Sunday, January 8, 2012

Military, NSA and DOJ Obstructing Email Contacts

I have gone to several military sites tonight to submit another cease and desist notice, and every link I try gets deliberately blocked.

Whoever has been monitoring my laptop activity and had the most active role in which searches come up or what links I am able to access and any kind of mechanical feature to being online, has been blocking me from submitting comments to military posts and blogs, email, everything.

Now all of a sudden, a box popped up to ask "Who Are You" and have me mark the box for guest. There was nothing wrong with their system. It's them. There is something wrong with them. And then I got the msg that a moderator would approve whether it was published or not. That was for The Air Force.

Since my parents have to sit in a service with a man who is Air Force talking tomorrow, who tortures them and me and knows Chris Dabney. Oh yeah, he knows Chris, who is Catholic, but he's supposedly Protestant.

I sent the first Cease and Desist to the recruiting blog on Facebook for the U.S. Air Force.

I will probably go to each blog by different military groups and also to the official sites so there is no mistake. I went to the Pentagon site and all I got was obstruction and someone blocking my ability to look up links or find email or go to the social media section.

With as many military as are in this tiny town, there is ZERO excuse for any level of torture, of any kind, unless it is the military that's partially responsible.

2. Armed with Science. I sent one to that blog which is for the Army. It sort of says it all...but over here, we get assaulted with science and also threatened with real guns.

I'm going through all the blogs since it seems like someone sorta FORGOT about my withdrawal letter and cease and desist to military branches, in using me or my son for research.

I made the offer under extreme duress thinking they'd be nicer if I did something for my country. They weren't. They stole my son and used my offer as a cover for religious hate crime.

I sent a cease and desist in 2007 and they did. They still stole my son, after already knowing they had no legal right to do so. So they quit torturing me for a little while, though who knows about the rest of my family. And then when I didn't marry Alvaro Pardo, they jacked up the torture.

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Anonymous said...

Offer some proof of military, NSA, or DOJ obstruction of your email. Any proof of anything. Just because you can state things in your blog doesn't make them true. I could say that you are an alien from Mars and that you are using tentacles in your hair to poison endangered tree frogs in an effort to destroy the balance of the environment; and just like the stuff you write in your blog it is all made up! Offer any proof of anything. You have nothing. Except your delusions. You need to be in psychiatric care. You are bat shit crazy!