Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hostile Working Environment

I think my mother has what one might describe as "a hostile working environment".

I usually don't go there but had to copy something and when I was there her co-workers had so many threatening items laid out all over the place, I just thought, this is so very wrong and criminal.

I mean, they left out duct tape, knives, little pieces of duct tape shaped into small guns, and the great part: crosses too.

It's a real estate office. Like they need a lot of duct tape and knives and little gun sculptures and crosses too. Real professional.

I would characterize that as not only unprofessional but intimidating and hostile. It's not the first time I've seen similar things there either.

My mom was the only one there, the first one in, so some co-worker left it that way. Oh, and a huge box marked "Sterilite" with a big 66 next to it. I mean, these are the things that were left out in the open.

My mother is forced to work with people who are horrible and get covered by local police.

My dad showed up for a minute and looked terrible. The local police here have been truly awful too. I mean, stalkers.

They are around every single corner, follow me, and get in front or in back of my parents cars too. I fully believe they have taken part in assaulting my parents, as crazy as that sounds. I know for a fact that they have covered for criminals (police here have, and from out of the area), so if they're doing "look out" spot work for mafia, then they're not above cracking knuckles and abusing on their own either.

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