Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dad Tortured & Interrogated Today (Red Cross Criminals)

Maybe part of "we're not who you think we are" was to indicate they are being interrogated.

Today my Dad showed up with clear signs of having been tortured. I've seen it before on him, but one of his eyes was completely marked up and had been forced to be open for a very long time. There is a bruise above it on the eyelid and clamp marks like little lines all the way across.

It looks like someone either forced his eye open with a clamp with several teeth, or had clamped one of his eyelids shut with a metal device.

The clamp sort of looks like this--see MKULTRA document at top of wiki page:
Actually, it has more teeth than that. It's almost like this link mocks us, and my Dad, with his eye the way it is. It also makes it sound like the Canadian experiments were done in Montreal and maybe one was (to the protestants?) but most were done in Toronto and Vancouver and with help and funding from the CIA.

This is what my parents are blackmailed with--Stargate. And the sick thing, is that religious hate crime groups already have known what's going on for years when I didn't even know. They made jokes about it and mocked me over it and I didn't know what they were talking about. My parents are forced to do this kind of work:
and me and my brother have also been targeted, more along the lines of MKULTRA and flat-out torture. The motive behind it has been jealousy--not research. Triggering a migraine here and there isn't research--it's trying to keep someone out of work and then out of college and reparation of their name. My son has been totally abused in this country, and hypnotized and traumatized, and do you know what all of the Catholics in Douglas county court did when I brought up military? They froze. I said, regarding bond, if a child is forced to separate from their parent, is loss of communication grounds for terminating parental rights? why don't we then adopt out ALL of the military kids who don't see their parents for years. She said ,"oh we provide counseling for returning military to renew the bond with their children". They stole my son from me for hate crime reasons. Why was the rape investigation dropped? huh? OH, NATIONAL SECURITY RIGHT? Detective Gross in Portland, Oregon DROPPED a rape investigation against Josh Gatov after I was defamed by The Willamette Week. That certaintly worked to someone's Jewish advantage, didn't it? good for the Jews and good for the Catholics too. Is that why Detective Gross dropped a rape investigation? for the sake of research? for the U.S. department of defense?

No. Actually, Det. Gross smirked when he said if I didn't want to be noticed, "Wear a new coat." THAT was the last thing that Portland police officer, who is in with Sgt. Austria (who is criminal and dangerous) and the FBI said to me. He told me maybe I should get a new coat. And walked away.

So is that how national security works these days? because that's what the rape was all about right? Not investigating rape and defaming me to newspapers was about national security and the Department of Defense interests. Right. Just like triggering migraines was too, right? It was all part of "national security"? Or was the entire "research" idea a cover for corporate crime and a convenient excuse to point out that if my parents had to work for the U.S., there was nothing personal about torturing the rest of my family. No, not hate crime at all. "National security."

Our nation just feels...SO secure right now. In fact, in the last 10 years since my family has been tortured, not saying it's about us, but actually, the nation's security has dropped, and we've been in a recession ever since. Guess who has been paying for the "national security game" against my family? taxpayers. And those who just felt jealous are the ones who got ahead while everyone else has been making ends meet with change tucked in the couch cushions. God SURE blessed America when America started torturing the Garrett family! Look at America's SUCCESS! It must really pay off, and be in our nations' best interests, to torture innocent people and spend billions arranging gang-bangs.

This is what they're doing to us. It's in violation of all domestic and international laws, including violation of Geneva Code as well as Nuremburg Code.

And I'm sorry, but if Mr. James Whitey is in prison, he cannot possibly give informed consent to being experimented on, without duress and of his own free will. No "prisoner" is capable of giving consent to being used for research or experimentation. I would be ashamed to even admit that I was someone who took part in such a thing, or was a prison or jail that had anything to do with "offering" prisoners a chance to be human experiments. That's abuse. Here, consent for us and we'll quit using technology on you which no one knows or will ever find out about. Here. Sign this form or you're going to isolation.

I've personally been tortured in jail, at the federal detention center in Knoxville, after I was injected and put in an isolated room. Then they moved me to the glass room where everyone could see me. They tortured me in the first room, before allowing a govt. psychic to try to read me.

I was also assaulted in the psych ward in Nashville, TN, with use of military technology (minor but present) along with being drugged and under observation for government research purposes alone.

I was also tortured at the Penticton jail in B.C. but it was just a few jolts and I think specific guards. It was only a few times but it was done, and I wasn't crazy. It was right there waiting for me in B.C.

I've also been deprived of warmth in Wenatchee, deliberately, while in jail on false arrest, subjected to cold for a long period of time and then harassed.

The more they get away with, the more they do.

And that sort of started getting worse around the time Det. Gross dropped a rape investigation and the FBI began defaming me and stole my car. Who else was so eager to search the entire vehicle? Which is why, even if I ever gave "consent" to something, the fact that I was under duress and already being tortured and trapped, made my consent null and void. It's not freewill consent. It's consent while under the influence of narcotics because of extreme and severe pain from technology that was already being applied to me and my son and I didn't even realize my own country WAS THE ENEMY.

They have used and abused my entire family.

The Red Cross here are criminals. They are standing by while this happens to my family, and I wonder how long they've been involved.

One minute I'm donating blood no problem, right after 9-11, in a crowd of thousands, and then for work and a few things, and I regularly donated in Oregon, and then at some point they started acting like the enemy.

I was trying to volunteer for rescue work and to do other things and they kept turning me away. They didn't want me to do rescue work. Or someone didn't. Some group thought it might "look good"?

I know that when I tried to volunteer in Wenatchee, they refused. And they acted hostile and didn't want me to donate blood. Then I was donating blood and found out they were putting me in a totally separate category, and lying.

I went to Nashville, TN and just walked in the door and someone there targeted me with technology when I was standing there.

I think there is something really wrong with the Red Cross. At least, with the U.S. Red Cross. Maybe it's different other places, but over here, there is something going on that's not okay.

And there is no possible way my Dad was not tortured today. His left eye is ruined.

He has PRONG marks on his EYE. You cannot miss it. And I've seen this before on other days. But he was tortured with some kind of military technology that doesn't leave marks and then he was also tortured with something that leaves marks. Under his eyes it's all black and dark, but his left eye looked like it had been held open with a metal fork for hours, or like it had been clamped shut with some kind of steel mechanism that has tiny teeth. They didn't break skin, that would be too obvious. They're torturing my mom and dad, and yes, I believe they are being tortured not only at "leisure" with family but that they are being investigated illegally. I believe that after the U.S. has used my parents so long, someone got nervous about torturing all of us so wanted to create some kind of investigation with no evidence. And now they torture all of us and want to just assign some of it to interrogation. It's not being done in the open. And the Red Cross here are pieces of SHIT. THEY are in on it and I knew that the first day I saw their vans parked by my Dad's trailer park, with their smug looks. They're not peacekeepers--they're pieces of SHIT.

I saw this huge Red Cross van parked right next to the Post Office tonight when I was dropping off a letter. They're in town just to torture my Dad and I would bet money most of them are Catholic.

When they sit in on this kind of thing, and strangely enough, had animosity and hostility towards me for years (?!) why would they investigate claims of torture on ordinary days?

First of all, WHY was The RED CROSS acting like my enemy? Did I say something wrong?

Because I never insulted them until after I was assaulted with technology in one of their offices in Nashville, TN. Then I wrote about it. Why? Because after finding out they were concealing information about my blood in Wenatchee, there is reason to question them and their motives and who they really work for as opposed to who they say they work for.

I never had a problem with them either, until I blogged about Diana. And I don't believe I ever blogged anything negative about them to start either. I just wrote about Diana in general.

Later, AFTER the Red Cross was working with the CIA against me, and assaulting me in their own offices in TN, I began to question their modus operandi. Why should they care about me? Maybe it was this....maybe the Red Cross started to care about me, after 2004. For one thing, I told Christa Schneider my Granny's father, Heinrich Bregenzer), had a photo that looked sort of like a little red cross or a pin of something that I thought was like that. Actually, I also told Fr. Joachim, back in 2001. I told Lorraine Rose too. She was from another country and I told her about Granny's father, possibly the DelBalzos, Carl.

So what happened? Someone came up with a story that it wasn't a red cross but a swastika? Ha! It wasn't that, because I remember. Or someone thought if we had connections past to the Red Cross to get the Red Cross against me in case I went to them to volunteer since it might be in my mind?

I told Fr. Joachim and Christa in 2001. If I told the Jewish Nora Krevans, at P.C.C., that is also a possibility. Makes me think about that letter of referral from the Koch's in another light--the one where he is passing on a "pin" to my mother that means so much to him.

I DO know that it's very strange when a nice sounding, looking, all-appearances contained group like the Red Cross starts acting like my personal enemy, it's time for someone to ask whose toes I was stepping on.

Was someone worried that if I volunteered, it was too much like Diana or goodwill, and they just wanted to keep all of my volunteerism off-the-record? I mean, they didn't want a "paper-trail" or resume of organizations I could volunteer for? because it's a record of doing charity and someone wanted me out--?

What kind of role did the Red Cross play in Diana's death.

That's another question I have to ask.

Because any group that starts assaulting me in their business offices and is keeping secrets about my blood, when they know I had planned then to investigate to write a book, is suspicious.

They were with Diana a lot at the end of her life.

People guilty of murder love to create a counterface of the exact opposite, esp. if it involves someone as popular as Diana. Who would ever suspect anyone in the Red Cross having something to do with giving information to a group that plotted her death?

Now that's a cross.

A definite cross.

And just 1 week ago, I said to my parents, "I'm not to hang on their little cross!"

It's the Red Cross.

So please, if you are a humanitarian group that has doubts yourself about the Red Cross, I invite you to start looking into things here.

And by the way, while writing this, I was lasered. I was lasered with the technology that heats your entire body and when it stops, sends you into chills. Not hot flashes and sweating--has nothing to do with that. It's U.S. military.

The Red Cross here is looking pretty criminal if you ask me.

Which is unfortunate, given their proximity to the United Nations, which is also located in Geneva, Switzerland. Maybe that's part of the objective. Mabye when I started making claims about political asylum, right away the U.S. criminals started to work with the Red Cross, knowing where I was saying I would take this matter of torture.

So it would work to their advantage to get a group based in Geneva, Switzerland, on the side of U.S. criminals rather than the side of the International Courts.

Wouldn't it?

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