Monday, January 9, 2012

Torture by U.S. Military & Medical to Obstruct OIG Complaint

Many of the locals are CIA and military here, including in the hospital.

They're torturing me by targeting metal in my neck and teeth and it was even happening at the hospital.

They even experimented on me in that hospital. Again. Another illegal experiment.

They gave me Demerol for pain and it took awhile to work and then it did and then all of a sudden, someone jacked up the technology that caused pain so that even though I was on Demerol, my pain level broke through to the same severe pain that it was before I had it. And then someone gradually brought it down.

They're messing around with me. Having it come in in waves and then backing off, and then some days nothing, but lately, I would say since people have had a chance to read what I've written so far in my OIG complaint, it's been very bad.

The only thing I've done differently is in the last couple of weeks, started writing my OIG complaint.

And that is when someone or group began targeting me to be tortured with this method.

Then, at the hospital, there IS something wrong with my neck but they didn't do a plain X-ray which would have been the best way to look at the metal and bone fractures or any disintegration problem with the bone. And it's the bone and metal that hurt, not the tissues.

Intead they gave me contrast dye and did a CT.

I've had CT for my pelvis before it showed fluids and showed nothing of my pelvic fractures. The plain X-ray showed the pelvic fractures. I asked them for a plain X-ray and they wouldn't give me one, saying they did a CT.

Then they only gave me medications to keep me asleep, like being in a coma is what I need. And I still didn't sleep well. They gave me Ativan, which isn't something you can use in the day, and naproxen which is just like Ibuprofen.

My pain level is way beyond that, and I need narcotic painkillers, but that's not the real issue. The issue is that I'm being tortured because I won't fuck a government man.

My writing an OIG complaint is what pissed them off, and then when I wrote about Robin Bechtold, whoever is in charge of all this torture really got pissed about that.

The United States wants me to be fucking one of their government workers and if I don't, they torture me. And so far, they want me to be fucking a Catholic government worker.

My writing an OIG complaint makes them feel insecure about themselves, because it's Catholic religious hate crime that started the excuse for military torture. But all of that gets solved, to them, if one of their Catholic men says, "Don't torture her--I like fucking her when she's not hurting."

And their curtains at the hospital here in Coquille match the shirt my Ex wore downtown in Seattle, WA when we were picking up my medical records from University of Oregon.

He wore it on purpose. A striped rainbow colored shirt, like an inside joke to the medical people and FBI there. His shirt pattern is right there on the Coquille curtains.

People in WA have coordinated with OR people on crimes a lot more than you'd think.

The hospital I went to here, this doctor didn't even want to do any diagnostics of my neck at all. He said it was chronic pain and I said, "2-3 weeks worth of pain that has quickly progressed to my inability to sleep because it's so severe and acute is NOT "chronic pain". He had first tried to write it down as going on for a few months, and I don't know if he was looking at notes made by the nurse that was there, or thinking on his own. I never said months.

So then he gave me a diagnostic that is going to be the most irrelevant to what the actual issue is and I got injected with dye so I show up better for the military's thermoimaging, I mean, whatever. I'm just saying that, by I didn't need that iodine dye.

He tried to say it was intramuscular when it was bone and metal issue, not anything to do with tissues and I asked for a plain X-ray because that's the one that would bring up the most in that regard.

I saw him and the first thing I thought was "CIA". I didn't even think military about him. Just CIA. I asked if any of them were military but military isn't what came to mind. And yes, they experimented on me while I was there. They increased my pain level AFTER they gave me Demerol and it had kicked in. It was to the point that it was like I didn't even have Demerol at all.

And then, I just now found out, from my mother, at about about 9:30 a.m., that he suggested to my mom that I go on disability for mental health.


I said "WHAT?"

She said he mentioned I should go on disability, and then she said for mental health. I said, I went there for my neck injury, a broken neck, and didn't say one strange thing the entire time I was there and he is suggesting mental health disability?

So my mom just told me this, and I had already typed up what they did there before I found out.

I knew he was dishonest. He was dishonest, tried to avoid ANY diagnostics at all by saying this was a chronic pain "for months" when I said it had only been very recent that it was so severe I couldn't sleep. Then, he wanted to do the one scan which would best obscure what the real problem was.

CT with dye was going to osbscure what a plain X-ray might pick up.

He knew this. And then just because I challenged him, when he called my pain "chronic" and he said he wasn't doing diagnostics, he decided he wanted to say I was mentally ill or needed mental health disability.

Another one bites the dust.

I did not say one thing about "military technology" or give an explanation or any suggestion about any kind of technology. So this doctor had nothing to go off of when he was making defamatory comments abuot me to my mother and possibly in my medical records.

I only told him my neck was hurting and I'd had a past neck injury and the pain was severe to the point I couldn't sleep.

That's all I said. I said nothing about "technology". So the fact he brought up mental health disability on his own indicates there's something wrong with him. Also, the nurse who first did intake may have been the one to write down I had pain for month when I said a couple weeks, and escalating.

This doctor was then making comments about how when you want to get rid of "gray" you turn up the contrast and get black and white, explaining the dye. I think they just wanted an excuse to inject me with a dye to track me with, and actually, military DOES use this kind of dye to pick up people. I didn't say that to them though.

So the fact they defamed me to my mother and recommended I take mental health disability means they're corrupt. They also used me for experimentation when I was there.

What a surprise.

The other thing I found out, is the curtains that matched my Exes shirt...He wore this around while smirking at all these people who looked over at him. Some white, some looked italian. I would say they looked like Carla Anatole's kids. They looked like her is what I mean. Carla is the doctor from Chile who is also Catholic, who the doctor I saw knew. He was recommending I see her or someone else for follow up.

I had wondered why my Ex wore this shirt on the day he wore it and it made me uncomfortable. All these people in Seattle were smirking about it, and nodding to him like they already knew him. The entire trip was for me to get X-rays of my pelvic fractures from University of Washington and that's the shirt, the one with rainbow stripes like the curtian for ER at Coquille, that he wanted to wear. He'd never worn it before but I guess he thought it would be funny for the Catholics and medical professionals that know eachother from Coquille to Seattle.

How about the Catholics just stop torturing people? You know, torture-unless-you-fuck-our-men....sort of a sleazy gimic. Almost makes your Catholic men look like they can't get the girl on their own. Not without a push and shove through torture?

The ultimate rape.

I think one could put it that way, that torturing someone unless they are having sex with a member of their group, is a method of force, and then constitutes rape in an indirect way. If someone is repeatedly shocking someone,and then says, it's either that, or have sex with him, what would most people do? what if it gets worse and worse and goes on for years? and the U.S. government decides to take away housing too, just to see if their lab experiment works and they can force a woman to have sex and be in a relationship with someone they want.

I think what it comes down to is saving face. As if, if I married someone from the FBI, I might not then sue the FBI. If I married from the CIA, I might not sue the CIA. If I married a Catholic, they might not need to torure me.

The United States began torturing me worse after I was working on my OIG complaint, and then about twice as bad after I included Robin Bechtold and his family. And then I would say that went up 7 times worse when I mentioned the priest who assaulted me.

That seems to be a touchy thing to the Catholics.

My report of a priest actually assaulting me and how police obstructed a report or charge. That, and my refusal to want to have anything to do with Alvaro, these things seem to bother those who use technology, most of all.

The doctor at the ER gave me things to dope me to sleep with and no effective painkiller. And since they've talked to him, they're being pressured to force me to take Social Security disability.

Here's why, all of a sudden, these "friends" want me to be on Social Security.

They started pressuring my parents to get me to do this after I started up my OIG complaint and complaint to the UN. I was recently pulling some documentation together, showing when my car was illegally pulled over to prove harassment and illegal activities against me by police, Judges, and FBI.

If I were on "disability" someone would attempt to redesignate my complaint about torture to one about "discrimination of a person with a disability."

No one can do that if someone isn't on disability.

Secondly, I don't need mental heath disability and that's always been to defame me and Wenatchee is responsible for doing this, through Donna Titleman (Jew). I tried to apply for Social Security disability for physical reasons of childbirth, and she and her supervisor (Barb in Spokane, Catholic) obstructed me. I applied several times for physical disablity bc of my childbirth injuries, for a 1 year temp. disability but they didn't want this. They were afraid this would be evidence I could use against them in court, to prove I really was injured in childbirth.

They didn't want that, because they're criminals and wanted to conceal how they tried to cover up injuries to me and my son.

So people pretty much dropped this until I started collecting and asking for police records again.

So I thought my mother was saying this doctor at Coquille was saying I should go on physical disability, but no, apparently, with my having given no indication there was anything mentally wrong with me, they, supposedly not knowing me, just throw around ideas like "Have her go on mental health disability" all the time.

While they torture selected patients and experiment on them in their own ER.

Real nice.

Can I have a smock and pair of britches in your ER curtain pattern?

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