Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today: Knife Scar On Mom's Face

I saw my Mom this morning.  She wasn't wearing make up and she still has the scar on her face from the knife. It's on the right side of her face and there is an edge that is clearly white and from the knife cut. The rest of what was there appears to be gone, like someone, a doctor maybe, tried to use some kind of laser or abrasive or facial peel or acid to get it off.

The doctors my mother has been seeing have not only been removing evidence of crimes against my Mom, one of them has been using my Mom to sell her eggs to someone. She kept her ovulating and testing for the egg production and has had someone else getting the eggs.

One of the Dicksies (twins) one day was very upset and wanted me to go ahead and report the doctor in Roseburg, Dr. Jane Birchard.  The U.S. has forced my parents to have a kid and then taken the kid from them.  They also have been obtaining additional eggs from my parents to give to others and use for government "breeding" of MKUltra-style psychic kids for the U.S. government.

The U.S. is committing serious crimes of human trafficking by using my parents to produce children for their use.

I also know my parents had not wanted to have any children, either of them, but the U.S. forced them to.

Since my Mom came back from Roseburg, with Patty, looking trashed, when the only place they'd gone was supposedly a Mexican restaurant, Michael's craft store, and Dr. Jane Birchard's, if Patti did not do that to my Mom, it was done at Dr. Birchard's offices.  It appears that Patti Otterbach, with her background employment history with police departments, has been acting as the government "chaperone" for crimes committed against my Mom.

My mother has a knife scar on her face, that is visible, but it is being removed.  She has had Dr. Kathleen Brown, in Bandon, also removing other marks that are evidence of U.S. government crimes of assault against her.

No one bothered with trying to remove the more recent evidence until I began making a report to the UN about it, in 2011, and then blogged about it on my public blog.

My Mom also has cuts on her arms and what appears to be old evidence, from a very long time ago, of some kind of acid or corrosive material on parts of her arms, which is not noticeable unless it's in the right light, right angle, and you're looking for it.

Today my parents are going to Roseburg and I hope they are not going to be tortured there, on the side.

When I said something about the U.S. forcing them to have kids and then using them, my Mom, who is very reserved and toughened by now, almost burst into tears, and looked at me with pleading eyes to report her:  Dr. Jane Birchard.

I don't know if it's too late, and if she was then in the process of extracting another egg to send to someone (2 months ago) or if it is mostly about having a kid at government orders, to be used by the government, but this is really happening to my parents.

It is even possible she is being injected with chromium there, because the sores from chrome poisoning are on the veins of my Mom's feet, where you would inject into a vein.  Also, my mother began having to take a new pill about 2 years ago, prescribed by Birchard.  She ordered my mother to take a purple pill, and this was right after someone "donated" a huge container of purple earplugs to my Dad.

I'm not against doctors, at all, and I'm not picky about their practice and think it's interesting myself . However, all of the indicators are of serious abuse, assault, and use of the medical practice to commit government crimes and remove evidence of government crimes, against my parents.

Dr. Jane Birchard has something to do with forcing my parents to have a kid for the government and extracting eggs without real consent (it's coerced).  My mother was in a panic about it.  She possibly has something to do with chrome sores.  She was involved on the day my mother showed up drugged and looking beat up. 

Dr. Kathleen Brown has been involved in removing scars that are evidence of government crimes against my Mom.

Neither of these doctors have tested my Mom for chrome poisoning when she has been tested for every other thing and nothing works (she has gone to over 5-6 doctors).  All of these doctors have also attempted to prescribe anti-histamines and sedatives to my entire family, for "off-label" reasons since about 2005.

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