Monday, May 20, 2013

Torture Of My Dad (broken fingers today): 840 DET (Oregon)

My Dad is being tortured by a bunch of Irish cops again.

One of his fingers that one of them broke at the knuckle is now broken in another place, on the same finger, and there was a dent in it, which showed where some kind of pressure was applied across it that must have broken it.

It's on his right hand, and is his pointer finger, and the center knuckle was first broken awhile ago and I noticed it and today, this morning, someone broke his other knuckle up higher on the same finger, and there is still a crease from the evidence of someone applying pressure hard enough and for long enough, that the skin stayed creased in and it's blueish.

Also, my Dad has some kind of red marks around his neck and throat, under his chin, like someone grabbed him at the throat and tried to choke him.

This is a woman who has been present every single time my Dad shows up tortured:

She is a brunette driving a tan SUV and her license plates are 840 DET.  She is always driving in some kind of a caravan with police around her, and I've witnessed her making fun of my mother before.

The time I witnessed her deliberately smirk over at my mother, and make a point to make faces at my Mom, my Mom and I were driving back to the house after we'd been out in Coos Bay shopping.  This was sometimes used as a time for cops and people to get into my house, and steal things or move things around.  It was also used as a time to have access to my Dad without me or my mother around.  On the day that she made fun of my Mom, I saw my Mom get really upset and it was right next to a driveway we turn into to go home, about 1 mile or less from our house--about a 1/2 mile. 

I wondered what it was about and then I saw my Dad and he had been newly tortured.

That woman who drives the SUV with license plates 840 DET (Oregon) is directly involved in torture and physical assault of my Dad.  After I saw her, several more times, I started to wonder if she is FBI.

I do not know.  The reason I started to think this was because she has only showed up when my Dad is being tortured, and most of the time she is surrounded by cops in cop cars.  I have seen her driving mostly alone, and maybe one time with another passenger.

My Dad's knuckle was raised up in the other place higher than before and then when I looked, I saw it also had a deep crease across it as well, and he wasn't acting like himself.  He was acting sort of shaken up or shaking, like he'd been beat up or something.  When he was unfolding his glasses and the stems popped out, he jerked back like it was a gun, sort of spooked.  So something was done this morning, to torture him.

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