Friday, January 13, 2012

Wenatchee Still Involved

They are still getting into my computer activities illegally.

I just tried a Dr. search for some doctors at Central Washington Hospital and it didn't pull anything up and then finally when I typed in Crane for Dr. Crane, they brought up "1 of 3 results" and refused to have the results displayed.

This is the official website for Central Washington Hospital.

Supposedly, if one were not being illegally surveilled and if they had not always been concerned about their bottom line, I would be able to go from Google to the site, and search and pull up results like anyone.

Instead, I have someone obstructing me from even accessing their site that is published to the public. And I tried the search again and they did the exact same thing.

I am starting to remember Jack Evans though. The directors of the hospital are responsible for what happened there. He has a degree from W. Virginia and D.C. as well. Which explains some things, as do his connections to CA which I remember looking into before my son and I were tortured.

They operate their website, in Wenatchee. No one someone else does, and no one else controls what searches are allowed, unless someone from D.C. gets in and ahead of things, or someone from Microsoft.

So, it's 3:15 a.m. and who in Wenatchee cares SO much about ME that they block my searches?

I hope they're all investigated for criminal conspiracy and torture of a child.

And the UN might not smile on them as their friends in the FBI and CIA have.

Time to request medical records again. And put all of their names down to the UN, because since they conspired with law enforcement and Judges and FBI, so this reflects on an inability of my son Oliver to be safe in this country.

I really hope they finally get what they deserve.

Don't ever come to Coquille or Coos Bay again.

This is hilarious. I'm looking at the Doctors in Wenatchee now and it's like they got nervous about my contacting the UN regarding their torture of me and my son so the hired reps of the United Nations. Very diverse.

I do not trust any of them.

They had a couple of Mexicans and one Middle Eastern sounding name, and that was their diversity until they panicked and decided to reformulate their appearance. Now it looks like the CIA.

Who knows, maybe some of the sadists were attracted to the idea of a community that practices and supports real live torture. Thrilling.

The doctors are now about 70% Catholic and then the rest look like they got off a plane from a UN conference and are all new. Why the sudden hiring of people from all around the world? They didn't even have those doctors there in 2008 or 2009 when I was there after being in D.C. It's all new hires from the time the criminals in that town realized they'd better make themselves look more international and respectful.

They have no respect and anyone who wants to move there is, in my opinion, someone who is drawn to crime and the idea they might be able to practice crime there with a good cover.

Look at what they've done to me and my son. Oliver is still being tortured and abused there and those medical professionals are as corrupt as the people in Seattle, in FBI and CIA in D.C. backing them.

I think it's disgusting.

I think they want to look more like a group internationals would relate to. Which says something. It says they've broadened their criminal work there and extended it to eager foreign internationals who like the idea of torture of children, and it says they are worried still because they do know they hold a lion's share of responsibility.

Some of the Dr.'s who used to treat me aren't even there anymore. Or they're not showing up in searches.

I need to find Allison, the nurse from Wenatchee Valley because was a huge part of the problem with starting things at WVC. She was one of the very worst and she was Catholic and made her hatred known. There are also some security guards that helped her foster malice against me.

I was just looking at my mother's photo on her business card for this real estate place that got set up in 2006. I thought about the chosen quote for the card:

"walk in clients....walk out friends"

Just sort of made me sick. I had already been thinking about the "walk-ins" in Wenatchee, and the loyalty of walk-out friends. Yeah unrelated, but not really, not in the context of torture that started there and has continued here. It's connected and it's disgusting.

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