Friday, May 3, 2013

Bujanda-Middleton Mafia

There was a lot of Bujanda/Garza-Middleton "mafia" out today.  By this I mean, government contacts and friends.

ZKN 060
151 FDJ

Oregon plates of government workers/psychic government stuff.  They looked like ordinary people, a little overweight, maybe, one of them, and not rude to me at all.  The only reason I mention these plates is because there was a group of people right around the high school that I didn't have a good feeling about, and these 2 plates I only mention because they were on the "look-out" for psychic work set-ups (I'll explain in a minute).

I seriously urge anyone who is interested in finding out what a government psychic prison camp is, to move over here.

I'm trapped here.  The U.S. deliberately stole my passport and prevented me from traveling freely, even within the U.S.  Then they kept me here, with the bribery of appealing for my son, even though their entire system is a corrupt sham and fraud.  I couldn't go anywhere anyway, because even financial aid was held up.  So then, the U.S. tries to make it appear as though they are no longer holding me hostage, when they've done this for a decade and run me into the ground financially.  At this point, I have no way of leaving without records, so of course the U.S. groups have delayed on giving me records I request, even my medical records.  They also torture my parents and make me feel I have to stay here to be able to speak up about assault to them, and the U.S. knows I don't have enough money to pay for all of us to leave the country.

The U.S. controls what money my parents make, so we are trapped.  I am trapped right now just as I was before, and it is for other reasons, but it's all part of the U.S. government schemes on how to hold people prisoner so they can use them.

I walked to town, dropped some things off and picked something up and after I had taken some photos of myself (nothing else to take photos of with a laptop webcam I can't hardly move around--this is not a small laptop).  It's my only creative outlet besides singing right now so I listened to music and did this, first just to take some for my son and then of course, for fun and seeing what snapshots I might get, and I ended up taking some of me doing things I normally do, like combing my hair.  I took a photo of the comb, which says "unbreakable" on it and then I go to the local Safeway and this manager Susanna was rude, and then holds up a hundred dollar bill in the air and says to me, "You want me to break it down for you?" which is normal enough, but it was right after she said something about breaking something and then she emphasized 'break it down' with her tone and expression.  It's one of those things that written down, sounds natural but in person, you see the expression and everything combined, is something else. 

So then I was walking back and someone had put a large paper in the middle of the sidewalk to flap around in the wind and my shoelace on one shoe came undone because I hadn't tied it well enough when I left the house (they are short strings to begin with, shorter than usual).  At the time that I was passing this white cardboard thing flapping up, on the sidewalk, my shoelace came out and was flapping around and these 2 SUVs were that I mentioned were there to "spot it in the moment it happened".  I mean, I have no idea who those people were in the SUVs.  I have no personal problem with them at all--and I note them because they were there, at that time, to report on psychic government crap.  Basically, "Yes, her shoelace came undone at the same time your white cardboard was flapping there, just as you predicted."  That kind of thing.  This town plays psychic prediction games with every single move I make as an excuse to practice hate crimes.

I mean, check those plates, and let me know if the owners of the vehicles have government jobs.

It sounds nuts until I explain how I know it's Bujanda-Middleton and going back to at least 2006. 

So then, right after those SUVs passed, they let the other oncoming cars, who hadn't seen it happen, know, so all of them were driving past me, looking at my shoe, and smirking.  Not kidding.

I got up to the school, and was walking past, and one of the cars they had waiting for me, didn't have anything to do with that school, they just came out of the parking lot as if they'd been picking up a kid when school got out, and it was a carload of philipinos.  Basically, they looked relatives of some guy in Wenatchee who was a gangster, and like some of the ones who used to harass me from Mt. Angel Abbey when I used to protest quietly, and legally, in the town of Mt. Angel.  They are a very distinct looking group and it's impossible to miss them.  Sort of pug noses, if I'm trying to describe, and I'm not making fun...all kinds of noses, and mine isn't great, and grows with age too, but I'm just describing them.  And what was interesting is a man who was white (not philipino at all) but with kind of a pug nose, came into the store when Susanna was doing a service for me, and smirked at her and she smirked over him.  Then he said something to her on his way out, and she acknowledged him, got a little smile, and then went on to ask me if I wanted her to "break it down" for me.  She had just done her nails a sickly jaundiced opaque yellowish cream tint too.  It was the color of jaundice and she knew I was going to be at the Safeway this morning because I said so over the phone last night and by email, and she did her nails last night for this.  She was then telling me "Use the pen with the yellow flower" as she pointed it out with her jaundice nail polish.

So after this group of philipinos drove past, coming out of the high school parking lot, I continued walking, and an FBI agent passed me, smirking, and then ahead of me I saw some kid with a red shirt and shoes with the shoelaces spread out and untied, when in 2006, some Mexican guy that knows Bujanda or Garza, was constantly around me, and wanting me to see his shoes with the tongue thing that stuck out farther than normal.  They were red shoes.

Susanna, from Safeway, might want to suck Raul Bujanda.  If he asks her, she might say yes FBI.  This is the kind of sick mind games (explained above, most of it) that I have to put up with because of FBI corruption.

Susanna's problem, is that she wasn't born very pretty and she has an eating disorder.  Not anorexia or bulimia, she is overweight and bordering on obese.  On top of this, her face isn't fantastic on it's own either.  But instead of going out and working out or doing something for herself, that she can control, to feel better about herself, she has to set up a ritual abuse harassment against the "prettier one" she is jealous of, whom she also resents for being smarter than she is, even if I am not "psychic".

The U.S. government pays pigs.

Not only that, they try to tell someone who fasts or is able to control their eating "mentally ill" but the fatsos are not accused of having an "eating disorder".  They do have one.  Not eating, to the point of harming ones health, is a problem of having too much control or wanting to have control, and the opposite, having little to zero control, and overindulging, is a disorder in the same way. 

I've been fat, for the sake of my growing child's health, and I lost the weight.  My point is, choosing to harass someone that was cut up as a baby, raped, electrocuted, and then thrown into the same cycle again, when the only problem is that you're a pig, and have self-esteem issues, shows you to be someone with little to no self-control.  What does someone like Susanna have to do for herself, to feel better about her image and less like attacking victims of child abuse and repeated government rape and torture?  She might tell herself, "No".  Maybe "No" is a word fatsos like Susanna don't know and never use, so they begrudge the right of others who choose to say "No".

So if you want to find the local Jabba the Hut, she works at Safeway.

I criticize people for torturing kids, or my family, or doing really wrong things.  What, exactly, are people like Susanna criticizing me for?  for criticizing criminals that have government jobs?  and who suck royal dick while torturing kids?

You don't like my freedom of speech, to talk about criminals and torture, so you even set me up to look as slimy and criminal as you are, to try to underscore the lies you colluded to have said about me, by corrupt reporters like Amy Roe, who work for the FBI and cover up for rapes of adults and of kids as well.

Here's advice:   Back off bitch.

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