Sunday, January 22, 2012

(where's the playlist? looking for jean)

I went to Jefferson radio to find a playlist for the music tonight and nothing is there. I tuned in at this one violin concerto I liked but didn't write it down bc I thought I'd look it up here and then nothing is listed.

It played at about 7:35 p.m. or earlier, up to about 7:40 or 7:45 and then was followed by Debussy. It was another french man, who composed it. I liked it even though I didn't pay much attention, just understood a peacefulness about it but didn't try to interpret bc I wasn' listening really. Then with debussy I got too distracted. It was "phantasmal", made me think of phantom of the opera for some weird reason but I couldn't concentrate on what I was going to write bc the music was too demanding--I mean, in a very very good way, but also a distracting way bc I am listening too much.

Then some other nice pieces playing. I think I might have to turn it off sometime though (as I do now at times) not because I don't like it, but like it too much and can't focus on my work. Some composers I can tune out to white music or background music I mean, and others I can't.

the debussy was like a lace over the satin of the other french guy. hmm, lace is too delicate. something very dancing in modern bright colors, so many broad strokes and then fine delicate work too. paintbrush #___ and #___ and # ###################. but with depth, like on a dress, something sticking out, something tucked in, and something tells me I should have learned how to sew a long time ago.

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