Friday, January 20, 2012

Catholic Hate Crime Harassment from Sallie Mae

I am having huge problems with Roman Catholic owned Sallie Mae.

Sallie Mae is one of the lendors of my loans whose company I researched months ago bc I had so much harassment from their customer service. They lied repeatedly, disconnected my calls and refused to give me information. SO I looked them up and their ownership is Catholic predominantly.

I asked for a letter of clearance showing I'm not in default, for weeks, most recently, and they refuse to give one. By law they are required to give one if a customer asks, and I've submitted online forms making the request, contacted them by email making the request and then over the phone.

They've lied over and over, saying they are sending the letter by fax and they never have. Then most recently, for the last week or more they have been sending every single one of my calls to the Roman Catholic dominated Phillipines.

So basically, anytime I get sent over there, I can be assured that 99% of the time the customer service that's screwing me over is Roman Catholic.

Not once have they done what they're supposed to do, even though they took my money.

I will never go with Sallie Mae again.

Also, this man named "Adam" with Net-net out of CO was supposed to send me a letter verifying I am out of default with them and said he'd send it yesterday to my email and never did. So I had to call again and a woman said they'd send something in an hour.

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Anonymous said...

A judge in Massachusetts court-ordered a pregnant mother diagnosed with "schizophrenia" to have an abortion and be sterilized against her will. Have you seen this?