Thursday, January 12, 2012

Evidence We Are Being Tortured By The United States

I quit bleeding this morning but still felt tired. However, tonight we are being tortured.

All of us.

I have not been able to focus on anything important because of the bleeding everyday, and that's on top of torture. I haven't been able to work on legal things or my complaint as I wanted to, because of it.

Tonight the United States is torturing me by targeting metal in my neck and my teeth.

I think there is seriously something wrong with the neck "fusion" they did at University of Utah with Catholic doctors doing the work. I was in a Mormon State, having a Catholic stitch up my head, and I would bet now, a Catholic deciding what to do with my neck. I would bet Janet Bechold knew one of them too, indirectly or not. Just a hunch.

I have had the United States or others, targeting my neck before in other ways. Bainbridge Island was different. It wasn't this. It was a different form of assault and a blond woman--bleached blond with roots showing almost, was part of it.

This is different, to where I do think someone did something strange to my neck, because why should it radiate to one specific spot in the bone or metal? I push on a tiny knob, and it stops? Not only that, they amp it up so badly, to my neck, that my neck literally starts making noises.

My NECK makes noises because it's immediately affecting the bone, metal, and tissue. It starts to sound like air is being pushed through it. The specific spot that reacts starts to move from some kind of pressure which causes severe pain and it's only on the one side, and nothing reacts at all on the right side. It's a creaking sound and it comes directly from this spot where the focus of the pain centers to. It radiates through my entire leftside of my face and neck, and hits the mercury in my teeth and reacts, but it's this one spot. If I push it when the United States is triggering this, it then makes another noise, when I push down, if it's already reacting.

Then the other day and today I witnessed my parents eyes turning black right in front of my own eyes. I know some of it is from direct application by someone, to torture them. But now I have witnessed something causing my parents eyes to turn black, out of nowhere, right in front of me.

My Dad tried not to react but was clearly in pain and then his forehead squinched together, his brows did, when it was being done to him and then I was noticing this because he was facing me while we talked, and then all of a sudden, after this happened, his eyes turned black from internal bruising of some kind.

I witnessed this happen to my Dad, right in front of my own eyes.

First he looked upset about something and stared at me with these eyes, and I thought he was worried about something he thought was going to happen to me, and we were unloading wood and then talked. Then all of a sudden, he tried to act natural, but then out of some severe pain, he did something I've never seen him do, and furrowed his brow together like something was causing severe pain and then his eyes, which had NOT been darkened or bruised before, turned black-blue under the skin. Within minutes. There was no delay of a half hour or hour. It was almost instant.

I don't know of anything that can cause a brusing like that, so fast after pain. Usually something will show up hours later. But not this.

I told one country that I thought possibly my parents had this bruising from some kind of technology used that causes pain or pressure near their eyes or in their head. I wondered. And then I witnessed it.

At the time this happened to him, I felt fine. Nothing happened to me. I didn't feel anything so it's something that's done because someone is targeting metal or fillings or something in HIS body, or they're targeting him by satellite.

I witnessed this about 2 days ago. It was Sunday or after Sunday. So maybe 4 days ago.

I know the U.S. follows my parents movements because I've been with both of them, in their cars.

Then, I have thought I've seen it happen to my Mom in their living room but I always thought well maybe the lighting was different...

(I wrote as much as this, about the lighting, and my lighting in my place turned on brighter--my entire place is rigged out by the military and CIA.)

So actually, I thought maybe it was different because of shadows or the way she was turned but then I witnessed it happen to her today while I was talking to her in the car.

I have seen this happen to them from out of nowhere, and it's less defined marks but still bruising, and then I've seen what clearly looks like direct application by another person with force. Then the marks are as clearly defined as if someone had just told them to place slightly larger than the eye pads over their eyes, which extend to the corners of the nose and then targeted these with lasers or something that causes pressure and demarcation of clear lines.

They're being tortured.

I'm not the only one being tortured with technology from a distance--they are as well.

I asked my Mom if she had any metal in her body besides fillings. She has a mouthful of fillings. She said she has staples in her neck. I believe it's not an accident and that they bother her because of how much people around me have brought this up or made fun and I didn't even think about what they were refering to. She also had surgery at the hairline and who knows what is there.

I know they tried to "sign off" with a little signature cut though. A little "irregular" design.

As for my Dad, I don't know. He has a mouthful of mercury fillings. And with both of them, it may be mercury and something else--some other metal composites and materials.

Whatever it is, it enables the United States to find their target from a great distance and narrow in without anyone next to them knowing or feeling anything. I stood about 1 foot away from my Dad when it happened to him. I felt nothing. He was tortured in front of my eyes and I witnessed the effects but I personally didn't feel a thing and I stood right there.

I haven't heard of any surgery for my Dad. I think the only metal is from fillings. Not that you need metal to be targeted, but it probably makes some things easier for criminals to find.

My Grandpa Garrett had a mouthful of fillings too. And for some reason, his cabin and my house have both been targeted by chemicals that my Dad recognizes as being the same. He's indicated enough for me to know it's the same smell that he started noticing at my Grandpa Garrett's cabin in Idaho towards the end of his life. I might ask how near the end he began noticing these things. I'd like to know what approximate year it was that the United States committed treason against their own citizens and got away with it and continues to exploit, abuse, and torture the rest of my family.

Karl Rove knows what's going on. How does HE know? Let's ask him. I mention him because I remember after I looked something up online about head injury causing bruising to the eyes, and reading different descriptions, one of them called "battleground" something or other, he refered to it while on Fox News. So that made me think, first of all, who is monitoring my online activities and passing the information around, and then secondly, why he would refer to it on T.V. like he even knew the cause. He didn't say anything bad, it was more like keep your chin up battleground survivors...but how can anyone who knows ANYTHING about what is going on, remain silent?

The other thing done to me all night has been to target my heart for hours, causing problems with it and I can feel it as obvious technology. And almost all night.

This afternoon I wasn't being tortured and then my Mom pulled up and I noticed all around her car someone suddenly targeting and affecting metal in me. And then I witnessed her eyes turning black right in front of me. She had a reaction too. I thought it was to something I had said but then a minute later, the bruising showed up to her eyes. She had stopped what she was saying and was in shock and then she was teary eyed.

They are torturing us actively.

Not only that, I believe these criminals who are accessing govt. friends, are holding up my college still. They're waiting to see if I file for my son's case or not.

I think they're doing this because the U.S. is still being obstructive.

For one thing, I mailed in a letter of deferment for loans and the forms and evidence, and it disappeared or got lost for weeks. They never found it, so I had to mail it again. And then a guarantor for the U.S. Direct Loan Servicing never mailed me the Title For Clearance IV letter they said they were sending and that was weeks ago so I had to ask again. And then Sallie Mae got my request by filling out their form online, for the same letter and I indicated fax and to be sent to my mother's office. My mother got one from ECMC and nothing else. So either one of her coworkers threw it away or took it, or Sallie Mae never sent it. And that was weeks ago.

So the "good news" was that there was a reduction in transcript cost but my Mother is still not paying it, because apparantly her friends with contacts in hate crime and govt. are blocking her while the others with DLS and DCS (both are Department of Education operated--DLS was supposed to mail a letter and DCS is lying about not getting my request for deferment, which holds up my ability to get into college).

So I guess it's that the criminals in federal government jobs want me to not have money if I am able to get my health together for filing legal things, and then if I lose, I don't know. They are blocking my resources now, hoping it will push me past any time when I would need to have money to appeal or file a lawsuit.

I was told I might have a new place to move to, which would be nice--more space and things, but why?

What's the point? So I'm not a witness of what happens at my parents' house?

When the U.S. was triggering the pain from the metal in my neck tonight, I went to my parent's house and it's all the way through the field and to their house and behind their house and on the sides. It wasn't like that in the past. Then if I walked up the road it was slightly better, but not by much.

This entire morning there was a sad vibe. The entire morning. And I think it was my son.

now I have hackers deleting everything I write and they're young, not old

I had written that it was a sad and a bad feeling and was pronounced. It was thus morning.

I feel this country owes me and my son and the rest of the decent people an investigation of crimes.

I was again being tortured tonight as I finally started working on the OIG complaint. they torture me to distract from my time writing and editing my complaint and for an excuse to read what I've done, since I work on it offline and has to go online to blog.

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