Monday, February 4, 2013

My Mom and Dad Tortured Today

My Mom and Dad were tortured today.

My Dad just got home, and it's 2:30 p.m. and his left eye is twice as big as his right eye.  It's bulging out, and I noticed immediately.

The U.S. is torturing my Dad and they DID torture him, because I can see his eye myself.

I know someone like Mary Del Balzo doesn't care, but I care.

The United States is torturing my Dad, and did so today.  That kind of effect to the eye only occurs from torture, and it's been done to me, and to my son, and my Mom.  All of us have had this happen and it involves torture by technology to the top of the head, which you can FEEL, and then whatever side of the head they zap, the eye on that side of the head begins to bulge out from some kind of ocular pressure.

It's been done to either side for me and it is not migraine.  It has been done to my Mom and to my Dad.  There is no way to do this to yourself.  It's not like my Dad is going out, and doing this to himself to get sympathy for some reason.

It is by long-range technology and that means both NASA and The Pentagon.  I mean, seriously.  Is Mary DelBalzo buddies with Leon Panetta or something?  They're Italian-America and work for the U.S. government, both of them.

My Mom was tortured today and she won't tell me how.

Both my Mom and Dad's eyes that were bruised sort of pink-purple when it first happened, now have almost black circles.  It's pink/blue/purple, and compression, and then the bruises turn brown, and then darker brown to almost sort of black under the skin. 

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