Monday, January 16, 2012

God Of My Salvation & Vegan Info

I had the hymn come to mind that has the chorus "the God of my salvation" but I can't find it anywhere and youtube and google won't pull it up.

But it's the one where there is a question and answer and it's like "who is this one who lives?" and then there the choir sings, "the god of my salvation". I was thinking maybe it's "the lord of my salvation" but I think it's god. It's an older hymn and i wanted to hear it today.

a. who is this------?
the god of our salvation

b. who is the ---?
the god of our salvation...

I think I heard an English choir singing it first on youtube. maybe it's the the rock of my salvation, but it's an older hymn with this refrain, and I thought it was "the god of my salvation".

I only remember the chorus refrain so I've been singing this, just "the god of my salvation" part.

It's on 5 keys. Starting from left to right, moving up keyboard:

I don't know the notes exactly but starting on any key on the keyboard it would ascend or play in this way--if rt. hand is placed on keyboard, with all five fingers on keys in order (not skipping or making a chord), thumb on "a", then forefinger as b, middle finger as c, ring as d and pinkie as f, it's AA-DD-C-B-A.

That's the tune.

The God Of My Salvation

woops. no, yeah, that's right. But don't play note A, as in reading music, because I don't know which key it starts on. I just know the melody, starting on any given key.

Maybe it's the rock of our salvation. Well whatever. Same difference. God is the rock, I don't think there is a question about who the rock is. I think God is the most lyrical out of all the words one could use there, rock has too much of a KiH sound
I have not been feeling well--pretty much chronic fatigue and sick. Last night I couldn't do anything even though I tried and went to bed with my ear and neck hurting and then woke up with a puffy face. Like dough boy puffy. I'm not well enough right now to try to work on legal things, though I've tried. And the night before something turned on in the middle of the night and I started smelling that odd chemical smell so I got up and opened a window. It's like something was coming straight through one of the vents. All my clothes reek and I took them all to be washed. After that night, I felt more sluggish too, even though I opened a window. I know I'm getting fumigated with something, and it wasn't my parents doing this in the middle of the night either.

In the last week or so, I have to eat of course, so I have to cook a little, and since I'm vegan, I have to make other things. So new things I tried:

1. lentils ground up for flour in oatmeal cookies. I tried garbanzo beans and my blender sounded like it was in a crisis so I used lentils.

2. falafel everything. oatmeal ground for flour. It's less "moldy" so I did use a little oatmeal. I used it to hold my garbanzo falafel together and then I made falafel with white beans. when i made it with white beans, I ended up with something that tasted like cod. so I made vegan fish n chips. all i added to the white beans was tumeric (and then a touch of onion, parsely, and jalapeno, & s&p) and it ended up, after fried, slightly resembling fish except for the texture. I used oatmeal flour with a little baking soda thrown in and first made cod patties, then dredged in flaxseed meal for egg substitute, and then dredged in flour, and it was fish. I also made jalapeno poppers with jalapeno and then covered in white bean mix with dredged and fried.

3. cinnamon glop. i have put a lot of cinnamon in my tea and noticed how sticky and gloppy it can get so i made it to the point that it pulled like taffy. it was just water, tea, and cinnamon and putting a spoon into it after whisking/folding it briskly, if I lifted the spoon up, this gelatinous mass like taffy came up with the spoon 1-2 feet or more. very stretchy. So I added this to quick oats and packed into a frying pan and cooked and it made sugar-free granola bars that held together with just cinnamon and oats. it's not the best tasting, but nutrious when I am trying to get things done and need wholesome snacks. I also used it in place of flaxseed meal for falafel, for the eggs.

My mother's hooker friend is here. Patty. My mother's not a hooker. But Patty is. (I mean it in a insult way, not as having knowledge of her extracurricular affairs. I don't appreciate how she decides to show up whenever I mention her in a bad way, she decides to pop in for a visit. She does it half of the time, when I'm around or she knows I'll be around, as if to say my report about her being an accessory to torture of my mom is worthless. She's a classic stalker--in your face just to prove she can be in your face.)

I have not been able to spend hardly any time cooking bc I've been sick and bleeding, so some things I've done while I'm in bed. I made a bean soup in the microwave, for example, on high for 40-45 minutes, after I went to bed because I couldn't sit up for it. It was easy to make: summer savory, tarragon, s&p, pureed jalapeno (pre-pureed), italian flat parsley, a little broccoli and carrots, with 16 mixed beans adding extra white. Put in microwave and went to bed.

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