Friday, May 3, 2013

Torture Resumes With Cancelled Medical Appointment

The U.S. quit torturing me when I had a medical appointment scheduled, to have bloodwork done.
Since that appointment was cancelled, last Friday, they resumed torture of me every evening and every morning of each day of this week.

I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment and was having blood taken for at least 2 tests.  They held the appointment and then cancelled last minute, and the main labratory that was interfering is run by the Roman Catholic Church.  It is called "Peace Health".

My guess would be that the person in charge of torturing me again, is Roman Catholic.

The U.S. is using the same technology they've used in the past, which seems to be microwave technology.  It causes heating of muscles unnaturally and creates a twitching under the skin, or creepy-crawling feeling of constant fine muscle movements, as a result.

This is what the CIA has been practicing in Phoenix, AZ as well, so if anyone there is suddenly relating to what I'm talking about, it's CIA and Pentagon work.

The excuse for using it,...I actually don't know all the excuses because for one thing, it makes people sick, and feel tired, and puts them out of normal commission basically.  So it's a form of assault to slow people down and punish them, as every hate crime is destined to do.  The only "technical" excuse I've ever heard for it, is that they've created an excuse for using it to manipulate "dream activity".

This is a bogus claim as regards me and my family, because they did this to both me and my son at extremely high levels, all night, every night, not just a little in the morning and a little bit at night.  I was never blogging about dreams at that time so they were not getting any feedback from me about it.  It was used to torture us and for no other reason than this.

I think what it comes down to, is the people who "can't write" or are too passive-aggressive to have a blog and say what they really think, use their positions in government to "punish" and torture people over free speech.  They don't like what I say, or if I offend someone, they use government torture to retaliate.

I think they quit for a short time, possibly because an appointment I made was unexpected and someone wanted to figure out how to have it cancelled first.  For one thing, they wanted any medications I was given without my consent, out of my system.  For another thing, they didn't want evidence by blood assay of any kind, that some form of torture was being done to me that altered my blood.  If they didn't know or trust who was doing the blood draw or worried someone who wasn't "one of them" might get ahold of a sample of my blood, they're toast.

I've been talking about torture, so every single aspect of my life, is 100% controlled.

Additionally, some of the groups that have worked with Roman Catholics to torture me, are not always ones you'd suspect.  For example, I think Alvaro is Roman Catholic, Alvaro Pardo, and that's what he told me.  However, Muslims work with Roman Catholics, Irish ones, in arms and drug trades, and if Pardo was taking photos of my photos for Kate Middleton, doesn't she know some Arabs and Middle Eastern people who are Muslim?

Arab "Spring".

Remember? and it was Muslim Eastern Indians (so they said, not sure if they were lying or not) that injected me with drugs to ruin my mind after I insulted who???

Mike Middleton.  And Katie Middleton.

Next, I was being "handprinted" at a federal holding center, for England, and the man in charge of police there is Irish Roman Catholic.

At her wedding, who was invited, unexpectedly?  Irish Catholic, Northern Ireland leaders.  What did they do for "fun" after she got married?  Shot Osama bin ladin in the face.

Let me guess.  Little Katiekins was raised in Jordan by a little "spring", surrounded by a bunch of "Arabs".  Then little katiekins learned Arabic and took the CIA springboard to "faux indepedence".  So how did Mikey Middleton's crew get close to Osama to begin with?  The drug trade that the U.S. DEA has supported Katiekins with.  She's a reeeeeeaaal "winner".

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