Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Mom Drugged

I left the house for just a half hour to get some groceries and my mother was drugged.

I saw her all day and nothing was wrong with her eyes. Then I came back, and she came to the door when I knocked and I said, "Who was here?" and she said "Why" and I didn't say anything and she said, "No one. Just Dad." I said, "Because your eyes are glassy and they weren't when I left."

I noticed one Irish Catholic man driving by me, in a truck, very tall and stocky, and I noticed him as I walked by. He was giddy with hate. White, and plain-faced, and I could spot him instantly as Irish.

He followed a hispanic Catholic man that was intently watching me as well. And then, a Catholic Ukrainian woman who looked like Oksana Baiul and drove by waving at me and saying "Sorry!"

I know that he had something to do, or knew about what happened to my mother when I left for just awhile.

My mother doesn't do drugs. She has come back to the house looking trashed after she's been around Patty. And the Irish Catholic cop here in town thought he could play it off as a joke and say my parents were just old, because he's dirty and my parents are blackmailed by fuck-ups like him. He is directly responsible for the knuckle-cracking that happened to my Dad right after I made a formal complaint about what happened to my mother and my concerns about the company she is forced to keep with Patty, Debbie, and Kathy.

The only reason my mother's eyes would be glassy like that, aside from torture and I didn't see evidence of black marks this time, would be because these people are drugging or forcing my parents to take drugs on the side.

If anyone has ever seen the movie, "Trust No One", with Charlie Sheen, the woman in that movie is injected with heroin. Some corrupt government officials who work with mafia would like nothing better than to try to get someone addicted to drugs.

That's what Christa Schneider wanted to happen to me, afterall. She and her friends. She took me out to drink, not to socialize, but to attempt to distract me from my lawsuits and she wanted to do more and more and then was trying to pour more and more into my glass, and encouraging drunkenness and lying and romanticizing being drunk, hoping I would follow her lead.

I definitely understand what having a good time is. I understand that friends sometimes want to drink and socialize. I am very aware of what socializing is and then what having a Bullivant Houser, Dept. of Justice Catholic spy is, trying to push more and more, and knowing that the aim is to distract by gang-bangs, trying to encourage and fostering alcoholism (which didn't happen, but she hoped it did) for the purpose of ruining or distracting me so I'd slip up, and even pretending to be an alcholic herself, when she wasn't. She also tried to persuade me to take up smoking cigarettes and put on an act of smoking herself when she didn't smoke.

I am sure I'm not alone when I say it is possible to know when someone just wants to be relaxed and kick back and have fun, and when someone has another motive. It IS possible to eventually figure it out.

Since Christa and her Dept. of Justice Catholic pals were trying to do this with me, I have NO DOUBT the same group-connection would do this with my parents. I actually even sent my parents an email saying I didn't know if they ever drank now and then or what, but please stop and don't do anything because I was onto what they were trying to do.

Actually, Christa and her friends (Ryan Barnes, and the whole Lake Oswego crew...L.O., same place where I was raped--their territory--probably their cop friends too who stopped by the park) did create harm but when they couldn't figure out how to keep me from winning against them, they tortured and blackmailed my parents.

Christa knew my parents already remember? She and her family knew who my parents were. I didn't know Christa knew about my mother. But Christa knew, and told me she knew my mother sold her horse to her friend and "mentor" in Wilsonville. The horse was probably practically stolen out from under my Mom.

So before Christa and her family came into the church I attended, after they heard through their friends that some Mt. Angel Abbey people were worried about some things, I had no idea that Christa already knew about my mother. And her father is a Prosecuting Attorney for the Department of Justice. Or was.

When I started getting pressured to drop my lawsuits, guess who may have been blackmailing my parents and telling them to tell me to quit them?

Hmmm. Schneiders knew the clergy at Mt. Angel and they are part of the justice system in Portland, Oregon. Christa knew one of the Abbey's attorney, Whittemore. And her sister who expressed instant hatred of me, was from Texas.

The long arm of the FBI and Catholic mob. My guess, is that they also somehow knew the DelBalzos, because it's a small town. And while they may have had one set of motives, some Jewish had another set, because I was raped by a Jewish guy and there were other Jews who acted suspicious. The Rabbi Rose for one. I asked an IRS man what to do about my taxes and he said, "Ask the Rabbi to give you a W-2." So I tried. But Rabbi Rose refused to return any of my calls to his office at the synogogue. That was before I was raped by a Jew, not after. And I got blacklisted throughout the entire Portland area and one person told me it was the DelBalzos and all I know is that it was practically impossible to get work after I was fired by the Rabbi and Lorraine Rose. And I never got a W-2.

But the same guy who wanted to have me go to federal jail, my Ex, sure asked a lot of questions about "taxes" and wanted some kind of dirt on me to give to someone.

My life was made almost a living hell between the Roses and the Abbey people. When I didn't quit my lawsuits, they forced me out by torture. And as soon as I lost the defamation case for Willamette Case, the investigation of my rape by a Jew who made a point of being a Jew "taking me" to spite my father, was dropped.

That's not national interest. That's maybe Mossad national interest and Holy See national interest, but that's not United States national interest "research". It's hate crime.

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