Thursday, May 16, 2013

Torture Now: Black Fork Woman

I'm being tortured and it's with the ionizing torture. This has been done to me only since I had the surgery in Maryland, at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital by a black doctor who knew Alvaro Pardo ahead of time.

Not one time was anything done to my heart prior to this. Alvaro, at one point, held me hostage, as an FBI agent, at a hotel. It was a Motel 6, which was to reference FBI agents Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza and what I had told agents he told me about Motel 6, which was said to me while in his Portland police-loaned vehicle, which was just like the police-loaned vehicle Josh Gatov had, and the police-loaned vehicle that Mike Tancer used when taking me out. It was in the Portland police-loaned vehicle that Raul was driving, that he had the Catholic saint card of "Jesus" with a heart on fire set up in front of me.

These same individuals colluded to have a metal stent put near my heart, to facilitate torture of me with this new method.

Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza were connected to Alvaro Pardo by one of the Mexican women that Alvaro was with, or possibly it was through Henry, who was also FBI and Mexican.

The only kind of connection I can think of, where some who are black are involved, is through Bullivant Houser Bailey (one of their lawyers), a black family that knew Lisa Thebault and frequented all of the Thebault's children parties (who hated me and made a point to snub me), and possibly Larry Brice and whoever he knew at New Song Church, which I later went to. The black woman who was friends with Lisa, was always watching me, more than the others were, which is why I remember her. I know she was Catholic, and she was the woman who told me to "Get the forks". There was another white woman there, Susan or Sharon I believe, who was demanding, but then the black woman came over and made a big deal about the forks. It was a white woman with a two-syllable name and a black woman. They were women whose kids were in the same class as Philip Thebault, when he was 7 years old.

So if Alvaro Pardo was connected to Thebaults, and a metal stent was put next to my heart that is like a fork, I can tell you where this leads. I also know that the same attitude these women displayed in New Jersey, is one which John Kaempf copied in Oregon later.

Aside from this black woman who had an interest in me, and Bullivant Houser Bailey's black lawyer-P.I., I would say I had a few questions about my black pastor, Pastor Richard Probasco.

First of all, I am not prejudiced against blacks more than whites or on basis of race. If I had been, I'd have never felt comfortable going to a church where a black man was my "superior", as my pastor, and leader. This is still how I feel. However, there have been a few people involved who ARE black and it needs to be addressed.

With Richard Probasco, I know he was very connected to the church that Rabbi Rose was a rabbi at. Penny worked for the church and worked for Lorraine Rose and she offered me the job to work for Lorraine. In the meantime, Penny worked for Pastor Richard Probasco. The main thing I felt concerned about, with this pastor, which came up later, was in a private meeting with him. He was basically making suggestive overtures. He was the pastor, and I was shocked. I was a virgin, and I felt shocked that the pastor was being sexually suggestive. The music pastor, Gary Hemenway, flirted openly, but this was from the pastor and more secretive. He never acted that way in public, ever (Richard).

After I turned down the suggestion, and he said it was true I might never marry because "men are intimidated by you", he sort of cut off all further communication. Next it was Marcus making a brief attempt to flirt in his office and I left after he asked me if I ever looked at porn. Basically, I got a cold shoulder from the pastor after I didn't do anything sexually with him or invite more attention.

At the same time, he was very good friends with a black woman who was a doctor, who began going there after I was there. Her name was "Doctor Dee". So basically, I was hearing "Doctor Dee" all the time, or "Hey, Dee!" Which is very close to Hedy from Canada, who was a doctor that saw me when I was a kid. In fact, the entire idea of "going to Haiti" when we were in Dominican Republic was sort of another reference to Hedy. Doctor Dee was dating a man named Quinn.

After my hymen was broken by a doctor in St. Johns, with a speculum, which I think was planned, because it wasn't necessary and the appointment was made in advance, and wasn't a walk-in, was when all of a sudden, the church decided to move their building from downtown, in this round octogonal type of building (like Pemberton operating room) to "The Old Egyptian Theatre". The first time I went to that church was when my Dad took the family, and he probably selected it partly for the shape of the building, for me to remember later. Also, the music was good, and that was the reason we first went there.

It turns out, Pastor Probasco had some kind of knowledge about my past, and at the same time, I began working for the Rose family. I am not sure how Probasco is connected to Claudia Baken, but there is a possible connection.

The next time Pastor Probasco talked to me, was at Carmen and Levi's wedding (my brother) and said, "You out-shined the bride" when the only person with a "shine" product was Lorraine Rose, the Jewish woman I worked for, who one day decided to buy "Shine On" hair spritzer and was acting suddenly gleeful about something.

Aside from this, I had thought it was really odd because the pastor went from being fairly open to refusing to take calls from me, and his wife ignoring me, and I was having to talk to his daughter Cayenne about even getting assistance for a black woman who was a next-door neighbor to me, and who needed additional assistance besides food stamps.

What I know, and knew then, was that if I had given the slightest hint or flirted at all, the pastor would have done something sexually. Even Eric Knox, a black youth pastor, later sort of "had eyes" but he "had eyes" for any pretty woman and his wife knew it and it wasn't a big deal. I didn't feel shocked by it, and any "eyes" he had was an out-in-the-open thing. However, he was the one to try to go to Haiti and he was originally from California and played basketball there, after playing in Oregon. Pastor Probasco was the one who I felt cornered by.

He and Emmanuel Rose were friends and I was first working at CTR before I worked for Roses. It was maybe a little strange that they moved to the Old Egyptian Theatre after I was working for Roses and making their Egyptian-sheets bed all the time. The other man who made suggestive overtures to me, was an old man who went to a Rose party and he was a prominent politician. I had felt offended but he was drunk at the time.

When I worked for Ed Israel, I went to New Song, and this is when "Billy" from the Marines showed up.

I don't know what the connection might be, with the black community (to a few therein I should say) to Dr. Hedy from Canada, Larry Brice (car salesman and then police chaplain), Billy, or the black woman from Lisa Thebault's school, but some of them knew about my past of abuse and some of them also knew what was happening to me or were interested in promoting someone or wanted me to look bad. Somehow it got tangled up with other people who worked for the Department of Justice and who were lecherous later and who raped me.

I asked someone tonight, "Kate Middleton said her dog ate her pearl you think that's possible?" and the answer was, "Maybe if it's wrapped up in meat." In the past, not tonight, because tonight I looked it up specifically, but in the past, I was doing a search for "pearl necklaces" and looking up what kind of pearls my vintage ones were. In my internet search there was reference to a sexual act called "pearl necklace" and I think this is what Katie was trying to say, symbolically--Her "dog" ate her 'mikimoto' pearl necklace. I don't think I'm the only to think this because what came to someone else's mind was that it's "possible" they guessed, if it was wrapped in meat. If this is the case, it suggests acts of degrading another person for the sake of personification and a feeling of ownership or superiority over that person. I.e., your son performed a sexual act for my relative. Or "your mother went down on my spy, your enemy," or "your daughter was taken by a Jew" (or whomever), or your photos were shown of you naked and kneeling with your arms behind your back, or "my dog (lesser than me) ate my FBI agent's property". Her dog, "Lupo" (opul backwards) is a cocker spaniel. So why was I being given the "strappado" in TN, which is something used during the Spanish Inquisition? I mean, has she been trying to suggest she named her "dog" after me or that I'm to reference her dog? or that my son or Dad or any of us do? is she refering to something I was forced to do as a baby or little toddler? which she thinks she can rub in someone's face but not let anyone know? I personally can't think of a time I ever did this, "sexually" even, if I think of it in that sense, as an adult so if it's about me, it's possibly more of a reference to being raped as a baby or toddler. And how would she know about that or know who it was?

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