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Alvaro Pardo's Racially Motivated Profile

Alvaro's interest in me was partly racially motivated.  He told me he was an FBI agent, and he also told me he considered himself to be "black".  He called himself "black" and said he was "for black power."

He portrayed himself as a kind of Black Panther. 

I have no problem with "black power" or with anyone black, or hispanic, or white, or any other race, on race alone.    What I do have a problem with, is groups of people that use their own racist hate of me, and desire to do favors for others, as a motive for harming me and my son.  This has been done.

He was also connected to the Latin American organization in Washington D.C. where someone called me up on a telephone and played sounds of my son Oliver being tortured and in distress when he was a baby.

When I was being prevented from going to court to contest a harassment order against me, by a black Nigerian woman, it was because she had lied about me and said I "held a knife" against her.

I am the victim of knife slashings, multiple slashes across my arms,wrists, and feet, and I have had a revulsion to knives or razors especially, aside from using one for chopping something up to cook.  I had no place to cook over there at that time, and I never even had the need to use anyone's kitchen knife to do any prep.

I was given the prep duty, at The Post Pub, of  "cutting lemons".  Chris Dabney assigned this task to me, and I asked how they wanted it done, and I had to cut boxes of lemons in the morning all the time.  I never even had a knife otherwise.

For a black Nigerian woman to later accuse me of specifically holding a knife, or threatening with one, is the exact opposite of something I would ever do.  Then Mykal Holt repeated the same thing, because she knew if she doubled the same lie, it might make me look "dangerous" which put "Oliver" "at risk" with me and gave the State an excuse to keep him from me even if they never had a reason to take him to start with (and still lacked jurisdiction).

Alvaro didn't want me to have my son Oliver.  He didn't care.  He was telling me kids get in the way, and some kinds of "work" is better without kids, like working for the government.  He was telling me "I want more sons" as if he wanted to have children with me, and who knows why he said this, but he never cared if my son was with me.  It was a lie.

He was also recording me on things I said to him, with his cell phone, and passing this information along to, presumably, the FBI. 

The only reason I went to his house, was because I was kicked out by the U.S. government, from my own place, and they had murdered my unborn baby.  They had me introducted to him, and gave me the phone number, and then set it up to have another person say they were not sub-leasing their apartment anymore so I had nothing.  I was forced, by a U.S. coordinated conspiracy, to be set up with Alvaro Pardo.  When I had to stay at a hotel before I was offered a place where they lived, a room I thought I'd pay for eventually, a bunch of black British women were questioning me.  They were from London, England.  I thought they seemed nice, and they were all very beautiful.  However, they had British accents, and had an interest in me, showing up to be where they knew I'd be, to ask me questions and meet me before I met Alvaro.

Alvaro's offer of a place, where he said there was an extra room, was a lie.  He was an FBI agent who lied to my face, for purposes of trying to sexually use me with false pretenses.  He was possibly connected to Marshall Mathers (Eminenem) who, I've been told, worked for FBI and he had London contacts (O.  Middleton).

One of Chris Dabney's friends was the son of Turkish diplomats and he was aware of Daniel, the Jewish man from Israel that I met, because he followed me on the night I met him.  I talked to Daniel as he picked his nose, and I felt it was not his natural habit, and he was just doing this in front of me for some reason.  He was doing this publicly, for anyone to see.  Dr. Crane in Wenatchee is the adopted son of U.S. diplomats to Turkey who lived in D.C.

Alvaro took me to the apartment and his roommate was a black nurse that worked at a hospital.  He pretended to try the door to the extra room and then said, "It's locked".  This is after I didn't give Chris Dabney one of his house keys when he asked for it because I couldn't find it and he couldn't get into one of his places (he had more than one).  He was telling me it was "locked" and he needed the key and was getting upset about it.  After this, he was so atrocious to me later, when I found it, I didn't bother giving it to him or getting back to him because he was harassing me while I was pregnant with his kid.  I was already 2-3 months pregnant.

So then the U.S. military "locked" their sites on me at the hospital, and murdered my baby.  They "locked" and "jammed" the equipment there so that it malfunctioned too and said out loud how it had "locked up".  There was U.S. government motive for hate crime against me, to "punish" me for "not giving Dabney a key" or "insulting his Jewish girlfriend by having a  pregnant stomach".

They moved from one hate crime to the next.  Taking me to an apartment with the pretext of an extra room, while I was intoxicated, after I'd been drinking all night, and only would have gone with him if there was an extra room, is a lie, and he got me there to tell me it was locked and that I couldn't sleep on the couch and then showing me to his room where his huge bed took up the entire space.  It was late at night, and I had no other option, and I slept there and kept to myself.  They kept saying they were opening the other room up and I kept asking about it and they didn't.  I was put into a position of having to sleep next to someone when I had no other alternatives and there were not shelters in that area either.  I was bleeding and in labor still from the murder of my unborn and this is how the U.S. government was treating me, with help from London.

During this entire time, they knew I was trying to go to the courthouse to fix a harassment order and I was being held hostage there.  They wouldn't let me go.  When I finally had access to a car, much later, probably past the time I could have easily contested it and had it reversed, I was being set up to be met by police and federal agents who tried to entrap me into a marriage fraud and Alvaro was in on it.

After this, he went with the idea of having me marry him, and that is when I kept backing out of doing the marriage license.  I would get there, panick, and back out.  So the Colombian woman marry a man with a British accent, who was arranging to get a license the same day, got more pregnant each week until she couldn't zip up the back of her dress all the way.  When I said I would do it finally, Alvaro called someone up and said, "We are doing this 'My Life'".  It was a woman on the other end.

Before I met Alvaro, I had gone to a Latin American convention building, some large organization in D.C., and asked about work and was told they didn't have work but I could use one of their rooms to make phone calls if I wanted, and they gave me a phone book.  So I called from this office, and got an incoming call that was of my son Oliver, and routed from a cell phone number in Seattle, and it was my son crying out in distress, as a bunch of people were playing loud music and saying, "Dance!  dance!" repeatedly.  I remember when I left the room, a woman who was Jewish and had a Jewish last name, smirked at me, and some hispanics also stared at me, more than usual which gave me the feeling some of them knew about the phone call that had been routed to me.

This country was torturing my son and deliberately trying to cause me trauma and distress by playing this for me to hear.  The U.S., after cutting me and raping me with federal agents for gang-rape, and torturing me, wanted me to feel desperate because they wanted me to do anything for them.

If Chris Dabney's friend knew Dr. Crane from Wenatchee, who also knew Beau Blixseth (from Colorado), Michelle Erickson knew of my whereabouts from Crane.  They also knew because of Alvaro, who worked for the FBI and who was friends with some Irish Catholics that worked for the Department of State and lived in Wenatchee and knew Michelle.  Through Blixseth, Crane was connected to Hiltons, namely, Paris and Nicky Hilton from L.A.  The Hiltons also have a relative connected to Canada Steel that lives in Colorado, another Hilton who lives where Crane grew up.  This shows how Dabney (from D.C.) was connected to Amy Roe (reporter from CA, who defamed me in Portland, whose grandfather was a career Stelco worker, and whose mother worked for Google in Seattle).  That is aside from FBI employment.  This then connects Amy Roe to her boss who is Jewish and editor in chief of The Willamette Week.

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