next day.

So whoever broke into my house, predicted correctly, and the U.S. is allowing them to break into my house, because the U.S. thinks this person has a right to violate my rights for U.S. military and CIA programs.

I also saw the look on my Mom's face, when I gave them to her, because she saw the one that was on the top and she didn't look happy. So to me, that was clearly because she already knows who broke into my house and what they said, and someone told my mother how it was going to be, and then it was.

It was most likely someone connected to Patty Otterbach. So my mother was disappointed by it.

I have not just had tea packets stolen from me. And maybe that's not a big deal to most people, but this is constant theft.

It is United States sponsored theft, with a free pass, and they torture my family as well.

I can't prove it right now, but I know intuitively that whoever stole this from me, shared that information with Kate Middleton and she has already been told about it.

Kate Middleton is a criminal and she has criminals working for her in the U.S., that are employed by the U.S. The U.S. has allowed Kate Middleton to degrade my family and has used her for psychic work.

I am also fairly certain, that the woman I had an impression of, reacting to what I write, sometime between 10:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m., happily reacting to what occured, is also Kate.

Like I said, I can't prove it, but the person who came to my mind's eye is Kate Middleton. I didn't jump to the conclusion or factor her into this incident until she came up to me, as I was writing the first part of my post, and I saw her reacting as if looking at her through another person's eyes.

Kate Middleton is a criminal, and she is involved in torture of my son and family. Her group has been plotting to get her married into royalty for a very long time and she has participated in making sure it happens and that others are destroyed.

It wasn't stolen from me when I was in my house, like last night while I slept. I had things by the door and the door was locked. It was stolen when I left the house and whoever stole from me, tied a string the way I tie it, to make it look like no one had broken in.

I didn't leave my house late yesterday afternoon or evening. I left my house twice, once after 11 p.m. to return something to a store, and my parents were gone at church and I was gone, then once around 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. to the gym and my Mom showed up to join me.

Patty Otterbach came over afterwards, when it wasn't planned, and took my mother out with her for a walk.

Patty wouldn't show up, to rub it in, if she didn't already know who broke into my house and took this from me.

They took one of the blue colored packets, and then this man showed up at the gym, wearing a solid blue shirt and pretending to look at the newspaper, looking like Dennis Hotchkiss when a Dennis Pooler who works with Patty Otterbach stole a listing from my mother that was on Pirates, in Coos Bay.

Then Patty, the former blueberry farm owner, came over and told my Mom to walk with her. Wearing blue and white and my mother having to meet up with her, wearing blue and white.

Like I said, these people are connected to Kate Middleton, and they broke into my house, and then tied up the string the way I tie it to conceal this, after they stole from me.

I bought the box of tea on Saturday afternoon and I had not used any of them. And of course I didn't take tea out of my house. I also counted all of them, to see what kinds there were and how many of each, to share with my Mom.

It was stolen from me and then the people who broke into my house, mocked my family over it.

Also, when I went up to the porch a few minutes ago, a cop drove past slowly, down central, in a solid gold colored cop sedan that was unmarked but was a cop car. It was the same kind of make and model as the Coquille Sheriff's department uses.

I just got it back. It was in my parent's house which means whoever stole it gave it to my parents to put in their house and make it look like them, or Patty took it from the person who stole it and brought it back into the house last night.

I didn't imagine it was gone and I didn't give my mother too many. I counted them out and made sure I had one of every color to give my Mom.

It wasn't my parents.

Oh, and I looked on the back to see what the ingredients are, and one of the ingredients is "Chinese star anise". Is that why Katie felt so happy?

She has some SERIOUS issues.

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