Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oliver Not A U.S. Citizen, only of Republic of Washington

I just found out it may be possible my son is not a U.S. citizen. I thought birth in the U.S. automatically confers citizenship but I'm not sure.

They forced me to sign up for a social security number for him, under threat of taking him from me. I said I didn't want to. I went back and had it revoked but didn't know if they revoked it the way I requested (permanently deleting that number from the system).

I found an article that states if a parent does not apply for a social security number, they are not a citizen of the United States. Well, they are a citizen of the Republic of the United States, but not of the corporate United what she was saying is that it's like being a citizen of the Republic of Washington, but not of the U.S. Federal Government.

And Child Protective Services is federal. Money gets distributed to states, but it's federally run and supervised.

So, sort of interesting, because she was saying a child that is a citizen of the Republic of Washington, who lives there, is not outside the law of the Republic. But there is no "connection" or "contractual nexus" (?)--not in jurisdiction.

Which, will have to check, sounds like if my son was a citizen of a state but I had revoked his identity within the United States as a citizen of the federal United States, then when we left the country, the U.S. had zero jurisdiction over my son.

Nowhere on the birth certificate does it state Oliver is a U.S. citizen--it just says he was born in Washington state, which, I think, only establishes that he was born in a particular state within a country. It is the social security number that has you sign to affirm the baby is a U.S. citizen and gives you federal rights as a citizen of the federal government and makes one subject to them.

In the past, Social Security was the administration that intervened for children who were truly neglected or orphaned. Later, they added Child Protective Services as a department in their care. So, I think, but will have to check again, that if Social Security is the group that CPS is funded through, and if I revoked a number from them, there is no contract or nexus with CPS or Social Services, and this weakens their jurisdictional claims.

I'd like to know if they've used a number for him since they took him from me.

1. No investigation pending by CPS before we left to Canada,
2. No contractual nexus with CPS, Social Security, or the federal government that provides funding for CPS,
3. Citizenship of a state, or republic, but no jurisdictional powers of the U.S. as citizen of corporate U.S.,
4. Lawful departure from U.S.
5. Lawful entry into Canada.
6. Request for political asylum for self and son.
7. No contact with U.S. state or country, giving them no minimum contacts for asserting jurisdiction,

There was zero legal right to assert a claim or start an investigation against me after I left the U.S. The fact that they knew they had no right, lends support to motive to lie and collude to create a false arrest for purposes of taking my son from me by force.

Governmental kidnapping.

And yeah, I'm being tortured tonight as are my parents.

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