Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tortured Tonight (last 2 hours)

I am being tortured again, when it was quit for awhile.

The U.S. NASA and DOD aerospace defense are using the technology that is microwave and causes the muscles to be heated and move throughout the body, twitching.

This is what they used on both me and my son Oliver.

This was done to the extreme of causing imbalance in electrolytes, and potassium, and created toe and feet curling during the severity and in the middle of the torture.

So the United States has not learned its lesson yet.

Something was also done to my ear using sonar tonight around 1 a.m. tonight, or from about 12-1.  I have been awake the last 2 hours because of the United States torturing me.

This is also being done in retaliation for what I wrote about the military and U.S. government in my last post, because it involves people like Mormon Patrick Jolie, who now works for NASA and got onto my property without a legitimate reason for being there other than to check my place out.  It is also after I confirmed information about the U.S. and when they were cutting me and this was taking place in Moses Lake, WA (one of the places).

Additionally, I and my son were not tortured until I had reported some things to the FBI about persons the U.S. deliberately used against me who had knowledge of my past.  One of those persons, who was there with a bunch of government-connected people, was Mike Tancer.  He knew Mike Nichols, who had tried to murder me, and Bujanda and Garza.  Chris Dabney ended up being connected to him through his friend Heinz, who is John Kerry's son-in-law.

They made a game out of raping me and using me.  They even used the movie "Camille" as a template for some of their games, which is something I was told to watch with the Maiers family, who knew Karin Whittemore (from Canada).  Most likely Ross, the immigration officer from Pencticton, B.C. was connected to Mike Tancer and knew him directly.

The technology used against me and my son that caused our feet to curl and toenails to permanently cutl up and warp, was done after I had met Tancer at a club where they played an Usher song "Yeah" all the time and then later, when I was around him.  One of the phrases is how he'll make her "tuck the toes" and while it's just a song, the people involved in torturing me and my son have been sadistic enough to make inside jokes about even things like that.  It's funny to them.

This is the same "joke" reference to torture of me and my son that is made in a Wells Fargo ad I mentioned recently, which uses a woman who is a referent to Mike Tancer and his accent, and torture against my son, in the ad, who curls up her hand, looks like Erica Ballinger, and uses the speech diction and enunciation of Tancer, enough to where it's noticeable and my mother noticed as well as I.

Thebaults are possibly connected to Alvaro through Gatov, who is connected to others in this group.

Also, in the movie "Camille" the person she discovers has been poisoning her is the man whose arms she dies in, and he seems to be working with the baron and the rest of the entire group.  She is the only one who doesn't realize they have all been plotting against her and then they poison her slowly, and steal from her, and she dies.

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