Thursday, May 2, 2013

Alvaro Pardo Spying For Katie Middleton

Alvaro Pardo was spying for Katie Middleton.  Please see my Maryland post.

The reason I mention this now, or refer to walking in on him and catching him at something, is because I was looking at cameras today and thought this would be relevant.

I walked in on him taking photos of all of my photos.

I had brought my hope chest, with tons of personal family and friends photos, from my parents house to Mykal Holt's house.  While he told me to go to "work" at Mykal Holt's brother's bar (Minns), he was at the house, taking photos of every single one of the documents and photos I had in my hope chest and forwarding them to Katie Middleton.

When I walked in on him and caught him in the act of doing this, he jumped and then tried to brush it off like oh no big deal, he's just looking at pictures.  So he asked me a question about one of them, asking how it was "possible" that I had been "that beautiful".  He then jumped up and nervously said he had decided to "clean" everything so he took everything out of my hope chest and other things and put them in dresser drawers.  He had gone through everything.

He openly took a photo of me as a little girl at my Granny's house.  He walked right up to a framed picture of me and took the picture of my picture.  But I caught him secretly making copies of all my photos at Mykal Holt's house.

This was the very first time I ever considered the possibility he was working for Katie Middleton.  I had not even really known who she was, or when I did figure out a little more about her, it was after he had left.  At the time, I wondered who he was sending my photos on to.  Then when he left, is when I looked her up.  I found out she was suddenly wearing copies of things, fashions and that kind of thing, that I was featured wearing in the photos Alvaro Pardo had snapped copies of.

She was rubbing it in my face and doing this publicly.  So basically, right after I found out she had worn some skirt that looked like one of my mother's that I had worn in high school, she knew it bothered me.  It was after this that Alvaro was caught, by me, taking photos of documents and photos.

I noticed she was wearing imitations of direct takes from my photos that Alvaro had seen, and that was the first time I ever considered or realized Alvaro Pardo was literally working for Katie Middleton, and was obviously connected to Middletons.  That was in 2009.

By the time I had caught him, he'd had several weeks alone at the house to do this.  Well, I caught him the first week and then he had time after that.  He moved fast, and I was being told to "learn how to play cards" at Minns.  So while I spent 8 hours a day or so, learning how to shuffle cards, Alvaro was going through all of my personal letters, diaries, and photos and sending things on to Katie.

After my photos and diaries were stolen by Shannon Borg and the Canadian partner, she just got more bold and stepped out with more of it.  It was like she had second thoughts about revealing the source by rubbing it in my face too soon.  She knew I was onto her, so she backed off until she thought it could be blamed on others and keep Alvaro out of it.

So Katie didn't mind if Shannon Borg and the Canadian guy were suspected at all, but she was pulling a favor for Alvaro Pardo.  I think the reason she did this is because he had already told me he worked for the FBI, and obviously, he was working for more than just the FBI.

She didn't want to be suspected as having a direct connection to Pardo or the FBI at that time, so to keep her own British wedding plans in place, she kept it a secret.

I would not be surprised if she slept with Alvaro.  Nothing would surprise me.

So what we really want to know now, is if the Colombian woman who was pregnant, had Alvaro's kid, or William of Wales illegitimate child.

I guess if she was marrying a blond British man as her cover, the kid was expected to possibly have blond hair or lighter features.  Or, maybe they could say, if the kid was known to be all Colombian, it took after her instead of him.

If that child was William of Wale's kid, the U.S. was interested in having an "illegitimate" "royal" child in their country.  It made them feel "speshal".

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