Friday, January 6, 2012

Torture NOW

I have been tortured all night as of 2 a.m. and all day. The metal in my neck and the metal in my teeth are being targeted.

(because we're really not in need of political asylum you see, and I must have been nuts to ask for this for me and my son)

My mother has also been targeted today and has sounded miserable.

Last night they quit torturing me for a few hours so that no one was doing anything to the metal in my neck and teeth. Then at 2 a.m. they did this all night and only quit after I fell asleep, bc they quit torturing me, about 10 a.m. And then I got up despite the fact they quit and hoped I'd sleep through the day and not file or mail anything as I have a deadline by tommorrow.

Mail goes out tomorrow but I still have to print today. So I guess they tortured so I had no sleep and then quit and hoped I'd sleep during the day today and I didn't.

That doesn't mean I have enough time, because this country has allowed torture against me before I left for political asylum and after, and in each incident, it's been to interfere with justice and my access to the courts.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like access to courts is not your issue. Rather, it is presenting a believable argument to a court. Nothing that you say in your blog lends itself easily to a legal argument or some type of harm that can be remedied by the courts. Rather, it comes across as crazy. If I were a judge and you put allegations in your documents to the court that sound anything like what is in your blog I think my first take would be: This woman is insane and I can't do anything about it except dismiss her case. I don't think you are going to be able to convince any person much less a judge that what you are alleging is actually fact based.

Mama said...

I convinced you.

Anonymous said...

I would like to believe you Cameo but it sounds too farfetched. The problem that you will have is that a court will insist in proof, that is, factually-based proof. That is done by introducing evidence at a trial. Allegations without some type of proof are just that. Allegations. If you had medical evidence to establish at least more than 50 percent that you have been tortured then a court would listen. But your correlation of physical complaints with what you say is torture won't be enough. Do you have a medical professional that you can trust and discuss your medical issues that would support your theory of the case?

Mama said...

Most of the torture done to my family has been white torture. There are no marks, at least outwardly. Maybe we don't look good, as if health is declining, but it's chalked up to "bad health", "getting older" and that kind of thing. It's not. We're literally being tortured and this has been going on for YEARS.

I have enough physical evidence to prove torture, and I am willing to have one of my molars pulled out to substantiate proof. I have laser marks on my body, an area of my tongue which was burned off, and other evidences.

I tried to get a doctor. There is not one honest doctor in the entire U.S. All of the ones who work to help torture victims in the U.S. are connected to U.S. govt. They are trying to prove to the torture victims from Mazatlan, China, Egypt, Afria, and other countries, that these poor tortured people are now finding sanctuary in the greatest country in the world.

So the U.S. is very keen on looking good and proving torture done by foreign governments but they have a huge hypocrisy issue because they have been torturing us for years. They've blocked us from getting help and tried to malign us and bribe others.

Not only do I have physical evidence of torture, I have a diary of symptoms that match the technology. I also have medical records for things like childbirth trauma to me and my son that, at bare min, show these professionals covered up damages and injuries. If they'd cover up childbirth injuries and defame me, they'll lie about anything.

No one in my family has seen a non-U.S. sponsored doctor. I wrote and personally called EVERY SINGLE torture agency in the entire U.S. They have doctors who are supposed to investigate torture--some of them only from out of the area, and others are even supposed to investigate reports from the U.S. One was in Virginia. They turned me down.

I believe our case will be convincing because I have an entire family that is able to claim torture. No one except me is saying anything right now, and I've been called crazy, but it's extremely dangerous and my parents are being blackmailed and tortured and we all get tortured worse if they say the smallest thing.

Me, my son, my mom, my dad, my brother, and probably the Avilas or a few other persons, could give testimony to torture and blackmail.

I personally wasn't even willing to say my brother was tortured because I could not say I had witnessed or seen any evidence of it. So I was prudent to say, "I think so because why would he be excluded if it's happening to the rest of us?" and then after this, I did get evidence that was convincing enough to me to be able to add him in, and say yes, he too is being tortured. Confirmed.

I'm not crazy and I'm not throwing around guesses when it comes to the torture of my family. It's real.

We really need help. I seriously doubt any lawyer or doctor in the U.S. will help us. If there is someone, it would be an incredible challenge for them to be objective.

We are trapped. I asked my dad, "why do you stay here?" and he said, "why do YOU stay here?" and I said, "I'm trapped." He said, "No, you're not, you can have a bus ticket anywhere you want in the U.S." and I said, "Yeah, I'm trapped." Which is exactly what's happened to my mom and dad.

Mama said...

Also, in addition to having some physical evidence, and the testimony of several family members who will all swear to the same thing if we are safe enough to tell the truth...

There is an enormous list and record of abuses that have occured, at least for me. I don't know about the rest of my family, but I have a huge list of false arrests, defamation within legal and secret records, surveillance, and of violent crimes that were initiated against me for almost a decade with the refusal of police to intervene. And then I even found out things like migraines were being triggered and were not natural. I can prove some of that with hospital records.

In Wenatchee they began refusing to document I even went there or was at ER because I think they didn't want a record matching the court and hearing dates.

We have enough evidence, between my entire family, to confirm tortue, blackmail, and forced labor.

Mama said...

I am not putting more here, it's better spent writing to the OIG. No one in the U.S. has proven loyal ever.

And I am being tortured again, while I write this. More torture to my neck and I took all of the medication I could take.

It just started after I posted the last post.