Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bleeding & Torture Today Against Mom & Me (and other)

My Dad is being tortured so he forgets things.

Last night I worked on some things and the minute I quit writing to lie down, at about 3 or 4 a.m., thinking I'd better sleep a little, I was then being tortured. They waited until I was almost done reading about torture, to apply technology. I was in the middle of reading a case against the U.S. where cops beat up over 135 African-American men. It was a cop torture case from 1995. I quit reading and tried to sleep and the U.S. began applying torture making it hard for me to sleep. I did sleep a little and then woke up to torture.

Then I went to my Mom's, and it was VERY bad there. She has a ton of mercury fillings and if this technology affects her the way it affects me, I don't know how she stands it. I think it does affect my parents, because before the U.S. EVER tried this out on ME, I had said to my Dad one day, with them having never said a word about being tortured: "I think you need to get all of those fillings taken out." No one had even tortured me yet by targeting my fillings or metal in my neck this way. But I knew, for some reason, that my Dad had been tortured with someone targeting the fillings...well, wait, maybe I thought it would be good for his health in general, but that's what I said.

So my Mom has to be suffering today because it was much worse at their house than at mine.

Then I came back to my house and tried to eat something and pray and was trying to read Scriptures, and they applied worse torture to the metal in my neck.

I can't take anymore painkillers, because I'm bleeding internally again. This morning I peed blood, bled vaginally and it's not my period, and had some specs of blood from my right nostril. I peed a lot of blood.

I first thought I had started my period, because I had vaginal bleeding. That's where it came from. My flow of urine quit and there was other, vaginal blood. Then, I got up and the entire toilet was bloody, but not bright red like I've been poisoned with arsenic. I thought maybe it was from vaginal and then I used the toilet at my parents house and peed and looked while I was peeing and it was bloody.

I peed into a glass to show my Mom. Real nice, huh. Well that's why I need an extension on my legal things.

I have torture occuring, and internal bleeding.

The only thing I did was I was taking 1 naproxen and 2 tylenol, only once yesterday, and then that night I bought 2 garlic bulbs and roasted them to eat. I also had some shiitake mushrooms with rice and then later I had onion soup. I cooked everything.

The next morning I was bleeding everywhere, and I don't have a UTI. I have no symptoms of bladder pain or itching or whatever. It's not UTI.

I am either having kidney failure from all the OTCs that don't hardly help anyway, not for this level of torture, or I have hemophilia.

I never had this happen when I was a kid but I wasn't eating 2 bulbs of garlic at a time either. I realized later today that I had a lot of blood thinners: tylenol, naproxen (though hardly any), 2 bulbs of garlic, shiitake mushrooms (I found out they're blood thinners), and onion soup. And I did use a lot of cayenne pepper with my rice, so that might have prevented some things but it didn't in this case. I made a sweet sticky rice with short-grain brown rice, onion, jalapeno, habanero, cayenne, and then it was so hot, I added sunflower seeds to tamp the heat.

I wasn't bleeding last night. I actually felt like I had a lot of energy, and didn't need to sleep but I made myself. The only thing that happened was more energy and insomnia but in a good way, which I've heard can occur before a hemophilia bleed.

Oh, and I did have bleeding in my teeth and gums. I had bleeding in my teeth and gums last night and was sucking it out.

So, bleeding from:
1. my mouth,
2. urine,
3. vaginal,
4. nose (just a few specs)

My teeth and gum bleeding happened last night and the older blood bleeding all happened this morning.

Oh, and weird enough, my bleeding matched the bath oil I gave my mother this morning. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to use it now, having seen a sample of my blood in the glass.

I thought one oil was ready so I poured it into a clean Star Red Wine Vinegar jar and it was part coconut oil with eucalyptus steeped in it, and then I added olive oil to subdue the scent and liquify it. The olive oil rose to the top, matching the gold rim around the neck of the jar, and the eucalyptus oil matched the red wine vinegar color. It was a little strange.

I stared at it. I had planned to take off the label and make a decorative one, but the result was so bizarre, I just left it that way.

In my parent's bathroom was a book with the same colors on it but reversed.

Anyway, then I was peeing and had to show my mother, so I peed into this glass and showed her. It was about the same color as the oil. It really was this morning when I peed.

So after seeing my bloody pee, I'm sure my mother will have warm fuzzy thoughts every time she looks at the Star oil.

I think I should have added more eucalyptus and less olive oil technically but I didn't want it to solidify. Although, I think the eucalyptus naturally prevents that for some reason, so maybe I'll change it and add more. It wouldn't be hard to do.

And, I poured it into the bottle right after writing about how after I was raped Det. Gross told me to just go wear another coat. So I was thinking about that, and Joseph's coat of many colors, or just in general, and then I looked up the meaning of eucalyptus and it's "well-covered".

So that's my bloody pee and bath oil story, and the torture is true. They're doing this to my entire family because we' not special to them.
This morning I am very tired. Last night, pre-bleeding or in the middle of bleeding, I had a lot of energy, and today, after bleeding, I am very tired.
I added a little more vanilla bean to my other oil and it really smells like lemon custard today, with an herbal note, and then my other one was not with just hydrangea, I forgot. It has the rose and leaves too, for base and there were a couple of carnation buds, but that was all. I added it to hibiscus petals I already had to give it a rich color and then it was so tart I added some of the redwood branch I'd dried. It's the one with cinnamon in it so I'm thinking I may make one or both into candles. The lemon one has pale yellow color from the tumeric and the other one is crimson.
For the bleeding this morning I had 1/2 a pureed habanero and put some of it on my sticky rice with broccoli and I used 3 peppers: this one, red pepper flakes, and cayenne pepper and a little xylitol. And with sunflower seeds.
My Mom knew how much shiitake mushrooms I had and I didn't tell her. I didn't even tell her I had boxes of them, but I told her today I'd had shiitake last night. I bought 3 boxes and last night I used 1 1/2. Or, 1 full box and then 1 mushroom from the second one. The third one is unopened.

So I asked if she had black tea bc I'm out and need to go to the store and don't want green tea right now. She said, "I have one big unopened box of tea but I don't want to open it right now when I can use up the rest of my other box but I can't find it."

I think she knew I had one unopened box.

So this is why we're tortured. Or part of why. And I'm extremely tired today.

The entire toilet bowl was dark brown-red full of bloody urine. I bled myself out and I'm probably anaemic.

That other time, when I bled bright red blood, it wasn't hemophilia--I was poisoned and I was also being targeted by technology in Tacoma and Seattle.

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