Monday, January 23, 2012

(photo) Air Force Teleportation Research At My House
(it's billions, not millions)

Photo of teleported item at bottom.

When the U.S. government can't persuade their chosen citizen women to fuck their government men, they torture them instead.

It's the greatest insult, to be rejected by a woman they have tried to basically gang rape. If they can't pass her around, or get her to go along with one of them, then they decide to pull other kinds of tricks.

Some of their women are butt ugly and go along with it and the gorgeous ones you can never figure out why they're so hateful and jealous when they should feel thankful they're prettier than the majority. It's always a shock to see a gorgeous blond or brunette act as if you, the poor homeless woman, is treading on their territory.

I guess it then really comes down to the fact that they don't like having their men look at photos of me, reading my blog, or talking about me maybe. Or maybe it just comes down to brains and talent and that's why they want to torture the women who are frankly, smarter and more gifted than they'll ever be.

My mother said the other night, some people are tortured all the time and live with severe pain and are still nice. Because I was saying I really don't feel like being "nice" right now, and I've been tortured FT for 7 years.

So she was saying other people can still be nice. I know what it is to have pain from accidents. Yeah, suffering and pain, for a year even. I know. And I've been nice. But there is something different about suffering for NO REASON other than this government is a crock of shit and doesn't do one single thing they promise to do on paper.

What obligations has the United States fulfilled? NONE.

They violated every single one of the most fundamental right-protecting obligations they have.

In my life, in the last 7 years, they violated ALL of them.

So it's not like taking OTCs (over the counter medication) because you accidentally have a cold or an injury or something just happened. No, it's like taking OTCs while living in a country that lies and hand-selects people for religious hate crime and then tries to turn it into targeting for "military research".

Guess where they have my parents scheduled to go next month?

Phoenix, Arizona.

Guess what's there? The CIA.

They have CIA here too, but the NW 'hub' is there in Phoenix, the same place where they held the Iranian scientist close to their gears, so they could use him and torture and pressure him to work on nuke developments for them, against his will.

Here, it's all military and FBI and local police and mafia that gang up to control what we do--me, my brother, my parents, and my son.

But the CIA base for the NW is in Arizona. Which is where my parents had to go a few years ago, not by choice, and is where the CIA is sending them in February.

Since they are already tortured HERE, I cannot imagine what kind of horrors await in Phoenix CIA warehouses and offices. Do you know where my "Ex" wanted to relocate to? if he was in the NW?

Well he was a U.S. government man you see, and he was thinking of Phoenix, AZ.

It's all entirely U.S. SHIT.

My parents CANT leave even if they tried. They can't even help me. They can't help me, my brother, or my son, because they were blackmailed by the CIA a long time ago and can't say a fucking thing or THEY go to jail for treason.

How ironic.

I shouldn't have to be with a U.S. government man to NOT be tortured. That is NOT how it's supposed to work in this country. And no, I don't have to be with a Catholic man, or be Catholic myself or a lousy hypocritical "government military" maid.

So for China, Russia, and the other countries that DO work on secretive government programs, and who want to know what the U.S. is doing over here, I will tell you.

And it's the reason why these assholes want to say I'm mentally ill. They want it both ways. They want to fuck me and tell me I'm beautiful and then torture me and say I'm ugly at the same time. You want a double?

How about a double standard?

These people are Roman Catholics. It's Roman Catholics working for the U.S. and they have taken religious hate crime and tried to turn it into a CIA/military research excuse to torture people they hated for religious reasons.

If you go down the list in my report it's Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Jew, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Catholic, Mormon, Catholic...

It's about 95% Catholic crime. NINETY-FIVE percent.

Then the other 5% are just corrupt bastards from every other group.

The people who picked on me were Jewish and Catholic and then they got others involved just because they didn't want people to notice how the two groups were colluding with eachother for separate reasons.

If it's just about the government, then why were 99% of the people I was forced to work next to Catholic? in TN? So the U.S. has this sudden great interest in having all the Catholic govt. workers figuring me out? Why is that?

Is it really U.S. interests or Catholic church interests?

And yes, Mossad DOES work with the Catholic church if they hate the same person or have a motive for wanting them out of the way. I mean, maybe it's different rreasons, but if they agree they don't like someone, they'll join their efforts.

So then, when I'm writing about things other countries know about, they think it's great or that this is all about research and say nothing, knowing some of them do the same thing with their own citizens.

But that's not what this is about, for me.

It's about crime.

Diana wasn't Catholic either.

Do you know what those black rosary beads symbolize? they have poison on the inside. Look it up for yourself. They're made from a specific kind of bean that has poison inside, the kind that can kill you.

She dated Muslims and Barry Manake. That was it, what did it. It was landmines and yeah, it was who she dated.

I have never done one single spy-thing in my life and I had people all over me just because I went out with some Middle-eastern men on innocent dates.

I was friends with some of them, or chatty with them, before I was raped by the Jew Josh Gatov. Does the Jew Crew like me?

I think NOT. And they love to have Catholics after me, to distract from their own hate and motives, and they've also known all along that some Catholics trade with Muslims to get that group on their side. So if, great, a Catholic needs a favor he can either go to another Jesuit, to a muslim he deals to, or to a gangster jew with a joint motive to get rid of someone they hate.

The only thing to get a Protestant on, if they are actually truly Protestant, is greed, or playing on a financial fear of some kind. They have no religious reason to hate so they're emotions will be played as to "how christian or conservative" someone appears for sympathy, if they're square enough, or how crooked the P is, or politically motivated, or patriotism, because Protestants are known to be fairly patriotic.

All of these crime though, it was 10 for 10 Catholics and Jews until I got to Wenatchee and then they knew they had to work at it again, and find a reason to incite hatred against me from the Protestant side.

In 2004 I told the FBI, it's RELIGIOUS HATE CRIME.

I gave a report, and tried to give it, in 2004. I was aware of persons involved and it was the same thing over and over. So by 2004, these groups KNEW that I was asking for investigation by a federal bureau.

It is the FBI's jurisdiction to investigate hate crime of any kind, and especially if and when it involves judiciary or govt. employees.

So they knew I had already noticed (?!) by 2002 and then by 2004, they had formal notice that I was attempting to get help from the FBI about it.

That is exactly why they worked as hard as they did to stir up Protestants in Wenatchee. They didn't want to let me "get away" and start rebuilding my reputation after they'd worked at trashing me.

That is exactly what they did. Then they play-pretended nice on the East Coast just because they weren't sure who was connected to me.

In the NW, they had their plan and gig set up from the NW side all the way into Canada bc they knew I'd try to go there.

It is NOT "political".

I HAVE no particular "politics". I don't side with one group or another, and I'm not even registered to vote, though I've voted in the past. I am not a member of an extremist group, or anything. My politics are U.S. and neutral. I have never done one single "political" thing of note in my entire life.

The only thing that ever pissed anyone off, had to do with religion and feelings of inferiority or jealousy. So fine. I hope you're happy. Now you don't have to feel jealous anymore. Because, yeah, you're better, or at least you sound a lot better than I do. How you feel about me and what you get away with still has everything to do with religion(s).

As for the users that are supposedly "protestant" and military, and used me for their own research--they're just users. Period.

At least I have the decency to say that even if I was able to "report" possibly seeing "James Whitey" I have also been one of the FIRST to ever SPEAK up for HIM, about how he cannot "volunteer" for experiments while being in prison.

How many of the superior, gorgeous, and privileged or poor and mean religious have done as much? NONE OF YOU.

That's why the Judges in this country are worth SHIT.

I can say, yeah, if this is a bad guy I'll do my duty and maybe he's jogging in my neighborhood, I don't know. And then even as his asshole followers try to punish MY family for imagined insult, I'M the one speaking up for the fucker.

So how many irish prisoners has the fucking Middleton clan spoken up for?

One might think they have more standing to do so, hmmm?

Which is EXACTLY why I say I don't trust any of you Catholic fuckers at all. You've treated me like a piece of shit and my son too and yet I still know that I will always be better to you than you've ever been.

You wouldn't know what justice is if it hit you between the eyes.

So no, I don't want a fucking Catholic Judge or boyfriend or friend or coworker. Because you've screwed us over and you torture us. Bad fucking track record and same with some of these MEAN jews. But that doesn't mean that I am biased against YOU or would torture YOU.

I'll defend myself against your shitty lies.

But at least I have the decency to treat you like human beings. And not only that, what kind of a brain does half the judiciary have when they take things personally and obstruct justice and when lawyers do, as if they are immune to having their rulings and poor decisions snap them back in the face? They don't even think about precedent or "equality" because they think they already rule the world and will always be on top. So no, they're not thinking about how treating an enemy badly with regard to the law and violating the law, is going to come back to haunt them when one of their guys is down in the locker.

If you don't stand up for the constitutional fucking rights of James Whitey who maybe even has groupies torturing your kids, how do you expect anyone to stand up for own rights down the road when they're in prison facing the same thing?

You don't even care, because you're above the law and imagine you are too rich, too connected, too secure, too good, and too priviledged, and too much of a butt-kisser to ever be in a similiar position.

So you disregard the human rights of others, and laugh about it, and think it's a game, because you're not on the receiving end. And you believe you never will be and that your children never will be and that you're immune.

Immunity carries a nice ring doesn't it.

Isn't it great to be "immune" from criminal torture charges? How much do you get paid for that one? Do you get a salary for your "immunity"? Or did you buy it off of a cardinal like an indulgence card.

The entire time I have been writing this post, I've been tortured. Every single day I get tortured. My family is tortured and I think my mom, when she started to cry about how some people manage to be really nice even when they are tortured horribly, I think she was talking about herself.

And the way some of the english fuck ups act, we can only speculate as to whether Diana's reference to "torture" was figurative or real. Maybe they just lock her up if she says it's real so she speaks in other tones. Maybe someone worried she was gaining too much confidence to speak up and security from Muslims they weren't exactly pleased to have around. As for her Jewish lawyer. Yeah. And my mother's family has a Jewish lawyer too. So what.

That doesn't make you safe from assassination.

Whenever someone is being 'ushered out' it's good to notice who is being ushered in in their place.
As for the crap that the U.S. is doing with their Air Force stuff, it's all things that any normal person would definitely say I'm crazy over. But I am not crazy, and it is a disclosed fact that the U.S. government is torturing women they don't like and then hoping she'll write about the things they do so they can brag to other countries indirectly and call me mentally ill at the same time.

So basically, after ruining my entire life for religious reasons, they now try to use me and exploit me the way they do with my parents. So if I say something was on my table and then it disappeared and reappeared again, the military and assholes in the CIA just want to say I'm crazy and then grin, tongue-in-cheek, knowing other govt agencies that are experimenting with the same thing.

It's basically wanting me to do their fucking bragging for them.

They torture us. Literally. So why have me be the witness to the other crap they do? I guess it's because they are already monitoring my place illicitly with videocamera? So they can watch it happening and be documenting it in a site they already fully control?

Or maybe it's to just do something and have me write about it so they can sort of brag to the other countries but call me crazy to the U.S. citizens who think there is no possible way it could be true.

So I guess it could also be done just to try to have me write about it, knowing 99% of citizens don't believe it's possible and would then agree I am totally nuts or psychotic and therefore shouldn't have my son.

Since I'm exposing the religious hate crime that occured first, with the report I'm writing, which still needs a lot of work, I am also going to hedge my bets with a few other countries out there because the fact that this is occuring in my own house is further evidence, to them, that I AM being used as a subject for research without my consent. It starts underlining and proving, at least to other military or intelligence groups in other parts of the world, that I am not lying about being illegally detained by the United States government.

And it also helps to show that I am not lying when I say they have assaulted and tortured my son and they kidnapped him from me. The entire CPS case is a fraud.

It wasn't initiated for the U.S. government.

It was for revenge for religious hate crime and then they tried to turn it into a national security matter. All they have done is ruin all hope in the U.S. of this country ever being trusted by other countries.

The people who have been around when this kind of thing has been done are the U.S. Air Force guys who are NOT protestants and are just Catholic military. The other person involved, who is Catholic and provides an illegal cover for the military and criminals, is the Dr. Jose Agosto. He is the asshole who provides an illegal cover as a "psychologist" for the black site ops going on over here.

So I am telling you, anyone from another country, who wants to stake out a place, look his way. He is a criminal. And he covers up for other criminals. I swear to God I am not lying. He is also the one who claims to be 7th day adventist and he's not. He's Catholic and went to 7th adventist schools just like Rabbi Rose's son Josh, who is Jewish, went to the Episcopal school. So, since Josh Rose went to the Episcopal school, is he Episcopal?

Going to church doesn't make you a christian anymore than going into a garage makes you a car.

Agosto is not a christian. He is not, I repeat, is NOT a protestant christian.

I am not lying or being weird when I say these "pastors" who are claiming to be protestant are not protestant. They're not. And Agosto is not protestant either. We have 3 Catholic military men here locally, that I can list on my own hand, who are deep military, and have "converted" to protestantism as a cover for Catholicism. They are also involved in deep research with military and CIA.

I would not lie about this. These are also some of the men here locally, trying to say I'm mentally ill, or involved in torturing and medicating us, and who threaten my family with harm. The pastor for the Assembly of God church here has sent email after email to my mother, saying how mentally ill I am and many times, after they've done something they're trying to get away with. Just trying to create an email record and get agreement from my parents that they agree when they don't. They're forced to agree.

Then they had me go see this asshole Jose Agosto, the psychologist, the day after they did one of their experiments here on our property. I think they were hoping I'd say something to him about it and get myself locked up. But no, I didn't. And instead, he got away with using technology on me and my son while we sat there in his office. He used the technology where it can cause ink to burst out of pens done strongly enough. Right in his office and he knew, and felt secure because he's the professional, and he's lying and claiming to be protestant so he thinks no one will second-guess his motives.

I really don't care if these pastors are actually Jewish or Catholic, I know without any shadow of doubt that they are both criminals and both of them are not protestants and I have a lot of experience with protestants. It is my very firm belief and observation that they are Catholic. I know without any doubt that they are NOT protestant. No more than Rick and Claudia Baken are "protestant" either.

These people showed up around my family after 2004, when I had already told the FBI about religious hate crime and everyone knew I had figured it out. The Bakens moved in next to my grandparents after I met the monks of Mt. Angel and gave them some family history.

They are acting out crimes of a religious hate nature and are only getting away with it by claiming to be protestant and just doing their military research work.

The day after I was fumigated in my place, guess who showed up for a "house call"?

The "chemist" asshole for the Air Force. I couldn't even remember everything and was foggy and not feeling like myself and then I realized my entire place had been fumigated like I was in a gas chamber while I slept.

I am not lying.

And then who showed up to visit? The same asshole who has been sending my mother emails saying how mentally ill I am and how all his protestant friends agree. And he sat there in my parents house and observed me after they had drugged me by gassing me out.

I asked what he did for the military. He has "20 years with the Air Force" in chemical something-or-other. And this chemical man, who specialized in biochemical stuff (not chemical engineering, chemicals like drugs and biological weapons), SHOW up at our property the morning after I was fumigated out of my mind.

I walked back to my place after he'd been there and it REEKED. I couldn't even tell because they have done this after I fall asleep.

These people have degraded me in every imaginable way and mocked me too. I write about how the U.S. is like a "frog in a pot" and people don't even know what's going on until it's too late, and it's like they think it's FUNNY to then drug me and gas my entire place while I sleep.

And then show up at our house to see how I react and if I notice anything.

His last supervisor in the military, before becoming a "pastor" was a hispanic man in New Mexico with the last name Perez.

I have been drugged many time with this same chemical since I've lived here. It has interfered with everything I do, my ability to think and attend to work or legal matters, everything.

So that's one of the things they've done and how "christian" one of the pastors is. My parents, I think, knew what had happened to me and couldn't even say anything. They both just tried not to cry the entire time.

This same horrible smell, is what my Dad refers to as smelling like "chinese spices" or "belinda's cooking" but we all know it's not. It's crimes being committed by the U.S. against their own citizens and they're trying to pass it onto protestants but these people are NOT protestants. Which helps to show that it IS religious hate crime and now they just know they need to be secretive about how they continue or they go to jail.

The other person who is into chemicals like this is a son of my parent's "friends". I mean, maybe it's the wrong guy, because there could be more than one man with this name, about this age, in this area, or in Washington state, but there is a "Tyler" that goes to University of Washington medical school and specializes in biochemical crap.

Then I was supposed to see some other counselor from Puerto Rico or something, and instead, at the drop of a hat, after the Air Force did some shitty experiment at my parent's house when I was there, they had me see this Agosto fucker the very next day. The Agosto man knows Portland FBI okay? He is the LAST person anyone in my family needs to see. He worked with the Benedictine Order of the Catholic church in other countries, the same group I sued, and then he decided to move here in 2006 after I reported FBI guys. Really interesting.

I was told I had to see HIM after the Air Force did a disappearing trick experiment in my parent's house and then either they wanted me to tell him and have an excuse to lock me up, or he just wanted to look at me and see if they were doing good at trying to drive me crazy.

Sorry, but it's not happening.

I know my own mind too well, just like I know my own body too well and can tell if a doctor is lying to me. My body doesn't lie to me. Just like my mind doesn't lie to me. So no, I don't doubt myself.

I was sitting in my parents house while they were at church and had keys with me and took one off the keychain but had the others attached and I had them all out on the carpet. I didn't move and one of them disappeared. It didn't walk away and I didn't walk away. I was sitting in front of the laptop and no one else was there and I had the keys on the ground in front of me. And I had 3 keys and one of them, the one I took off the chain, disappeared.

So it's not funny. I knew instantly that it was Air Force but I said nothing to my parents about it and they said nothing and then the next morning I had to see the FUCKER Agosto.

And I did not say one single word to my parents about what happened. The fucking military and CIA wanted me to see him just for their fucking kicks.

No. I'm not impressed. I don't think you're great. I think this country owes me and my son A LOT of money. I thought, "This is what they're telling Obama...look at how cool this's research" and just skip right over all the rape, torture, and religious hate crime like that doesn't count.

They're trying to make their little tricks count more than human rights.

Sorry Obama, tricks are for kids.

I don't care about the U.S. "programs" and I will use whatever it takes to prove this country is abusing and torturing children. And no, it's not just for "research".

They think they can do a few things that seem magical and act like everyone should notice this and disregard human rights. Like going to Disneyland on a broken roller coaster.

I did not misplace that key. It was sitting in front of me on a wide expanse of carpet and I was sittin on my knees hunched over the laptop on the floor looking through photos. It disappeared. I still had my other two but the one was gone.

I knew and trusted myself the first time, but just to check, I did check, and looked all around but there wasn't even anything for it to go under. I didn't have a psychotic "break" because the entire time I was scanning photos.

And then, like I said, the next day, I had to see the psychologist who just stared at me. He works in a bunch of different countries for the U.S. and worked at the VA.

Veteran's Affairs.

He's Catholic and he's military, and he shouldn't have anything to do with my family. My poor mom looked depressed and miserable anytime he was mentioned.

You know what he said to her on his way out?

He wanted a business card from her so she looked and oh! guess what?! wow. She didn't have any. They were like, right there, and now they're not!


Then in the last week, it was my underwear. My entire pair of underwear. A pair of my underwear disappeared but people DO come in and out of my place. However, how it showed up again was not because someone came into my place.

My underwear were "returned" to me while I was in my own house. I don't mean that I "found" them while going through some things.

I mean, my house was clean for once, and nothing on my couch but a blanket and then I went to the bathroom for a minute and came out, my entire place being locked up, and my underwear were on my couch. I don't mean tucked into the seams of the couch or under a blanket, they were out in the open, spread out and not crumpled, on my couch.

I went from that same livingroom to my bathroom a few steps away and a minute later back, and there were my underwear out in the open.

So before I tell about the next one, first I want to say, someone in Seattle told me he knew someone who could move safety pins or paperclips just by looking at them. He said try it sometime. I tried and I don't have that talent. However, before normal people think I'm crazy, the Air Force has already released documentation that shows how much they got funding for a program to research "teleportation" which is, moving objects from one place to another.

So it's not a joke and do you think idiots are the ones who make the nukes? because those people work for the same people that do this kind of research. Which is why they don't care about human rights, because they're too amazed at their own science to think about torture being wrong and how use of people for research without their consent is wrong, and how kidnapping kids to torture them apart from their mothers is against the law. The Air Force got a NEW approval for billions because they had already demonstrated it worked and now they just want more money to do it more.

So they torture me and steal my son and then, like I said, they either do this other stuff using me because they want to brag to themselves using ME as their conduit, or because they want an excuse to have me locked up because most normal people don't believe it, understandably.

I've already posted links that prove the Air Force got this money for this research. You can look it up online. It's under "teleportation" and Air Force, and research or military funding/programs.

With my scarf that I thought was missing, it had been misplaced by me but not the underwear and not the key. The underwear was gone for almost a month. And then it just showed up, within a minute, on my couch, and I had already gone through everything in my entire house.

With the key, I didn't even get up from where I was sitting when it disappeared. The entire time I was scanning photos and the dog was right there next to me. And the dog didn't do it and was sitting up in the rockingchair.

So another thing was done today.

And today they had it disappear and then reappear in the same timeframe, and I didn't leave, and it all happened within 5 minutes.

I was here this morning, with my door locked, and getting ready to write on the OIG complaint and listening to classical music and I was using this pen to write down music pieces.

It was a "Fidelity Title" pen. Not that it matters what kind of pen. But it was the only pen on the table except for another one that the Thomas the Train was on top of. I had my Thomas the Train

All day today and yesterday, by the way, I have had military targeting my heart. They did this all day yesterday and they've done it all day today. They quit for awhile as I was writing this post and then they started it up again. And it only affects my heart and has only happened if I'm next to one window in my house. It's vibrating and causes my heart to suction in and upwards. I just put my hand to my chest and it dropped down when this was stopped and it quit vibrating.

This is military.

This country is going to hell. I hope China nukes the Air Force. I can honestly say they deserve it. They're torturing their own citizens, so how are they better than "Sadam Hussein"? I hope some Air Force gets nuked.
********************************** I had the Thomas the Train on my table

(and this group just started up the torture again by targeting my heart--I hope to God on behalf of my son that the Air Force gets nuked and then finds out why. For torturing little kids and then pretending to be superior to everyone else. For using religion as a weapon and then trying to conceal this with "research" excuses to Protestants). They have used how many different forms of torture on me and my family?

They have TORTURED us. And first they were just committing religiosu hate crimes and obstructing justice and then when they got the FBI on their side, they started up full-blown torture.

I could only "save" myself if I fucked their military man.

Isn't that great? I mean, Agosto gets to rape people. Little boys even. Think about all the great privileges you get if you go along with the Catholic church.

So I was saying, this pen was on the table today while I listened to music and then I was writing things down and I set the pen down and turned to finish my dishes. My sink is literally 1 step away from the table. So I turned to write something down again and my pen was gone. I lifted up my notebook I was using, or binder, and it wasn't there. And it wasn't above it or below it on the table. It wasn't on the floor. So several times I turned pages in the binder and lifted it up high and I shook it out.

The pen I was using was not a light pen. It was a heavy, fat, "Fidelity Title" pen. It wasn't the normal size, it was a fat one and it was heavy. So I shook the binder and it didn't show up. I set the binder of paper back down and then took something off the table or something and then I turned again to find it and it was there again.

So they basically had the pen disappear from my table, off of the top page on my binder and then made it reappear but instead of being on the top page where I put it, it was replaced underneath the first page. There is no possible way for a pen that size to have gotten "stuck" and not fallen out when I lifted up the binder by its spine and shook it. Except this pen was lighter and it's not the same one. It's the same style, color, and design but it's a lighter one and it's not the same pen. Not only that, it wrote differently too, the ink flowed differently.

So here's the other thing.

Let me tell you about my mother's workplace. The "CopperTree Realty" joint that doubles as a fucking CIA military front. I say this because they did this thing with the two different Fidelity Title pens while I was washing dishes and at my mother's offices when I was there on one side of the sink was this whole apple/knife scenario and then to the left, someone had stacked two Fidelity Title mugs one in front of the other and then had two dish sponges like the one I had been using, stacked on top of eachother.

They had this laid out in anticipation for what they then did while I was in my place today. The 2 Fidelity pens and the sponge.

It's exactly what they did to me in the Knoxville Federal Detention center in Tennessee, except for the disappearing stuff, and they experimented with me at the psych ward in Middle TN as well. That's all it was for--an excuse.

The disappearing of objects and reappearing has only happened here in Coquille and the first time it happened, I had to see the pyschologist asshole the next day even though I said nothing and the first time I was gassed out of my mind and fumigated in my place while I slept, I saw the biochemical man the next day. And then Patty showed up at my mother's house the day of or after my underwear reappeared.

Just once is a total coincidence. But none of what they're doing is coincidence.

The people she works with are all government. That's why she can't sell anything unless she does whatever they want. And Patty is involved with blackmailing my mother. I would say Patty is one of the worst offenders.

My Dad, by the way, told me my welcome was worn out here, after I sent Rabbi Rose an email he didn't like. Which is sort of interesting, because Chris Rozollo is Jewish, not Catholic, and he tortured me in Wenatchee. And he was the one to say to me my welcome was worn out in Wenatchee. So the Jew Crew just gets to give or take the Welcome Mat from town to town? "Your welcome is worn out here", "I'm not worried about your son, I'm worried about YOU", etc, etc.

I'm tired of the crap. I had just sent Rabbi Rose an email and I was discreet about it as long as he was helpful or just normal. But his tone was actually threatening. I thought, "Oh my gosh, is this even him?" because I thought, this is the type of person with the type of tone that says, "You work with me and nobody gets hurt, and if you DON'T work with me, you can kiss your son goodbye."

I felt afraid by the tone actually and thought, if I were a man being blackmailed but not directly, just in undertones, I would be worried. I mean, I almost felt afraid and intimidated when I have nothing to be worried about. What crossed my mind was that this was the tone of someone who is used to getting their way.

So then I asked if it was really him. I even thought maybe it's the FBI posing as him for some reason, or a group of Rabbi's standing by. It didn't sound like him. And their other Rabbi with the daughter, for their synogogue, I saw his photo and thought he's a lot more Catholic than he is Jewish. And I haven't read one single thing about him either. With a name like that for his daughter, he definitely "sounds" Jewish, but my first impression upon seeing his photo was "Catholic". And that's with him in his whole schmear and name and everything. Don't say "Gd" isn't with me fucker. Maybe I'll look into it sometime, out of curiosity. But anyway, I sent an email for my taxes to be paid and the next day it's like my welcome is worn out.

As if I ever felt "welcome" to begin with. Sorry, but holding people hostage in their own country isn't making me feel "welcome" and was I welcome here, like, months ago when I was being tortured right after looking into being a surrogate?

I'm welcome here for what? to either be used for free or not? Those torturing my son never made me feel very warm and fuzzy. Neither have those who stand by doing nothing.

(these assholes are targeting my heart repeatedly and I put my hand over my heart and realized, that's their entire sick thing. They are making a sick joke about the pledge of allegiance. And that's the only time they quit. If I put my hand over my heard area, or under my ribcage near my heart, they stopped what they were doing.

I hope their own family members held hostage somewhere suffer for this. People who are sick in the head like this, don't need family members. They need to have their family eliminated. If they do this to a normal innocent civilian, they should have their family shot off.

It really doesn't matter. They want to say I'm crazy to cover up for their religious hate crimes. Look at who was just reading my OIG complaint.)

The other pastor who came into town which coincided with my parents being tortured again, is Kevin Bolls. He is 20 years Air Force again and he knows Chris Dabney from Washington D.C..

The Air Force is the group that does teleportation, like what I've mentioned happening at my place. But that's not the main group operating in this town.

Like I said, it's hard for some to believe, but yes, some people read minds and there are actually many who do, all over the world. And teleportation is real and happening over here.


Because I'm being used for research without my consent.

So what was the "national interest" in raping me and obstructing me from my lawsuits to clear my name? or concealing documentation about monastery corporate structure from the federal bankruptcy court electronic records? how about keeping some of the catholic canon law that applied to interpretation of structure? which matters, when you're talking about things like this.

So, letting dozens of people repeatedly vandalize my cars...national security interest?

Anyone got an answer?

Obstruction from travel, obstruction from my good name and reputation, obstruction of justice, obstruction of my right to liberty and property which includes my son, obstruction of my right to live in at least a moderate amount of peace. You know, a few tires here and there, a window now and then, no biggie. But every fucking week?

Who takes responsibility for that? The fucking AIR FORCE?

How about the CIA asshole Michael Hayden. Not only is he a "4 star General" with the Air Force, he is fanatical Roman Catholic. If anyone would know which Air Force members were actually Catholic and not really "protestant", he would. He's a Jesuit. He was head of the CIA when my son and I were being tortured. Now he has his pal Kevin over here. Not only was he head of the CIA, he was head of the Director of Intelligence and high in the military. Panetta succeeded him and that's not even including the Catholics at the top for the Department of Defense.

The thing is, I recognize him. I've seen him face to face or in person but I don't remember where. I am sure it's not from the photo. I've seen him and he's seen me. I know that I first tagged him in 2006 when my son and I were first being tortured. I mentioned his name in my blog in the very beginning and I started looking up who the Catholics were in leadership within the FBI at the time as well and found "Knights of Colombus" and other groups which I found to be groups that are as easy to categorize as "cells" as any muslim terrorist group might have groups categorized. Not only that, he's from Philadelphia. I was sort of wondering why the SUV down the torture drive had plates from PA. He was in charge and then it was Panetta too. I'm positive. Stephanie Sullivan, who is now supposedly heading the OIG and most likely just creating covers for the corporate crimes of her church members, WAS the technology director for the CIA at the time.

There's another private drive next to my parent's trailer park.

I can only find one way in, through a back road, but there has to be more than one way. On one side you can go down this little mountain and enter a freeway going one direction and on the other side, one going the opposite direction.

There's a HUGE water holding tank facility there. It's bright turquoise and has this building around it like an army bunker base with a porch around it too but I've only seen one person up there. Next door there are only a couple of houses. It's the weirdest hideaway spot. Next to this, one road that has access, is through an automative garage. I saw this water holding place and felt there is something weird going on there. For once, the sign said no trespassing and I didn't even venture.

I highly recommend it to others though, if you want to have a look.

My entire family is being tortured, okay?

Like I said, my parents can't say a word, because they're the ones the government used the most and for very secretive work and they are at the mercy of whoever says so. They are like the Bradleys.

If they say anything, like Bradley did, they're told they'll go to jail or to the nuthouse.

Imagine my mom or dad suddenly talking about the CIA and talking about objects appearing and disappearing at the house. What I have said, is that if we say it all together, it will be fine, but they must be blackmailed. On "treason if you tell" or something. Or they've been told someone in the family will suffer.

Afterall, they already killed my Grandpa and Uncle and anyone they think will look natural. They tried to kill me, hoping and trying to push me to self-destruct.

The FBI has lied about everything.

They've lied about me to other agencies, to international agencies, to eachother, and they have committed crimes. I guess having something for them to protect was what the CIA and military religious wanted. As long as the FBI was self-protective, and on the defensive for themselves, they'd let others do whatever they want.

It's all religious.

The entire reason I have been obstructed from education even, to this point, is because of the U.S.

You would think, that with how much they've abused me and my son, and how many mistakes they've made, that they would at least not obstruct my education or a few basic things in life. But no, they were forcing me out of housing even. They literally pushed me out of housing, federal housing, deliberately, while they tortured me.

I can, and have, given whole lists of people who work for the U.S. government and it's like no big deal--they just keep committing crime.

The only time they quit torturing me was if I was marrying a Catholic government man.

Now, they torture me and my family, and torture my son, and they invade my privacy and continue using me for research whether they pay me or not, and then they ask my parents to have me go on mental health disability so I have no standing with the UN if I take a case to them.

I'm still putting some things together for the OIG and it's not nearly professional yet. It's not a legal memo, as I've written before, it's going to be a factual narrative, but more organized and concise than it is now.

With the UN, they're not going to have a hearing about "torture by the U.S." from a woman who is taking U.S. money for "mental health/illness disability."


All that the U.S. has to do is STOP.

Why is that so difficult? Why is it so hard to stop torturing civilians? Any explanations? It's illegal, it's harmful, and I've asked you to stop a number of times and you're still raping me.

The U.S. has refused to press charges for rape or any other actual sex crime against me, and then they show the world how they don't mind raping their own women and children repeatedly, every single day, when every single day, I write on my blog to say "STOP".

Telling a repeat offender, that has zero control over himself, to "STOP" doesn't seem to work. My mother tells me to "give your whole heart to God" and "pray" and "repent". Like rape victims are being raped because they haven't given their hearts to God, or don't pray or haven't repented.

Someone who is a repeat offender, has no respect for God or for anyone. What this country does is rape me every single day and every single night.

They tell me if I marry a Catholic man they'll quit raping me and my son. And my brother.

So a rape victim just "deserves" it every single day, right? and every single night.

The U.S. has that policy, apparently.

It's okay to rape in the U.S. It's okay to commit sex crimes too. And if the U.S. wants to keep you down, they just keep raping you. Every single day. Stop torturing me. No. No means no. Stop using me without my consent.

They quit only if I was dating or engaged to a Catholic man. So they didn't have to rape me then. They'd force me to do what they want one way or the other.

They have my own parents raping me every single day. Why do my parents do it? Because the U.S. forces them, at gunpoint.

Did you know they do this to so-called terror suspects? they sometimes force a little kid to go in with their parent, and force the parent and child to strip together or do something in front of their captors, to humiliate them or to have one watch the other suffer.

That's what the U.S. is doing. They're not doing it behind closed doors--they are doing this in the open pretty much. They are doing this with me, my brother, and my parents, forcing us to see eachother suffering and tortured.

And they did this to me and my son. They forced me and my son to have visits in State sponsored cells, or little rooms, where they wanted me to see evidence of torture to my son, and feel helpless. They only showed me the evidence of torture, after I refused to marry Alvaro Pardo, their Catholic man.

My son was traumatized before, from the separation, but the military and CIA didn't torture him and have vistitation monitors cover for them until they got Anne Crane in the room. Anne Craine told me she was raised Catholic and she came to our visits wearing the exact same painted wood Catholic saints bracelet that my Ex, Alvaro sometimes wore. She had the same one and wore it, I think, because she wanted me to see the bracelet and feel punished for not marrying her Catholic friend as I sat there and saw all the signs of torture on my son.

It happened with the other monitor too, with Sue. But even moreso with Anne Craine.

So yes, the United States has shown me nothing but pure evil. The United States has acted out on, and demonstrated, in broad daylight, pure evil.

I'm not moving anywhere either because I'm trapped here. The U.S. is responsible for allowing religious hate crimes and then using research as the excuse to trap me here. I'm not moving out of Coquille. To go where? Where is it better in the U.S.? Nowhere. The FBI is involved and hasn't been accountable for itself or other crimes they're supposed to investigate so it's impossible for anything to be better anywhere else. The CIA can't force me out because I say I don't want to be degraded. So what? They force my parents to rape their own kids every day and have us see eachother tortured. So if I say I am claiming geneva convention here, what about everywhere else? I have to make that announcement every single day? I plead Geneva? What happened to fundamental rights.

You would be totally nuts to think I'm leaving or going to B.C. or Mexico. Neither place would be any better. Someplace is better than the U.S., but none of the border places because they're too close to this country. So no, I'm not going anywhere and in the meantime, if you don't like my naming and listing the people who work for the U.S. and are abused by the U.S. that's too bad.

I have been waiting for something to do besides being used and raped every day. So I was told I could come over here and get on my feet.

Help. Can't get on my feet because the U.S. is still raping me.

This is a photo of the pen that disappeared and reappeared. When it reappeared, it was in a vertical line pointing down and was underneath this top page. When it disappeared I had it on top of this page and the binder turned like this. I have classical notes down and then at the top a couple of numbers for how much this DJ said it costs, approx., to put a kid through high school. I wrote it down bc I disagree and wanted to post about it as there is no excuse for not returning my son for any financial reason, when he was illegally taken from me to start and I've been used by the U.S. for research, to mask hate crimes.

Then I started jotting down notes about music and the pen disappeared on the 6th song I heard and reappeared almost at the end and I was looking for the pen so I couldn't write down the song title. I didn't have a pen to write with, and didn't want to use another one so I waited for it to show up again. I lifted the binder and shook it down, and as you can see, this pen can't cling to the binder. When it reappeared, it was under the top page. I haven't gone back to see what the song list was.

I asked my mom last night for advil or ibuprofen and she gave me 6 but one of them dropped and I thought it was like she knew about the disappearing and reappearing pen on the 6th song. But I guess it was the 5th. I wrote down notes of pieces she was talking about at different times and there was an intermission so maybe my numbering was for her dialogue but the playlist might also need to be updated bc a song could have been dropped. Yeah, they dropped one from their playlist, or didn't publish on the playlist that they added one. I heard the one from Zurich too, but didn't write it down. That doesn't mean I didn't hear it. Lists mean very little unless updated accurately.

(UPDATE: I have to reload the photo of the pen bc someone deleted it so hang on.)

Also, I made note of Valerie Ing-Miller in the past bc she's connected to Julia Thornton from the FBI. So does this DJ for Jefferson public radio have family in the Portland FBI?

I looked up Miller for Portland FBI and there is definitely a "Miller":

I don't know if he's related to this Valerie Miller though. I just know she knows Thornton and is in with the FBI.

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