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Laser & Torture (photo evidence)

This photo was taken 1 hour or so after the other photos below. I included this one because a darker tan circle showed up around the red circle and blister so it helps to show it's from some kind of a laser. There is also a burn that's small just below my ring finger (this is all on my rt. hand) and it's slightly oval and is vertical like the line next to the circle burn. I took photos but won't put everything up. I have other shots of the tan circle that's around the red burn, but won't put them up since I have this one. There is sort of lighter skin inbetween the tan line and the red burn like a bullseye kind of target thing, and then the blister is in the center and formed immediately. Within minutes. But laser is nothing. Much worse is being done and I don't have physical evidence to prove it so I am asking someone to help me (us) obtain any kind of testimony or documentation that could be used to back up my testimony to the UN, OIG, anyone. I want my son to be returned to me and I've never been crazy--I've been tortured, drugged, and harassed. My whole family is, and it would be almost impossible for the average citizen to even believe it's true--.

I haven't been eating limes. If you recall, the last time I was lasered some thought it was a skin reaction to all the limes I was eating, but I haven't been eating any fruit and it's not an allergy.

This one brings up the blistering that formed.

We were supposed to go to Coos Bay and shop today but instead had to stay here so the U.S. can experiment on us more.

I don't know who is lasering me, but the evidence from that is nothing. It's like having evidence of a lightsliver under the skin, which doesn't cause hardly any pain when the real problem is being electrocuted by a cattle wire all day, every single day. Where's the evidence for the cattle wire electrocution that happens every single day and night. There isn't any because it's not a lightening bolt that will kill you outright and leave no trace except for maybe a small burn mark on the bottom of your foot. On the other hand, "less than lethal weapons", like cattle wires, can be used all day every single day and if you start to look bad or feel bad, your enemies can simply say, "Oh, you're just getting old."

The United States is torturing us on the level of electrocuting us repeatedly, all day and all night.

So when someone says oh it's not so bad, like Yodak, that's a lie. It has been and is as bad as Yodak. There's no physical evidence bc that's the way they want it to be.

Last night I looked up how severe my pain was from migraines being illegally and repeatedly triggered. I wasn't sure exactly how an average doctor would categorize the pain. So I looked up the level of medicine that even began to touch the pain and help subdue it, and it was between 10-20 mgs of morphine by intramuscular injection or several oxycodone (but I had more rebound pain with oxycodone).

I looked up what 10-20 mgs morphine would be indicated for and it said, "severe pain, such as that for cancer or post-operative pain" and some sites said it was for "moderate to severe pain". Most sites said it was for severe pain.

That is what was done to me.

Severe pain and it didn't last 1 day, if I got the morphine, for some reason it knocked it out better and mabye my migraine didn't last 3 days, but if I didn't get the right amount of pain medication, my body reacted and kept producing whatever it is that creates pain and it lasted about 3 days.

So, being tortured with severe pain is crime.

I had discovered my migraines were being triggered by technology, not naturally, and sometimes it was just 2 per month. Lasting 2-6 days total, combined. But when these people wanted me forced out of my lawsuits, they did this to me repeatedly, and I had this odd chronic bronchitis too. That was in Oregon. I had them 1x/wk or more. I asked the Judge Wilson for medical abatement because of increased migraine and a chronic migraine and I didn't have time to grab all my medical records so I grabbed a few and my prescription vicodin to show her.

Then in Wenatchee, after they took my car from me and it forced me out of lawsuits and college, they kept triggering migraine and this time, the doctors refused to even treat my pain.

So I suffered with about 2 migraines per week, back to back, with refusal of pain treatment and it was so bad, I wanted to die.

That was why I tried to commit suicide.

I had the level of pain that would require 10-20 mgs of morphine to even touch at all and I was being refused treatment and suffered tremendously. Even suicide for pain was not characteristic of me, but that's why I tried and then I knew I'd never do it again.

Then, these people wanted me to kill myself. They knew I'd tried to commit suicide because of migraine pain that was constant, so when they tortured me and my son so badly in E. Wenatchee, they expected to do the same thing.

I even had doctors and lawyers and others say, "I'd just kill myself" or "If it's so bad why don't you kill yourself?" or "Most people would have killed themselves a long time ago."

This has been hate crime that's been funded by criminals that secured jobs within government. This is why it continues. It's not top secret because they tell their church friends and then common people mock us with the information they got about what is being done.
Tonight I looked up the place I went to, in person, in Washington D.C. where I ran into so many hostile people. Guess what it's next to, incidentally? A bunch of aviation museums and offices and U.S. government offices. The address of the office I went to was off of L'Enfant. I had to go under a bridge to get there by foot after I got off the subway. This office is located on 6th St. The Dept. of Education that I've had so many problems with, is one block away, including their Student Federal Aid offices. One block away. The headquarter offices of the Attorney General, Inspector General (OIG), and Homeland Security were all within 2 blocks of the CPS office I went to. 1 Block away is the Federal Aviation Administration and Museum. This is located between 6th and 7th. Also 1 block away is the headquarters for Housing, which I was illegally kicked out of to be tortured on the street. As a person, I might add, who had some dignity and was resourceful, smart, and could have been in college doing other things than being raped, beaten, and tortured by U.S. govt. criminals.

Then the Children's Bureau, which runs everything, is on 12th. I went to 6th, where is where the D.C. CPS is, and then the headquarters for all CPS's in the nation is with the Children's Bureau, on 12th (it goes in order, 6, 7, 8, 9....12). Guess what is right next to the Children's Bureau? "Potbelly Sandwiches". How cute.

First torture me and drug me until my stomach expands (recently) into a potbelly and then laugh about it.


This is why I don't have my son. SHITS working in the CIA in Washington D.C.

Anything I tried to do for my son in D.C. was obstructed. I went to that CPS office and at first they were helpful and then they called Wenatchee. Then, the "lawyer" for CPS got involved because they are all involved. He was Italian and the AG offices are right next door. He hated me and made this clear. After I talked to him, my work ended at The Post Pub. I had all these people coming in to harass me and make me sound like a bad worker to ruin my reference.

When I look at what happened to me later, all I have to do is look at what headquarters were within 2 blocks of the D.C. CPS office I went to 3 times in person and called all the time.

Some of the worst energy I got from the entire D.C. area was right there. I had a ton of people stalking me in that little area, and they weren't good people or nice people, just like my "Ex" wasn't a good or nice person.

I remember, bad vibes every single time I went to that location and I had wondered and thought, "This is right next to the Department of Education, and I know Stacey Maiers there, and Dept. of Ed people are usually nice I think, so why is everyone so mean and evil here?" I had people going out of their way to mock me and glare at me, and follow me, and it wasn't just mean people. I sensed evil there. I still remember the shock at thinking what in the world is going on, because this should be a friendly zone and it was one of the most evil and hostile zones I ever visited in all of D.C. I don't think it was that people followed me to all group up there and send out evil vibes. Some of those people worked there for a living and came out to have a look. They knew who I was, and I also recall thinking, why do these people care about me?

They're my own U.S. fellow citizens. The ones who tortured Oliver Garrett, a baby.

All of the aviation industry stuff there is sort of interesting. I guess if I had a relative in the aviation industry I might know a few people there. So anyway, I have had obstruction by the Dept. of Education and there they are, right next door. The OIG has never once responded to my complaints and request for investigation, and there they are, they were just a block away (maybe some of the evil people thought I'd try to get to someone decent at the OIG). The federal housing program that funds the housing I was kicked out of illegally is right there. Bujandas former employers are there (Dept. of Homeland Security). I am thinking the horrible attorney I talked to was not even just lawyer for that CPS but part of the entire AG offices, which there, are federal and oversee all state AGs. So if someone screwed up, it had already been sent to D.C. on notice.

And yeah, how funny. Potbelly sandwiches right next to the Children's Bureau. Is there a blood department there too? I mean, I've been bleeding every day for about a month, so I'm curious. Or should I just come over and start smearing my blood all over the CIA offices and windows. Oops. Forgot. They don't need me to go there in person. They've already fully analyzed my blood.


Some of YOU are the reason my family is tortured and you are responsible for not investigating crimes committed by State and local authorities.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Office on Child Abuse and Neglect
Children's Bureau
Administration on Children, Youth and Families
Administration for Children and Families
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
1250 Maryland Ave., SW, 8th Floor
Washington, DC 20024

Other agencies for children are at 703 L'Enfant, right inbetween Maryland Ave and 6th. I actually remember being on, or walking on L'Enfant more than anything. But I went into the one for CPS and sat down in person and said I wanted to get "services" there for a "psych eval" in order to show I wasn't mentally ill.

I didn't even need it, bc I already had 3 different mental health professionals see me before we left for Canada and all agreed I wasn't mentally ill. So the state just wanted one for them, and D.C. knew they could do it there, and make arrangments, and instead they got word to harass me and refuse to cooperate.

Who talks about "compromise" until I'm shitting my pants? Criminals who work for the United States.

"Compromise" and "Cooperate" with them. They're the criminals. They have and are committing crime against me, my family, and my son. And they DARED ask ME to "compromise" and "cooperate". I think about it now and I was wrong to even try to go there. I should have gone directly to another country and asked for asylum and written my complaint for the UN about torture.

They asked me to "cooperate" with crimes committed against myself and my own son. They wanted me to be an accessory to their crimes.

I should not have aided them, the enemy, in any way.

Even when criminals "held all the cards" in government and tortured us, why did I surrender any of my rights?

I allowed them to take my I.Q.?

FUCKING CIA FUCKS. And FUCK the criminals in the FBI.

I allowed them to take medical documentation of me when they were the ones responsible for torturing me and my son?

I had a psych eval by THEM?

When they are CRIMINALS who work for the STATE and MAFIA.

Every single thing I did, out of sheer desperation and hoping it would be helpful, or possibly would get them to back off and allow us visitation, was AIDING and ABETTING the fucking, hypocritical, vomit-inducing U.S. government criminals and their friends who are not goverment and get in on the joyride.

I aided and abetting the enemy of my son. Who I specifically said I did NOT want to have a social security number for.

And asked ME, his mother, to contribute and assist them in their crimes.

You have NO fucking contract or permission to torture citizens.

My son is not going to live in this country. Period. And neither am I.

FUCK your "compromise" and "cooperation".

You refused to investigate your own crimes and then ask me to cooperate with you.

And I just got some kind of letter from the Dept. of Ed "forgiving" some $14,000 loan or something, talking about compromise and settlement.

Yeah. Settlement I agree with. If I were the one running the country I'd recommend a settlement before it gets fucking NASTY. You know, before the UN and people start hearing literal testimonies of torture in the U.S. for supporting religious hate crimes.

I think this is why the CIA got all their shits to try to read me, because they have been trying to drive me out of this country and they also know at some point I will sue them. So they want their Catholic prima donnas to have an edge, a psychic edge and upperhand, if possible, to figure out what I am going to do next so they are able to continue to criminally collude to get in front of me and block whatever I do.

Guess which departments get involved with funding and matters concerning children?


The Children's Bureau has an interagency group assigned to task ideas and operations. They have meetings and coordinate their business with the Department of Defense, The Department of Justice, The Department of Education, The Department of Agriculture, The Department of the Interior, and Department of State, National Institute of Health (the research medicals). (Does the Department of State do their job or what?!)

U.S. Department of State
Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street, NW, SA-29, 4th FL.
Washington, DC 20520

The Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons provides the tools to combat trafficking in persons and assists in the coordination of anti-trafficking efforts both worldwide and domestically.

Why is the Department of Defense involved with CPS funding? Oh YEAH! They torture little kids and use them for research in conjunction with the other partners for medical research!

My son is not a citizen of the United States. He is a citizen in the sense of being born here, and getting automatic "rights" and protection (which he and I never had). But he never had a social security number and there was no nexus. Someone asked, well, if you don't want social security benefits bc it's contractual nexus, then what about food stamps?

Food stamps are different.

If I take food stamps, I am saying thanks to the Department of Agriculture, not Social and Health Services and they are totally different departments. Food stamps are funded 100% by the USDA. All that states do, is administer the cards and decide how much you're eligible for, because the farmers are too busy working to provide the food so the State acts as the squatters.

It has NOTHING to do with welfare, which comes from The Department of Social and Health Services. Social and Health Services is the social worker/CPS side of things.

Food stamps has nothing to do, contractually, with that, and their lawyers are not sitting around waiting to piss on little kids.

Also, my son didn't get his benefits through a contractual relationship to the State or Federal Govt. He got them through me, and I was the one who had the contractual nexus, not him. When I left the country and asked for political asylum, that "contract" was FINISHED.

It was OVER.

But the U.S. is an abusive husband and couldn't stand to see us leaving. They weren't done beating us up.

I maybe still had some contractual relationship since I had a birth certificate and social security card, but not to the State of Washington and their programs. And not to the federal agencies overseeing these programs.

As for my son, he got food stamps because I qualified and had a social security # and birth certificate. He got them through me, but that was just USDA. As for medical and cash, which is Department of Health Services, he got these through me too. The cash went to me, for being a single mother with a social security number. They didn't go to him bc he didn't have a number.

As for medical, he got free medical not through the government but at a "free for all" clinic where they give care to anyone, supposedly, even those who are not citizens of the U.S. and are citizens of another country.

The reason...AHa, that CPS began demanding his social security number was because when we were both kicked out of the clinic open to non-citizens, my son needed a social security number (they thought) to provide contractual nexus for medical care through federal funds from CPS with insurance that would cover costs for clinics and hospitals that took State insurance.

It was an Insurance issue.

Which is why they got so friendly with the Insurance law experts in Oregon, who also colluded with religious hate crime.

The medical insurance companies provided by the State of Washington would ask for a social security number, claiming it was only for "citizens of the United States."

MY son had ZERO contractual nexus with the government of the United States. He had the potential to be a citizen, once he applied for his number, and then got voting rights and other privileges, but he was only a "member of the Republic of Washington" and then when we left the State of Washington, they lost all jurisdiction. As did the CIA.

I am looking up "in locus parentis" because it came to mind. Google kept trying to give me in loco parentis but that's not it. It's locus. I'm finding out the difference between the latin for loco and the latin for locus.

It is locus parentis that applies.

I read loci is plural for locus and locus means place, spot, location. Loco is an adjective. In loco parentis means "in place of the parent" and I think "in locus parentis" would have a different meaning.

So when I left the U.S., the abusive husband, and fell into the arms of another abusive husband in Canada, they conspired together on how to best create an illusion of legality in separating my son from me.

Since I legally left the U.S., and legally entered B.C., and since I had the legal sole guardianship of my son, they wanted "in loco (not sure how I'm applying locus yet) parentis" to my son. The only way for someone to stab me in the heart, and stab my son, was to kidnap him from me and make it look legal. Did they tie his hands with rope while he was crying and screaming in the carseat to the U.S.? Hey! Listen up! Did they gag him?

They needed an excuse to have temporary guardianship of him, so they arrested me on false arrest and then said "Babies can't go to jail with the mother."

NO prior investigation was pending from CPS. No "report" was open--it was all case-closed. They all colluded to falsely arrest me because they had no other way to get their hands on my son.

Was my son a citizen of The United States? I told B.C. immigration I didn't know because I had retracted his social security number. I paused, and said yes, thinking well he wasn't born in another country. But he wasn't. He was only a member of the Republic of Washington, not a citizen of the United States and he had zero contractual nexus giving CPS any right to him. And once we left the U.S., we were not even in the jurisdiction of the U.S. or State either. His State membership ended effective permanent plans to move and leaving the U.S. and asking for political asylum.

The State of Washington had zero right to interfere and defame and The Department of State and FBI also had no jurisdiction.

They didn't have even one form of jurisdiction.

They didn't have territorial jurisdiction because we were outside of their territory and had left for good. There was no pending investigation or case initiated there before we left.

They didn't have personal jurisdiction because my son had no contractual nexus with the United States or CPS/social services Department of Human Services. They also had no jurisdiction with the State over my son or me, and I stayed in Blaine, not Wenatchee, and that county didn't even have jurisdiction. Might need to read more about personal jurisdiction.

They didn't have subject matter jurisdiction. They had no case or investigation pending before we left. They did not control the subject matter they later claimed was cause for taking me and my son. The subject matter was political asylum, not a child custody dispute. I'm not sure that one can take one kind of case and illegally haul people over national borders and then make up excuses and charges.

What a GREAT precedent.

Let's look at criminals for example. If someone goes to another country and says, "I need political asylum because of torture and problems with crime that the U.S. refuses to investigate and take care of..."

The man is already in Canada.

He had no charges against him "pending" and nothing in court either. Is it common for police, FBI, and The Department of State to suddenly create an investigation and charge after someone has left the country?

No. You can't charge someone with crimes after they left the country. Sorry!

Even the FBI doesn't charge people with crimes after they've left the country. They typically don't suddenly create an investigation after someone leaves either. And if they do think something is really wrong, like capitol crime, then they might put out a warrant for arrest in order to question someone (suspected of).

If they do that, put out a warrant, and the person is in another country, there is something called EXTRADITION. And that means you go through a very formal and organized process of legal requests for extradition to which the other country agrees or not.

Defaming someone to another country and trying to take an illegal short-cut through international law is not okay. It also doesn't give you subject-matter jurisdiction.

Additionally, there was nothing to even "suspect" me of, legally, which would require such illegal methods. Suspected of mental illness is not sufficient. And I had 3 mental health records clearing me before I left. Suspected of parental kidnapping is an outright lie because they had proof we'd already gone through custody issues and the child's guardianship was legally mine.

It was Ruby Ridge. But it was, from a legal standpoint, worse than Ruby Ridge. With Ruby Ridge they already charged him with possession of illegal firearms. What they later did was illegal and excessive, but they did have a prior charge or investigation.

Not so here. They had nothing.

So subject-matter jurisdiction is when you file for the right subject or tort or topic, or matter, in the right place. Simple example is if you file for a divorce in bankruptcy court, it gets thrown out because of lack of subject-matter for the bankruptcy court to handle a divorce. It can get more complicated than that. If circumstances change, for example, things can get thrown out.

They had a jurisdiction problem and knew it. Which was why they went so far as to torture my son and cut me off from seeing or hearing from him, to drive me back so they could attach jurisdiction. They didn't have even personal or territorial jurisdiction until I came back from D.C. and was living in Wenatchee.

I shouldn't have to figure out whether my son is a citizen or not, or jurisdiction. What this country should have done and should be doing now, is investigating crime and returning him to his mother.

If the United States cannot do that and refuses, they are a shame to themselves. They would be proving I was justified in asking for political asylum for refusal to investigate religious hate crimes, from the start.

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