Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ginko-Habanero Reaction For Seizure

I have had, several times, a seizure reaction to the mixture of ginko and then habanero. I don't get full seizures, just predrome or whatever...drooling, stomach pain and nausea. I have a lower seizure threshhold than some maybe but this is the only combination that I've found to cause a problem--otherwise they've been triggered by technology.

It only happens to me if I drink very strong ginko tea (ginko leaves only) and then follow it up with something strong like 1 habanero pureed and then drank in a few gulps.

So I'm not allergic to ginko, nor to habanero, nor to bee pollen or anything (I thought I was to bee pollen but I think I'm wrong and it was something else). Anyway, the one combination reaction is this one, so beware for eccentric food experimenters like me with low seizure threshhold.

I just have to have them hours apart and no problem.

Ginko is listed on a nono for seizure people and I found habanero as well, but it's unique for people. For some reason though, the action of the ginko followed by the habanero triggers brain activity. I think it's because the ginko go through blood brain barrier and is a blood thinner, maybe making action of habanero more potent. Maybe it's the ginko and has to be mediated with oatmeal and something in the stomach.

I had thought maybe there was something with the bee pollen but I never had any problem with it for months and then I got the last of a batch and I think there was something wrong with it. It had a different taste to it too.

My stomach was swelling and distending but it may have been from pinto beans or whatever the chemical was that I got in the library. I don't know, it was weird.

I told my mother and said I never had this happen when I was a kid either and then said, "Oh yeah, Granny gave me royal jelly not bee pollen." She said, "Well they are totally different."

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