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Dan Gatti and The Mike Nichols Family

I don't know how lawyer Dan Gatti is related or connected to the family Mike Nichols was adopted by, but he is.

Dan Gatti is a lawyer who I was told to see when I had problems with town police over Mt. Angel Abbey.  It never had anything to do with Abbey property, contrary to the Willamette Week article, which lied, defamed me, and refused to print the retractions even with evidence I provided.

Dan told me he was taking my case for a civil lawsuit but then I thought it was strange how he kept querying me about Mike Nichols. 

I really don't know that much about Dan Gatti, and most of it probably doesn't matter anymore, however, because his firm played a big part in what happened at that time in my life, which was a crucial point for me, I can now say that in hindsight, his involvement and connection to the Nichols was not in my favor.

It makes me afraid.

For one thing, I don't know how Greg Smith is factoring into all of it, but he is as well, and this made a big difference in how I was treated by medical professionals, FBI, and others. 

My concern about Gatti and Smith's interest in the Nichols man who tried to kill me is this:  He tried to kill me.  Mike did.  Mike Nichols tried to kill me and didn't mind if he killed himself in the attempt.

Mike was born in Canada and adopted by the Nichols family, which works for the FBI.

Here is the part I never forgot, which I always remembered and wondered about...

Dan said I had a case and he was taking my case UNTIL he asked me if I wanted to try to go after Mike Nichols family because the statute of limitations hadn't expired and what did I think about it?

Dan asked me this question after I had tried to get police to change their report from "accident" to "homicide attempt" or "attempted manslaughter" and explained to them how Mike had tried to kill me and hijacked my car.  I wasn't the one who called it an "accident"--the police did and I reported all of the facts honestly and accurately from the first, every time around.  What I realized was that my facts actually fit attempted manslaughter or vehicular something or other.  So I had tried to tell police and the police refused to change anything, add anything, or press charges or make a report.  He was dead, but it was still important for the record to note what had actually occurred.

I never thought I could sue for, or receive more than $50,000 from the PIP that was there.  I never thought of Mike Nichols' parents or his being a dependent.  It never crossed my mind until later, several years later, Dan Gatti brought it up.  I said what do you mean, and he told me, "You could sue his parents.  This $50,000 isn't enough.  Do you want to go after his parents?" and he told me to think about it when I said I wasn't thinking about that.  Then after I thought it over more and realized I might have much worse problems in the future than I could afford, I looked at the statutes because Dan had said, "Oh, the statutes have expired."  So when I got curious, I looked it up and the statutes were not expired.

I thought Dan would be happy to hear about it.

Instead, he got this weird dark cloud that went over his face and from that point on he made excuses for helping me file any lawsuits at all.

I knew, in that minute, that something about suing the Nichols bothered him, and yet he had been the one who was, as it turned out to be, playing pretend.  He was gauging my reaction and interest in suing the Nichols family and when I later said I was interested, he acted like they were his best friends and he then used Greg Smith and himself to say I didn't have a case afterall.

I had a case.  And then if I wanted to sue Mike Nichols' family, I "didn't have a case" against Mt. Angel Abbey or anyone in police who were smearing me and committing crimes against me.

So by now, it seems obvious there is a problem.

Someone actually tried to murder me, Mike Nichols, and I gave Gatti the same facts I gave everyone about it.  He wanted to protect a murderer and turned against me when I said I thought I wanted to try to sue his family.

This was before I ever filed any lawsuits.

Greg Smith and Dan Gatti protected Mike Nichols and the Mike Nichols' family, which means they are connected to that family by business or a personal relationship.  Mike was from Canada and adopted in the U.S.

How much more shit does the FBI want to take?

Oh, that's right.  They did inject me with Haldol for over a week to try to make me forget everything, didn't they?

Then later, on the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon's side, through a lawyer I saw, they offered me $40,000 just for the Mt. Angel Abbey and their part in defaming me to police and other things they knew were wrong.  If you notice, $40,000 is the amount "Camille" asks for, as a loan, in the movie Stephanie Maiers wanted me to watch in Moses Lake.


Both Robin Bechtold and Tony Roos, Roos who tried to kill me in 1991-1992, had something to do with the Abbey because later someone was imitating the truck driving by when I protested in the town.  Then it was Mike Nichols.  I had already been raped, by that point, by Josh Gatov, and was being mocked already, and had been "sick" as a girl, and the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon decided to come up with that number.

And then they wouldn't budge from it or be flexible.  So they went for defaming me on top of already knowing what they had done was wrong.

It was like sin adds to sin adds to multiply times 7.

If I found out my Dad or someone was coerced to make the offer of $40,000 and then was being extorted to pay it out, with the pretense the "Archdiocese" was doing this, that would be one thing.  I would have taken the $40,000.  But if it's coming from those who are really responsible for things, I did not think $60,000 was too much, and it wasn't, and then Katie Middleton went from the 4th floor to the 6th floor and how many priests asked for booty shots for the favors later?  It's not like they don't know Chris Dabney or anything.

The Archdiocese already knew who I was, about my history, and who was involved and they knew I didn't know.

So when I say it concerns me that Dan Gatti and Greg Smith were Mike Nichols-The-Assassin supporters, I have a very good reason to be concerned.

These things set me up for failure and they used the FBI and the FBI took part in obstructing justice.  So did the police, because I went back to them 3-4 times in the last decade about changing the report to what it really was, and they have refused.

It is time to re-open that "dead" case.



Me to Mike:  "You're not in Canada anymore Mike."
Mike, to me:  "Where am I?"
Me, to Mike:  "You're in HELL Mike.  HELL."

The U.S. is going to correct their falsification of reports.

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