Monday, May 27, 2013

I Have Milk & Angelina Jolie

If you want to produce milk, as a woman, and you don't drink dairy, milk thistle works.  I wasn't trying some of the tincture I made for that reason, though I have been definitely considering lactation for health reasons, mostly because osteoporosis runs in my family.

I decided to try my milk thistle tincture because it is also very good for kidneys and liver, and mine were affected by toxic overdoses of ibuprofen from doctors in Wenatchee who refused to treat my migraine pain or even the migraines.  They were giving me massive doses of Toradol. 

So I tried it for that reason, and without any attempt to cause lactation at all, I had some of the exact same symptoms of engorgement, and it wasn't PMS.  So milk thistle really works and anyone who might want to induce lactation for health reasons, can get started with that one (if you're a woman and it's probably easier if you have breastfed before).

So here is what I am talking about, with U.S. and CIA hypocrisy.

Angelina Jolie made a huge publication to the entire world about how she was taking "preventative measures" against breast cancer, and so she had both of her breasts lopped off.

That's okay, but inducing lactation to fight against osteoporosis, which runs in my family is NOT okay?

I am so tired of smart people who spread stupid lies and misinformation and judgmental shit.  She had her boobs cut off, in "case" she got cancer later.  It was "preventative" by taking medical ideas and history into consideration and the fact it runs in her family.

But this country spreads vicious lies about who is "mentally ill" or not, or "stable" or not, when the smarter ones simply do not walk the same path or march to the beat of the mainstream drummer every single day.  I am not saying I'm like Angelina or that we'd even like eachother.

What I'm saying, is she made a decision for her own health and where would she be if she hadn't secured her rights and image back to herself by marrying Brad Pitt (stability) and joining some big CHARITY WORK group that the U.S. government was happy she joined because it gave them a "star image".

This was done right after she was being called "mentally ill" by her own father, publicly, and was drawing media attention for having vials of blood around her neck with her partner and describing wilder ideas than that.  Her own Dad and some others close to her told the entire world she was "unstable", and basically "mentally ill" and "nuts".

So her choice was to join a "preventative network" like the fucking CIA.  Or, whatever, a UN or global volunteer organization that saves lives of others.  So she went from "mentally ill" and "unstable" to "humanitarian" and "not mentally ill".

Is that how the CIA gets people to sign up with them?  Or is that how the fucking U.S. Army works.

How "Lucky" that instead of being "mentally ill" and losing my son to state-sponsored torture, and more MKUltra shit, I could have "joined forces" with the Department of State too.

I said FUCK YOU.

However, maybe that is the kind of option and situation Angelina also found herself in, where she was being stigmatized socially, with maybe even a federal mobster telling him to discredit his own daughter, unless she joined the same players that are responsible for facilitating torture of citizens in the first place.

So first she takes a role in "Girl Interrupted" which is close to exposing a few things about government, and then she's called nuts and her Dad calls her nuts, and she portrayed herself as wild and talked about swinging, and cutting herself, and drawing blood, and occultism, and taking daring roles, and then she got divorced and as a single woman, all alone on the prairie home front, the U.S. allowed people to spread this information about her for the purpose of forcing her to choose "Mental illness" and losing her kid, or THEM.

She chose them.

Did Angelina Jolie "sell out"?

Let me be clear about myself and who I am.  I will never work for the U.S. government after what they have done to me and my son.  When I rejected the Department of State, they threw me back to the "mental illness" category, kept my son, and tortured both of us.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie got to star in movies that had plot lines similar to my life, but I'm the one who is not rich, and has not chosen to be in a serious relationship with a man for appearance of "stability", while she moved past the lies and defamation, with her nice little Department of State cover and "Brad" and adopted a bunch of kids.

If she had a "preventative mastectomy", her choice is no different from my consideration of inducing lactation for the purpose of prevention of osteoporosis and other health benefits.

The only difference, is that she is a "celebrity", has money, and support from the Department of State which "manages" the "bad publicity" for her as a "perk" or full exchange for her work for them.  I think it's great she's done what she's done for herself.  I thought she was being savvy from the start, and thinking about a way to counter bad publicity and she did it.  On the other hand, I chose NOT to do something similar because for me, as a victim of this country and their "programs" and crimes, I choose NOT to lend my hand voluntarily after they raped me for decades.  Oh, and don't forget--they also tried to kill me.

As a result of not being a "battered woman" or refusing to give my abusers, the Government of the United States, Canada, and The United Kingdom, further power over me, I said "No" to their offer to "rearrange" the "bad publicity" because it would have meant working with a liar who drugged and medicated me, and used me for his own political points, and telling the world, "It is okay for a woman to be raped, kidnapped, cut up, and electrocuted as a baby, and used as a messenger for spies, and the U.S. Army, and then allow them to repeat the same thing again, and then pretend I've 'moved on' and now we're friends."

We will never be friends.  The United States is not my "friend" or protector and has NEVER been my "friend" or "protector".  This country abused me and used me for their "other" federal employees, and all of it has been without my consent.

They held me hostage, traumatized me, and tortured me to try to force me to do what they wanted.  Of course they wanted me to work for them because as you can see, I am the only one "holding out".  They tried to kill me when they thought I was about to expose those who were attempting to assassinate me and then when they decided killing me wasn't working out, they went for torture, defamation, and obstruction of justice and someone thought I might be "useful" to the government and it was better to keep me under a lie or blackmailed into work with them, than "free".

Ah, the one who cannot be Blackmailed, who did not Sell Out, who did not Believe the Lies, who was Stronger than they are.  Of course they wanted me to work for them and then maybe they could have taken me to another country where it would have been easier to kill me after they got what they wanted.

SO FUCK YOU and you can tell the entire country to Hell with you because that's where it already is.

Also, anyone who takes oral contraceptives, which is unnatural, is no different from someone having a preventative mastectomy or inducing lactation except that what they are doing, puts their health "at risk" and is mainstream, not a decision based on educated research.  I don't blame women who take them, but think the medical profession hasn't fully informed them and I think sometimes it is for a good reason.  I don't look down on any of those women, just the ones who would do this and then criticize ME for my ideas, or call them "bizarre".

I think Middleton's attempts at "preventative assassination attempts" crosses the line.  Or Chris Dabneys "preventative murder" of his own children that I was carrying.  That crosses the line.

By the way, we do not want Kevin Bolls, the U.S. Air Force pastor, over here.  Get rid of him.  He is responsible for torture of my parents, and forcing my Dad to work with people after I'd made reports about sexual harassment by them.  He also knows Chris Dabney and assumed, very wrongly, that I was "attached" to Dabney or that I would trust Bolls if I thought Dabney was connected.  Why is Kevin Bolls, who spent most of his time as a gangster in Chicago, Il, working for the U.S. in Seattle, having lunch with FBI there, and then running over here to terrorize my family since I made a report about crimes to the UN in 2011?  It looks to me like he works for the Middletons as much as the military.  And William of Wales, because they know Chris Dabney.

The latest is that this pastor told my parents I couldn't visit them anymore.  That I couldn't be inside the house, "until we figure out what it is" as if there is something wrong with me when there isn't.  He already had this planned out ahead of time.  And then I had a cop following me up the road and driving past slowly after I turned to the road next to our house.  It would be that big of a deal, but I had just sent an email to Nevada police asking someone to contact me about an investigation in a murder attempt and getting my records from the "incident" that broke my neck, where the military and CIA then seized the opportunity to use me further.

So Katie's pregnancy.  Wow.  No problems.  No torture.  What a surprise.  What a fucking surprise she carried a kid or more to term publicly.  However could she do it, without the U.S. DOD's help.

Lucretia Krebs was a U.S. government worker, and she did a favor for the Department of State, who were upset I didn't marry Alvaro for them.  He was working with FBI and told me he worked with them in Colombia, but the other people were Department of State.  The U.S. made sure they trashed me and ruined my chances to have my son back, and decided to give the U.S. military and the state an excuse to drug and medicate me without my consent.  They had Krebs say there was nothing wrong and then she reversed and said there was, and wrote that they would have to "experiment" with a "trial" of many different drugs to find out what worked.  All of it was lies and the FBI withheld the MKUltra information from me even though Alvaro knew, and Bujanda and Garza and Dabney, and Bechtold and Tancer and Maiers and Roses and Gatov knew.

So they lied and set me up with more of their excuses for how to ruin my brain and make me incapable of exposing them, or being employed and in a financial position on my own, to leave this Hell-Hole.  The "Hole", by the way, is the one that Chris Dabney has been frequenting, and it's not me.  The Hell is the United States intelligence, law enforcement, and justice system.

Every time I try to report something or try to push for the report of attempted murder by Mike Nichols, the U.S. Air Force gets involved.  The police get involved, and FBI too.  I start having services turned off, told I'm out of housing, fired from work, not given financial aid, have my car stolen from me and false arrests and reports made about me.  Anything and everything this country can possibly do, to postpone and delay the inevitable truth, which is that THIS COUNTRY tried to murder me, they have done.  They have been covering for Canada as well.

When my Dad went to college in Moses Lake, WA he took me with him to the military base.  I was also taken to Canada. 

There is nothing mentally wrong with me, and I want nothing to do with this country but to take my son and leave, with enough compensation and financial footing to start over somewhere else.  I do not owe this country ANYTHING.
That means I do not owe The Archdiocese of Portland and Abbey or Willamette or their FBI government lawyers Dick Whittemore and John Kaempf or the rest, ANYTHING.

The FBI had better figure out how to credit my "account", open up my bank account, open up my email account that has evidence against them, and compensate me and my son for our damages.  The FBI used a "lien" against me, that was put against my credit, when it was their obstruction of justice and work against me that ruined my cases.

Let's think of it another way...I've already mentioned how the FBI is interested in the clergy abuse cases because of structure and how whatever happens with the churches also sets precedents for the government groups that are involved in programs that target kids, like MKUltra and the fact that these offices withhold evidence from the victims.  A boy sodomized by a priest, or a woman sexually used by more than one priest, for example, might shudder to find out their superiors are "withholding evidence" that they and their parents could have used to protect themselves.  This is the same thing the FBI did to me because they were involved with the Catholic church on some of those sex crimes against kids.  Some were most likely MKUltra kids and priests were simply used to abuse them or exposed deliberately knowing they would abuse them because of their tendency. 

The step further, is this.  If it is true that the U.S. carried on and continued the programs against prisoners in Germany, in this country, and if it is also true the Vatican knew about the German programs using prisoners for "mind control" research and other things, and said nothing, guess who the "partners-in-crime" are?  The Vatican and the U.S. government.  That is not to excuse Jewish temples or Protestants or Mormons.  Mormons were very invested in the outcome and how it might affect their church too, if someone sued them.  There are kids coming from all of these groups, who have leaders in their churches that work with the federal, state, and local government to select kids for rape and torture and sometimes, it is for a program like MKUltra.

The FBI didn't want me to win any of my cases.  Neither did the U.S. Army or the CIA or Canada or the UK.  Additionally, all of the priests and clergy involved in the cases I had were former U.S. military and CIA.  I was also told most of the monks there who had committed to it, had military backgrounds.

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