Friday, January 6, 2012

Potential Crime By Catholic Dentist (Wenatchee)

I was just remembering and telling my Mom, the dentist that put this filling in my mouth that is reactive and is being used to target me with, was Mexican Roman Catholic.

Last night from 2 a.m. until now, the entire time, this filling and the metal in my neck have been targeted so I didn't sleep at all, the entire night.

And it's not just a mercury filling--

All of my dental records disappeared after he did this filling, when I went to another dentist. And I asked for the records from his clinic and they refused to give them to me. Which was why I had to get full X-rays from another clinic.

Not only that, after this Catholic dentist and his Catholic assistant did this one filling, I had insurance to cover fillings for all of my cavities and they refused to take care of them.

I was pregnant at the time, and when you're pregnant, you get full coverage including dental.

I remember they did this one filling and used mercury or some kind of metal composite and I said I only wanted porcelain or the cheap stuff that comes in the same color as your teeth. He was determined to use mercury even though I was pregnant and said I don't want mercury. There was no reason to, but he didn't give me a choice.

Then, after he did this one filling, I had other cavities and their clinic repeatedly scheduled appointments for me and then cancelled them. Over and over, and they harassed me. I wasn't having a problem with the medical clinic at the time, or my Doctor then, it was all of the Catholics at the dental offices next door. And they were all Catholic. Mainly Hispanic but a couple of white ones. At one point his supervisor, a white man, came in to watch or did something too, when I was persistent, but I was eligible to have my fillings taken care of and had the insurance and showed up on time and they refused to do it.

There was something wrong with the filling they used that is now reactive as well. It wasn't setting up and staying in like normal mercury.

But I was polite and I remember the Catholics there were extremely mean to me, and after I asked for my records, so I could see what cavities I had, they refused to give them to me and only gave me the paper records, and they defamed me. They had written all these comments about me to sound like there was something wrong with me.

I hadn't done anything to deserve it and thought this is so weird, what's wrong with them?

It was because they wouldn't give me my X-rays to my teeth, after they did this filling, that I had to go to another dentist.

And to this day I've never seen the X-rays from the next dentist because they kept getting stolen. It was about the time that I did yet another set of X-rays for the dentist offices there in Cashmere that I noticed I was being followed to and from each dental visit there. And right about the time I tried to get the second set of dental records, my son and I started getting blasted with technology at our house, making it impossible for me to do anything.

When the Catholic-operated dental offices in Wenatchee, associated with Dr. Butler's clinic, refused to give me records and refused doing anything else about my fillings, and harassed us, they then "banned" me from going there.

I couldn't believe it. I never once did anything to warrant being "banned" but that's what they did and it came from the white supervisor of the dental offices.

The tooth-colored dental material was the same cost or cheaper than the metal composite and since I was pregnant, they were supposed to not use metal. I kept asking why they were using the metal and said I didn't want that because of possible mercury toxicity to my unborn child and the excuse was that this was what had to be used. Then it kept coming out and wasn't acting like normal mercury fillings. This white supervisor "repaired" it and then we were refused having any other fillings done and defamed.

I knew, at the time, I sensed something wasn't right.

When my dental records from the next clinic disappeared, I wondered why. And the first place refused to give me X-rays. Very cage-y about it and trying to make me sound bad then.

And now, I am being tortured and targeted, by targeting whatever kind of metal is in that specific filling.

The same one all my X-rays were disappearing over.

Then, I remember when I was at the new dental offices, one of the assistants was trying to cover something up. One was really nice, and I had no problems until the other one showed up and she started working there after I was going there. And she started defaming me to the other dental assistant so she changed from being nice and concerned to sort of ignoring me while the other one was openly mocking me. And I think she part hispanic, the nice one, and then this other young white woman came along who was really mean. And she was new and showed up after I was there, from University of Washington I believe.

The other thing I recall, is one of the dental assistants noticed something was wrong there. The dentist was working on my teeth and she was innocently curious about something strange she saw on my teeth enamel. She said to the dentist, "What are these little spots?" It wasn't cavities and it wasn't discoloration. It was an indication of something else but she didn't know what it was. It wasn't normal or what one sees from a decay or normal processes that would send you to the dentist.

It was on the surface of my back molars. Weird tiny spots. And he didn't have an answer. I believe it is probably evidence of technology used on me that showed up on my teeth. And that was before my son and I were tortured together. It was one of the first things that was said when I started going there, she noticed something that wasn't identifiable as a normal dental thing.

They are still there. They are about the size of the point of a sewing needle and perfectly round. All of them. And they're not tiny cavities. They are only on the top surface of my back molars. It's evidence of something. Even the dentist knew it wasn't cavities.

But before I was able to get my hands on the second set of X-rays my son and I were being assaulted hard with technology. And after the dental clinic kicked us out, or "banned" us, the one, then they spread this idea to other members of the medical community in Wenatchee.

Then this doctor-dentist wanted to send me to a lab to have them analyse my saliva for some reason but we didn't get that far.

The spots on my teeth showed up when I was in Oregon. I first noticed them in Portland, Oregon, before I ever showed up in Wenatchee or Cashmere. Then I got the bad filling and harassment from the one clinic and then my X-rays were being refused to be given to me and I went to a new clinic and they were disappearing and being stolen.

I know that after my son Oliver was taken from me, I looked into blood assay to prove I had been tortured. I contacted France. France was the only place, besides the U.S. military, that had a lab which would do blood assays that could prove assault from use of technology. What happens is that the structure of the blood gets disorganized and it mutates and changes. Basically, it's damaged, and it will show up about 3 months after torture. My parents were looking into it too, in 2006, until their "friends" in Coquille, Oregon tortured and threatened them not to help. I thought maybe the U.S. is in on this, but I knew I could have France analyse things for me and they were decent--the people I corresponded with sounded like decent people. I found out that if it's too late to have the blood analysed, then they can use a molar or tooth, as the damage will be present and will show up for life. It gets stored in the enamel.

My first choice was France. But when my parents were prevented from helping me with that, and had their military friends instead wanting to do a PET scan of my brain for other research, I thought, maybe the PET will prove I don't have schitzophrenia, because they can tell on this. But they were blocked from everything. So I went to the East Coast, not on some strange getaway and abandonment of my son, but to find the U.S. military places that do this kind of analysis and get proof.

Too bad for me, I didn't know corrupt people in the U.S. government were responsible and would never allow me to have evidence.

Sure enough, I got either zero response, or icy response from U.S. military when I asked. I hoped to go in person and see if that made a difference. But it didn't.

They didn't want me to have evidence, some of them, the criminals who did this to me and my son, of torture.

It would have been best, absolutely, to have the blood assay. But I am fully willing to have a molar pulled out of my mouth to prove I'm right. I might go with the one that has the suspect metal filling that is now being targeted to torture me with and also inquire about the odd "spots" that are on the enamel surface.

These spots, just for anyone who is interested, are not on the sides of the molars at all. Only on the surface of the molar. A few in the creases, a pinprick spot, and then other ones on higher surfaces of the molar where no decay would ever cling to or get tucked in. Nothing near the gumline and it's not just in creases on the surface, which is what the dental assistant noticed. It's evidence of a form of torture. And that's before another form of torture was even used on me and my son.

I believe, there is very high motive to call me mentally ill because I have a massive lawsuit of damages, where I can potentially prove torture and cover up by criminals in the United States. And that's when nothing was really showing up on the surface. Now, I also have proof of being poisoned and lasered, and others will be able to corroborate my testimony of torture if they feel safe enough to do so.

CPS and the State waited until the time for me to have the blood assay expired and then pursued against me and my son. They waited until they felt the evidence was gone. They already knew there was no investigation pending by them and that they'd colluded to arrest me and kidnap my son. But adding evidence of torture to this wouldn't have helped them any. So they waited, and then when they believed they could get away with a little less-than-murder, they went for it.

Would I have an tooth pulled from my mouth? You BET. I'd do it today. I said I'm getting my son back so you can either be nice about it and quit obstructing justice by use of torture, or you all get to go to jail!

Let's see...Cameo keeps making money on the East Coast and gets analysis of torture and evidence against Catholic and U.S. government criminals or we ask Cameo to marry a Catholic man and try to distract her from getting evidence to use against us. Maybe, if we're lucky, we can set her up for marriage fraud and have her go to jail before she can prove she and her son and family are being tortured by the U.S.

Hmm. I wonder why my passport processing was delayed. I wonder why I've been obstructed from work in a normal job but forced to work at min. wage for people that torture me and try to create a bad reference or work history to replace my good work. I wonder why I've been obstructed from college, and from unemployment money.

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