Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Mom Crying--Torture All NIght

My mom has been crying for the last several days and she's not depressed--she is forced to work for the U.S.

I was given ONE hour tonight, where I finally was just about to fall asleep and the U.S. tortured me again.

That was all, 1 hour or less, after I wrote to the military.

So I'm thinking the FBI is involved again. I'm again thinking they're involved because they have friends with this technology. They are in military themselves, some of them, and others have friends who are.

They started blocking everything I did here when I filed for FOIA about the FBI.

And the whole "repent" and christian schpeel is from them and their friends in the Catholic church.

My mom repeats what she's told to repeat and she doesn't even believe it. She can say she thinks nothing is going on until she's blue in the face and it doesn't matter. We all know. We are all dealing with it. SO whatever she is saying, is maybe just to try to lie well enough to make the FBI happy.

My life came to a drastic halt, with my report of misconduct by FBI agents and it has never been the same since.

That involved Rick Baken, former FBI (he was involved), the guys I reported, Laurie McLaughlin and law enforcment. If I was known by law enforcement from "WA to OR" it was because the FBI committed crimes against me and defamed me to cover it up.

I keep trying not to lump in everyone with the FBI. But again, they're the ones who should have investigated crime of collusion to falsely arrest me and steal my son; they're the ones who blocked me from making a report about religiuos hate crime spanning years.

And they're always the ones who want to be "forgiven" while they refuse to change anything.

I know I was dealing with the CIA and that was the only thing that kept the FBI settled for a short time.

The FBI, I read tonight, is required to release information to someone, about even a third party, if the FBI agency is suspected of, or there is evidence that indicates the FBI is guilty of crime or of covering a matter up that they were required to control.

From what I read, it's not enough to want to know how they're doing their job, or thinking maybe someone is guilty and wanting to know how the FBI investigates. To get FOIA on a third party (which I haven't even asked for yet), it has to be the overriding public concern that it is not so much whether or not a person is guilty of crimes as much as it important to ask if the agency, the FBI itself, is guilty of crimes, including collusion, obstruction of justice, and concealing a matter. If it's about a third party, probably other crimes too, whatever the FBI agency may be doing wrong, by refusing to investigate a matter because they are married to the third party or associated or bribed, that's what produces the FOIA.

But I haven't even asked for FOIA on living third-persons. Yet. All I've asked about is FOIA for myself and that's something they shouldn't have ever delayed on.

Of course I want someone in the FBI on my side. But when they allow all these crimes, you know something is wrong on an agency level, which means a lot of people are involved,within the agency.

I was driven out of my house again, because the pain was that bad.

For the second time tonight I went over there and the military or FBI friends had the same thing going on over at their house. And yes, it's FBI because the man who is always sitting at the library watching me is Catholic and FBI connected. I look at him and see "Bujanda" all over his face. Maybe I'm wrong about the Bujanda part but I'm not wrong about the Catholic part or the fact that he is associated with the FBI. And he's smirked about mean and nasty comments made to mock my family before, made by other Catholics, about how someone was going to be bleeding.

I went over to knock on the door bc I can't take this, and this has been years, and why, by the way, is Karl Rove keeping his mouth shut? Or George Bush? They know about my family just as some others do. And they say nothing and do nothing about it.

My mom had tears in her eyes again as she rattled off what she's supposed to say, about getting right with God when she already knows there is nothing wrong with me in that regard (and who should judge either?), or that "you might be delusional". She knows I'm not.

I think Granny is not doing well either. She's been tortured by the military for years and probably the CIA. I don't think she's in a good position right now, living next to the Bakens. I guess things got pretty bad for her after I brought up the Bakens on my blog.

She never said anything to me about them. But she is being punished. As if she hasn't been through enough, with this country taking advantage of her older age to excuse experiments they conducted on her.

She is so smart and funny and incredibly gifted and it's like these jealous people with power, just want to destroy and ruin my family, if they can't marry into it or take our genetic material to make babies for them that they can control.

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