Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scars from Barb Wire

I have recently traced some of the scars from knife and razor cuts on my arms.  I recently noticed them, for the first time ever, I noticed how many more, how connected, and was able to realize it has to do with MKUltra. 

I was thinking I had never noticed before and then remembered I had mentioned scars before going on my trip to Nashville in 1995.  I asked where they were from but I didn't notice most of them, or look that hard and I had no information about MKUltra at that time.

It goes back further than this though.  They were there since I was a little girl because I remember talking to my Dad about them.  They are old scars because I was talking about them when I was very little and asking why I had them on my arms.  I then forgot about it and I never asked again or noticed until 1995.  Then I was under assassination attempt again, and I forgot and then it was recently that I found them, and this time, more than before, and I also know it is connected to MKUltra which implicates Canada and the U.S.

My Dad would read bedtime stories to me and my brother at night, at our bedtime.  I was scared to fall asleep sometimes or lie down on my bed and someone sometimes took a nap with me or read stories and I fell asleep.  One night I was showing my Dad all of the scars on my arms. 

Of course, the U.S. had this very "clever" idea of getting me a kitten about the time they thought I might notice "scratches" on my arms.

This is the EXACT same thing the U.S. and mafia did to my son Oliver.  When I took a photo of the cut made out of my son's face, before I put it online, Michelle Erickson said to me, "It's a SCRATCH Cameo."   Michelle knew this was a lie and she is a child abuser.  She works for the government and is being paid to conceal abuse of children; before that, she worked for the U.S. Navy.

I was told he was "scratched" and then I posted the photo that showed clearly it was more than a "scratch" and it was a serious cut that, if anyone was calling it a scratch, knowing I knew it was a cut, they were repeating the same lie that I was being told when I was a little girl, for United States government criminals.

(I am having huge internet connection problems since trying to make this post tonight.  It is disconnecting and staying disconnected for long periods of time and not allowing me to complete this post.)  I started this post at 9:19 p.m. and it is now 10:02 because of the constant disconnections--when normally this much text would take less than 10 minutes to write.

The visible cut on my son's face, called a "scratch", is how the U.S. and Mormon FBI psychologists behind our house, were characterizing my scars from knives and razors.  The fact that the Springers knew about my abuse is a motive for some of the Mormons to want to collude to defame me or even kill me.  It is a reason why a Mormon like Sibel, in Wenatchee, would try to pick out my son and coerce me to give him up for adoption, before he was born so they could control him.  It is why a Mormon police officer and FBI agent would lie.  It is a motive behind some of Geoff Rasmussen's passive-aggressive actions on behalf of the Wiltbanks.  They are also connected to Maiers because Barb is from a Mormon family and they knew them.  The other Mormons were the Coombs, next to our house.  We were surrounded by Mormons who knew about my abuse and shared that information to others and used people like Mormon Shannon Borg to steal my property from me.  The Maiers were taking my property and giving it to people in the UK.

I had this conversation with my Dad in Moses Lake, Washington, before 1st grade.  From what I remember, we were read to then because I wasn't possibly reading yet.  So if that is the case, it was before 1st grade and probably in kindergarten or earlier.  First we had individual books read and then it was chapter books, a chapter or two at a time. 

So I held out my arms one night or day, at naptime maybe, and I remember it seemed to be daylight or light out because I could see the scars.  I said, "I don't know how I got these scars Daddy."  He said he didn't know and I don't know if I had a kitten yet and was told it was "from the kitten" or if I got the kitten later.  I know I said I still didn't know how I got those scratches.  Then I looked at his hands and said, "YOU don't have any scars like me...oh, well, maybe you do."  So I started looking for scars and he had cuts and tonight when I brought this up he said, "I know where all of my scars came from" after I asked, "Have you ever noticed a scar that you didn't know where it came from?"

He said, "I know where all of my scars came from" and I said, "That's not what you told me when I was little."

I said, "I remember you said you got one from here, one from something else, and one you said, 'I ran into a barb wire fence" and then one I asked about and you said you didn't know.  I remember you said you didn't know."

But he did say something about a barb wire fence.  I think it was maybe summer so I noticed things and then I pointed one out on his leg.  It was a slash. 

All of my scars from being cut with knives and razors were from before kindergarten age for me and I noticed them then.

I was afraid to go to my bed on my own at that time and earlier and then when I was older I didn't notice.  But I fell asleep most of the time with a parent next to me, because I couldn't sleep until they were next to me. 

I wasn't able to sleep without someone because of what this murderous criminal country and Canada did to me.  Then people who worked for the government took all of this information they had about me, which they knew I didn't remember, and they played me. 

This is what the FBI is being paid to do.  The FBI has been paid to conceal torture of children, from me, to my son, and of my parents as well.  THAT is what this government is investing in...torture of select kids so a bunch of other kids with government connections can get a free pass at raping us multiple times, steal from us, exploit us, and try to kill us when they worry we might talk or that we've noticed something.

Does "ran into barbed wire" mean "military prison" or does it mean he ran into Barb Maiers during the wiring of me as a kid?

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