Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crime By FBI S.A. Julia Thornton

Why did Julia Thornton, with the FBI, seek to block me from even reporting religious crime unless she was in on it.

Julia Thornton was involved in the religious hate crimes against me. If she hadn't been involved and hadn't known it was happening, she wouldn't have had any motive to keep me from talking about it.

I tried to report a series of violent acts taken against me in Oregon. She cut me off even though it was a reasoned and articulate explanation, and she cut me off the moment I said most of the members were Roman Catholic and I felt it had to do with retaliation and some idea they had which they felt they needed to get revenge over.

She blocked me from making a report, and if she would block me from reporting hate crime when it's their jurisdiction to investigate, she had to have had a reason to want to keep me from saying anything. She didn't want anything on the record against....

People she was intimately connected to?


Anonymous said...

FBI probably thought you were nuts? I mean, come on, you call the FBI reporting technology that makes pens burst, and Catholic/Jew conspiracies ... and they are going to think you are a nut job. The FBI probably has better things to do. You should stop bothering them if for anything because in your nuttiness you think they are in on it and aren't going to do anything. There is no conspiracy. You lost your marbles and you need to go find them and put them back in the mental marble sack.

Mama said...

Do you go to Julia's church? I wonder which one that is.

She is a criminal for blocking my report, in 2004, of religious hate crime that endangered my life and had gotten out of control. Because she blocked this, it got worse and my son ended up being tortured as well. If she had nothing to hide, she would have allowed a report. She clearly had something to cover up.

As to technology, yes, it happens, and I expect other countries might have information to provide to the UN that the U.S. is unwilling to share. I hope so.

I'm so "crazy" the FBI wanted to use me without my consent. I went to D.C. and got a bookbag from the CIA in Maryland, because, you know, they just like to be nice charitable people.

If the FBI does not NOW investigate, they are guilty of committing crimes within their own agency by agency personnel.

Which means I might want to get a FOIA on Julia Thornton.

I appreciate that she took my misconduct complaint, but she sort of justified for them and then she blocked my other report.

It is not the right of an investigator to obstruct justice by preventing someone from making a report they should be given a number for.

Because she didn't, what followed, was that my life went downhill and my son was tortured. So I know for a fact that crimes have been committed and are being committed by the FBI.

I still think there are some people within FBI that might be good people, but they're out of power.

Anonymous said...

More craziness. So you do a FOIA on Julia and then you do a FOIA on the person who did the FOIA on Julia and so on and so on. And each person that comes to the same conclusion that I have, that you are nuts, you plug that person into your delusions of conspiracies. Face it Cameo. Face your mental illness. Antipsychotic meds would do you a world of good.

Mama said...

I think Julia Thornton and Chris Rozollo might have some things in common.