Thursday, January 12, 2012

Didn't See My Dad (this-last night) & Health Problems From U.S.

I wasn't able to see my Dad tonight. Now it's morning, but I didn't see him earlier. He got home when I went to the store and then he never came to the door.

I saw my mother and that's when I saw sort of a glassy look. I mean, she acted normally, but her eyes were different and it's only happened in conjunction with torture and other marks indicating suffering.

It made me think about my son, because I have no way of knowing how he is and what's being done to him. I think the U.S. doesn't want me to have the ammunition against them to take to International Court.

The only time anyone even responded to my complaint of torture is when I proved I was serious and left the country. And then showed I was in a new area and not being tortured and that this showed it wasn't mental illness.

It's sort of like the people who did this just wanted to put on a pretense of laying low and backing off in order to have time to cover up for what they did and work at getting evidence against me. And, I guess, make sure people they wanted were in place to keep anyone from speaking up.

The tone of my Dad's voice made me think of my son, when he's tired or just, I don't know, he sounded like, or reminded me of, my son. And it makes me nervous when I can't see them either, bc there is always something new.

I've been having health problems since the U.S. targeted my head. All of the bleeding and other problems were after that incident, and then after someone put a few shots of an airborne substance into the air when I was writing my OIG complaint.

I promise, I swear on my own grave!, please believe me, with God as my witness, it happened.

I don't know how any of these things are even possible in the U.S. Before this, I would have believed bad things happened to people in prison or detention centers--I don't need to learn things firsthand all the time to have a wise (?) opinion, or be able to see all sides of an argument...I just know that I don't think other countries who talk about U.S. "cruelty" sound so "extreme" anymore. I wouldn't say I believe everything, bc every country has people covering things up or with their own aims, but I don't look down on another country that says there is something wrong, because it's not impossible.

I just saw the news about the Iranian scientist being killed and all I saw was a headline and at first I thought maybe it was that one, the one the U.S. used. Because it said something about U.S. involvement or that Iran was asking about this or Israel. It wasn't him. No one gives a very good reason why anyone would target HIM, the Roshan guy, specifically. There are lots of scientists--why him?

Then I was about to click on Syrian news but I'm working on things.

It's pretty late but I asked my brother if he's having any odd health problems too, like bleeding or other things as I am. I think, yeah 2 bulbs of garlic...but still, maybe I have a tendency to some blood thing, but still, I've done this before and not been that bad off.

My stomach swelled up and was distended after I was tortured. First I had the torture and head jabs by the U.S., then the huge swelling like my brother that some with the BBC even seemed to make a joke about (among the scientists, or maybe for the reading pleasure of those who read that page). Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I intuited it.

Then I had abnormal bleeding for weeks. I was tortured on top of this, with more U.S. technology right in the middle of attempting to defend my rights to my son by myself.

The bleeding quit, sort of abruptly one day, before Christmas.

But the distended stomach and odd swelling in my stomach occured after the swelling to my head. I was fasting. I was fasting when the guys targeted me in the library and after that, a day or two later, I broke my fast. The same day I broke my fast, I had totally abnormal stomach distention and abnormal bleeding. I didn't know if the stomach stuff was from the airborne substance or what. I ate a little onions and garlic but other things too. I have never, in my life, had this happen with my stomach. I actually thought there was something wrong with what I ate but it was maybe that I was adding food to chemicals I was toxed with.

Wait. I had strong stomach pain and bleeding for weeks. THEN nothing--the bleeding stopped abruptly. And then right when I blogged about the bleeding stopping, a few days before Christmas, or maybe 1 week before Christmas, my stomach swelled up. I looked about 3-4 months pregnant and my ribs started to hurt.

It's not from fasting 5 days either. I've gone on long fasts no problem. It's something the U.S. has done to me.

I was eating fine. It happened before I ever bought Xylitol, so that's not it at all. I'm not saying Xylitol is a great idea for very long, but I didn't have this happen because of that.

And now, I'm bleeding through urine!

What I thought was sort of odd, was that I didn't tell anyone, not even my parents, that my stomach swelled up. And I hid it under a jacket or tried to suck it in. But when I got to the ER here locally, one thing a Dr. did was check my calves for edema.

You know, this is the same Dr. who wanted me to go on mental health disability.

I was being literally tortured alive (and still am--they've never stopped and they're doing this to all of us, including kids) with targeting of the metal in my neck and teeth, and I didn't dare say this. I just went in saying I'd had a neck injury from the past and was having severe pain and needed to have it checked out.

Is edema of the legs something a Dr. checks? when they're supposedly checking a bone issue in the NECK?

My stomach is still distended. It's not as bad, but it was and sometimes is to the point that my ribcage starts to concave inwards because my stomach or something inside is pressuring outwards.

I think they doped me up to stop the bleeding. Or, it's just a result of what the U.S. is guilty of doing to my head or using airborne substances while I try to write an OIG complaint. I would think some chemical would do this to my stomach more than a head swelling.

But I think that Dr. knows exactly what it is and what's going on. And that's why he wanted me to apply for "mental health" disability.

How would I make a report to anyone, if the U.S. is getting their federal stamp on me to try to claim their expert said I was nuts? Right now, all Washington State has got is one weak psychologist's opinion that isn't even set in stone and she was paid by them. I'm sure they'd love to have a federal evaluation in their favor too. Not only that, I don't want any "contractual nexus" with the U.S. with Social Security. I didn't want my own son to be part of that and he shouldn't be.

My parents have similiar, truly horrific things happening to them. If you only knew what they all wanted me to see at CPS visits. They tried to break me down just by having me see my son show up with evidence of hypnosis and torture. Break me down for what? nothing except to be able to have an excuse to say there's something wrong.

But like I wrote in a recent post...Is rape a U.S. national interest? are hate crimes and concealment of such, for "national interests"?


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How do you get money? I hate the thought of MY tax dollars paying for lazy scum like you, get a job do something with your life or maybe do your parents a favor and kill yourself. You hurt and embarrass them on a daily basis that's why they don't answer the door you are making them crazy. I know you won't publish this cause you know it's true