Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jodi Arias

I didn't read one part of the news until today.  I saw the headlines but didn't even pay attention to those.  Oh, I actually looked at photos of her the day before yesterday, because I thought the photographer had done a good job.  But I didn't read any articles until today.

Wouldn't it be weird if someone came up with a photo like this:

And said, "It's Jodi."

That might have changed the entire outcome of the jury decision, and put questions out about what kind of people wanted to have proximity to her throughout her life to begin with, including Travis.

I can't imagine brutally murdering someone, but maybe she didn't remember for a reason.

As for me, and 2 different accusations by females who lied and claimed I "held a knife" and threatened them with it, one was Mykal Holt and the other was a Nigerian whose kid's friend worked for the CIA.  They claimed I was "psychotic", hence, in this way they attempted to explain why I "wouldn't remember" when something like that is not like anything I'd ever do.

Then I found out, I was the victim of multiple knife and razor slashings as a kid.  I didn't know this, and I hadn't discovered my scars at that time.  So how was it, Mykal Holt and the Nigerian Maryland woman decided I was, specifically, a "knife wielder"?

Josh Gatov, a Jew who worked for the U.S. government, had 2 different knives with him when he assaulted me and raped me.  HE had the knives, not ME.  Not only that, if he knew I had been traumatized as a child with knives, he knew that carrying them and having me see them would create fear in me which would help facilitate his raping me.  I was afraid he was going to stab me and kill me.

Now that I know MKUltra was part of my life, as I was a kid growing up, and realizing this was mainly run by CIA and U.S. military, I can look at the Nigerian woman in Maryland, who flew back and forth from Nigeria and the U.S. and who had CIA contacts, and I can look at Mykal Holt, who flew back and forth between the U.S. and Brazil for "medical humanitarian projects" and I can reasonably infer these women were working for the CIA.  If it's not the CIA, it's another intelligence agency that had access to CIA information about me.

Rather than acknowledge I have been a victim of MKUltra, more government employees colluded to harass me further and to smear my name in order to keep their claws on my son, to use and abuse him.

My opinion is that yes, it's possible that someone severely battered, especially as a child, might act out and then not remember something.  I also have the opinion that sometimes others try to use "psychotic" and suggestions of "dissociation" in order to discredit valuable witness testimony.

I believe the U.S. should be releasing a complete list of names of kids they used in MKUltra and other connected programs.  From at least 1950-present.  They should also be releasing a list of those who were directly responsible for cutting, wounding, electrocuting, and hypnotizing any of those kids.  Rape too, repeated rape, is considered to be a form of torture.

If the government sponsors repeated rape of an individual, you can bet other forms of torture are being pursued as well.

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