Friday, January 6, 2012

Torture By Neighbors & about political asylum

Some of what has been happening is U.S. military because there is no other possible reason or excuse. Like the targeting and swelling of both me and my brother's head, on the same day.

But some of it is, I think, more local. I think this is maybe true because it happened several times at the healthfood store with people coming in and out.

Right now we live surrounded by neighbors and I've gone to their houses before and noticed some kind of energy being transmitted or conducted from their property.

Update: I walked to the grocery store tonight and the main time I noticed any of the same technology was a huge wave of it when a police officer was following close behind another vehicle as I was leaving the Safeway. He came from the Catholic church side of town and was driving past Safeway parking lot and the man turned into parking and the officer drove to the main (central? or the one next to it).

It was the police officer.

One could say maybe it was the other driver, or someone walking by but no one else was around and that cop was right there. Whether it was him specifically or not, he was a direct accomplice and knew what was going on.

I wrote in another post today that I didn't want to live in either the U.S. or Canada because of what they've done, but the problem is that I do want to live in the U.S., and because police and law enforcement refused to investigate religious hate crime, and then got intelligence friends involved, they turned my life into living hell. It's not all Americans. It's that people in charge made it impossible for me and my son to live here so I left and I had a right to leave and not be dragged back, or have my son stolen from me.

I tried, and tried, and they were trying to kill me and my son. Who knows what would have happened if I had been foolish enough to stay at the house in E. Wenatchee.

If we had not already been on this hit list, and had people set up to receive us if I left for Canada, I might have gotten somewhere in Canada with my son. We possibly could have been happy and not tortured, and my family could have visited or moved.

Instead, the people who wanted to be first responders colluded with eachother to ruin my life and my son's life.

Maybe I could have even gone to Canada and then corrected my good name there.

But that's exactly what the religious hate crime people in the U.S. didn't want. They didn't want me to be out from under their control because they had an agenda.

So in the situation where both the U.S. and Canada people colluded together, that leaves me with the inability to get to the decent people in either country, because corrupt officials are being paid by the bad ones. And incidentally, the supervisor at the border for Canada, where I was forced to sign a false confession, was partly the one to decide to do this. It wasn't just the guards standing there--they took it to their supervisor on the shift and he's the one who told them to force me to sign it under threat of going to jail.

I was innocent. 100%. But they said I was going to go to jail if I didn't sign it. Even if I was innocent. So what was I going to do? Refuse to sign it after they just traumatized my son and placed him in Wenatchee and go to jail while my son suffers and I am proving my innocence?

Canadian officials told me I was going to jail if I didn't leave their country after I made a valid request for political asylum.

If they would threaten a refugee with jail, instead of giving them a hearing as required, then of course they would threaten me with jail if I didn't sign a false confession that I was trying to re-enter Canada. Why would I try to go back without my son? I didn't and they knew it.

THIS is why, even though I really never know how to trust Russians, because there are so many different kinds, and they kind of scare me, and you never know who the Catholic-Russian is, or the activist one, or the pious, or the KGB one or the FBI rat one, never know who's who...but I agree with their inclusion of both innocuous sounding countries like the U.S. and Canada as being guilty of human rights crimes.

And I'm not saying I'd prefer to live there either, and there are a bunch of other democratic countries: Germany and other european ones, and then other sort of adversaries but countries that know something is wrong: Pakistan ("We didn't fire on your men?"), Iran, China, S. America, etc.

So basically, since my family and me and my son continue to be tortured and abused here, I feel it is a point to make with international court, about how I tried to leave with my son and had legal guardianship and we were falsely arrested and forced back and then slandered with a CPS claim when we had been fleeing from torture.

Is that even the U.S.? It sounds like something "North Korea" would do. But they don't even do that, so they? Oh yeah, they supposedly don't let people leave. So yeah, the U.S. refused to let us leave too.

I mean, unless Canada was planning to torture us worse, the U.S. had no right to defame me when I asked them for political asylum. But since they were so eager to lie and tell me to leave or go to jail, there are questions about corruption.

When this kind of thing is going on, my son and I should either have DECENT people in the FBI or White House or Congress, deciding to investigate crimes, and prove this really is "the best country in the world" and that justice "prevails", or they should cut their losses and allow me and my son to leave.

You can't it both ways: to torture us and hold us hostage and be "the best country in the world"

And refusing to do something about those who have been corrupt and control everything, means if I just stayed here and lived with this, I am like a Stockholm Syndrome prisoner where I get detained and kidnapped, and my son is held apart from me and yet I refuse to leave because I have developed a "bond" with the people that are criminals.

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