Saturday, May 25, 2013

U.S. State-Sponsored Rape

I am going to describe how the U.S. raised me to be raped for their federal employees.  I am also going to explain how the U.S. has done this to more than one baby. 

The United States government is in the business of raising babies to sodomize and rape them.  Later, the U.S. uses their own hand-picked federal employees, to re-traumatize those rape victims by raping them again, repeatedly.  The U.S. uses mostly government workers, but because they sometimes work with mafia, they incorporate selected mafia into "the business of rape".

I had been planning to make this post for a long time, and I've described how these federal employees who knew me, carefully planned their government gang-bang against me.

Last night I realized it wasn't just reverting to their former abuse that they did to me when I was a baby and as a child; it is actually the case that I was selected, by the U.S. government, to be a rape victim, from birth.  It is actually more likely, they chose and pre-destined me to be raped as a baby before I was born.

The U.S. had a revenge motive for raping a child born to my parents.  They still have a revenge motive, because now all they and their families choose to do is make a game of it, and conceal it by fabricated alibis and false testimony.

Both my mother and father never wanted to have kids.  It wasn't that they didn't love me while I was growing up, it was that they knew the U.S. was going to kill us, rape us, and torture us.  They forced my parents to have Gannon, their first baby, and killed him in front of them.  Then, when they didn't want to have another baby, the U.S. forced them to have another child, and told them ahead of time what was going to be done to me.  The U.S. had me raped as soon as I was born, and they continued to rape me, and tortured me.  I don't know what they did with my brother, but it probably some of the same thing.

So instead of the multiple rapes of me by U.S./Canadian/UK federal employees (FBI, military, CIA, and some mafia) being just a circle of people who "happened to know eachother", it goes back farther than that.

I have never given a false testimony about any of these men, and I have never raped any of them, or anyone either.  I haven't had the desire to do so and I don't think many women do.  I also think most of the time, not always, but more often than not, victims tell the truth.  I think this is true of male victims as well as female victims, though I think that because some men collude (even with other women) about raping a victim multiple times, I think if a man later makes an excuse for himself about a woman who has been a victim, if he knows the previous male assailants, he is most likely trying to discredit the women on behalf of all of them.  First of all, the FBI doesn't like being sued.  Having a number of their employees guilty of raping a woman, gives them enough motive to want to work with people who will try to discredit that victim, any possible way they can. 

Before I go into that aspect, part of the reason this is such a big deal to the U.S., is because they are guilty of conspiring to have all of these events occur, before a baby is even born.  I don't think premeditating rape of a baby, who becomes a child, and then later is an adult, is something the U.S. plans with a large group of victims.  There is no possible way for the U.S. to maintain a "Rape Game" and play this out through the course of someone's life, with a lot of women.  The FBI has too much to keep track of already.  They are not going to try to cover for more than 1 dozen victims who are set up to repeatedly and systematically raped so the U.S. scientists can journal about what the rape victims reactions were.

The U.S. also doesn't have that serious of a revenge motive against anyone, living in their own country as citizens, to do this with more than a few selected individuals.

While many people have heard about "human trafficking" or "child pornography" and how MKUltra uses top officials and films them in sex acts with kids for blackmail security, what is almost never, ever, discussed or even heard of, is premeditation to rape someone through the entire course of their life.

Maybe the U.S. military's excuse is that they're allowing feds to rape a woman in order to practice the "art of getting away with rape".  Is that why these rapists get sent overseas next?  Or moved to a new location or position where they will have better proximity to either drugging people with date-rape drugs or raping them without being charged and prosecuted?

That would be a great story, to say it's all about the FBI needing a rubber doll.

That way the FBI can pass this blow-up doll around, who they were forcing to give them blow-jobs as a baby and kid, and keep raping the doll for "practice".

Why is the FBI, CIA, military, police, fire station, telling their employees to learn CPR when what they're really doing, is practicing the Art of Rape.  Isn't that what the U.S. has elevated this crime to?  it now has a noble position, practiced by so many of their officials on their own citizens, men and women.  The Art of War, to the U.S., includes the Art of Rape.

The U.S. then allows their rapists to escape, after passing around the rubber doll, and if they want to use a revenge motive or excuse for repeatedly raping a family or forcing them to have more kids so more U.S. employees can rape them, they find one.

Explain to me why the United States has blood on their hands and walks off without so much a demotion on their "file".  If a man in England says something about "Allah" after killing someone, people call it "a terrorist act".

So if I get raped by a man who invokes Judaism, how is this different.  If you notice, Detective Grose, the man who killed someone, looked well...pretty "laid back" to me.   Didn't "look like someone" who would stab another person with 2 knives, did it?

Why don't you fucking start eating some of YOUR OWN SHIT.  This is not just about Josh Gatov, but about every one of the U.S. government employees who raped me and who also tried to include mafia they knew in it.

My son is not safe in the U.S. and he will never be safe here.  He is not safe in Mexico, nor is he safe in a country that practices these crimes against humanities with the U.S.

If the U.S. uses the CIA to pay for programs in other countries, to bribe their own state officials to allow scientists to torture their own citizens, then why are we accusing Germany of war crimes?  Maybe the U.S. paid for it. Afterall, who paid for the documentation of torture against Germany's prisoners?  The U.S.  The exact same U.S. that now pays other countries like UK and Canada to torture a select number of their citizens, and send them the "research" and lets' "pow-wow" about it somewhere neutral.

For all we know, Hitler never killed himself either.  His secretary was the only one who witnessed it and maybe she was Jewish.  Even Hitler had a Jewish relative as well.  Maybe Hitler was a good guy, or not too bad, compared to the "Americans" who were paying the doctors in Germany to torture their citizens for them.

I am being tortured now to the one side of my head, which is done to cause my eye to bulge out, as the U.S. has done to my son, who is 7, photographed this way, and my parents.

Any country that allows federal gang-bangs is a country that commits acts of terror and torture against their own citizens.

According to the UN, rape in itself, if it is proven to be sponsored or allowed by the "state"/country, constitutes an act of torture.  Rape, by government employees, especially more than one time, or with the approval and concealment of official authorities, is considered, by the UN, to be "torture".  Do I make myself clear.

This is something my mother used to say to me all the time, while I was growing up.  My Dad did as well.  "Do I make myself clear?"  I know they do not believe that their first-born son died for natural reasons.  They were told he would have been "like the boy in the bubble" if he had lived.  Which basically means, if my mother was being targeted while pregnant, as she has indicated she was, he was "the boy in the bubble" before he was born.  Do I make myself clear was their way of shoving it back to the government.  My mother has said it was from overdose of beta rays, from lasers.  So when she said all the time, "Do I make myself clear" it was a way of saying, "The boy in the bubble...oh, do I make myself clear?"

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