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Electrocuted As A Kid (photos) :Mike Middleton: like father, like daughter

I am also finding that while I have chicken pox scars, there are other "round impressions" that are not as irregular as the chicken pox scars.

It looks like the same shape that intelligence committies were "joking" about as they refered to a "hockey puck" in 2009-2010.

What it looks like, is evidence that impressions were left by nodes or electrodes that were placed on my skin to electrocute me.

The chicken pox scars are sort of round, but they are irregular round shapes or ovals, or all different.  The "electrode" shapes are perfectly round all the way around.

I have one that I traced out, on the outside of my right arm and I have another one, exactly like it, on the reverse side of my arm, same distance up from my wrist, on the inside of my arm.

This also explains why my mother freaked out, and started shaking, when she saw some "salt & pepper" shakers I had brought home from the thrift store a few days ago.  They are 2 solid metal looking "bolts" with round tops.

They have to be cleaned up. I got them "as is".  Basically, they look like the bolts that stuck out of the sides of Frankenstein's head.  I still remember my classmates and comments made to me when this book was made assigned reading in 12th grade.  I remember Robin.  I also remember that another name I was being given besides "Rosie Palmer" was "Shelley" when we were reading this.  Some of those kids at that high school, were government kids who already knew things about me I didn't even know.

I had some kind of round electrode placed on my body, aside from being carved up and cut into, and I had some kind of a rectangular plate applied or possibly inserted at one time, to the inside upper arm of my left arm.

So now, this puts a whole new meaning onto my Dad's rhyme of "bees around the barn, with a basket on their arm, go bzzzzz....sting!" and then he'd poke a finger into my arm or rib or another part of my body.

I know someone then tortured my son to mock this somehow, because I played this with my son at a CPS visit and  Anne Crane documented it in her notes.  The next time I saw my son, to play it again, he was traumatized and afraid of the "sting" or my action of pretending to do this, like someone had actually severely harmed him and tortured him.

Anne Crane is a criminal and she is guilty of collusion to traffik a child for purposes of torture and sexual exploitation.  She was involved, and she knew Alvaro.

This means the U.S. CIA & U.S. Army branch of MKUltra committed the exact same crimes that Canadian branches did.  A lawsuit was filed successfully against the CIA by 8 Canadians who were electrocuted at The Allan Memorial in Canada.

This cover up, is part of the reason assassination attempts were being made against me.  Tony Roos with one of them and Canadian-born Mike Nichols (parents were FBI) on another one.

I think the U.S. saw that the electrodes left marks and they slashed over and across some of the marks to hide them because they looked conspicuous. Getting chicken pox was also a way to cover for them but mostly I didn't get scars because I was told not to scratch and had socks on my hands. Some of the marks are definitely not chicken pox.

I have decided to trace them because the ones that look like electrode marks are all the same exact size.  I have found 3 on the outside of my left arm, 3 on the inside of my left arm; 2 on the outside of my right arm, 2 on the inside of my right arm.  I have found one on the top of my both of my feet in the approximately same location. 

See the other photos of cut scar tracings to see where they fit in.  I have to take a shower, and then at some point I'll retrace all of it together.  I also noticed there are more lines going in bracelets, higher up my arm than I traced, almost to my elbow.

I think my Grandpa Garrett and Belinda, at their wedding, had her wearing bracelets up on her arms that high for a reason.  It was to show how far up and how many cut wounds had been made into my body, and then they had their wedding on Halloween.  I was the pumpkin, carved by Jack, into a Jack-O-Lantern basically.  The United States and Union Jack. I have a few above the elbow too, on my upper arm, "bracelets" or slashes.

My skin color and size of arms is the same, it's just the way the photo turned out.  On the left of screen there is a dot at wrist and then looking down and around to the side, another, and then on the other side, same thing.  If they look different sizes, they're not.  They are all the same.  These go halfway up my arm for either side, between my wrist to halfway up my arm.  On my feet they are on the tops of my feet. 

I found another for the outside of my right arm and lined them up for you.
All of them are round and same size.  I looked up chicken pox and these are larger than chicken pox.  It said chicken pox is between 5 mm and 10 mm, the size of a round pencil eraser, and these are a little closer to the size of a dime.  They are about the size of the top part of the salt and pepper shakers I just got and I'll show you a comparison with this and  a pencil eraser:
They are a little smaller than dime size.  If I include the outline around the top of the shaker here, it would be dime size, so the top inside circle perimeter is closer to what size these scars are.
On my temples, on either side, there is a round mark the same size, and I also have small rectangle scars.  The one inside the circle mark on my left temple is standing up, and vertical, like | and the one on my right temple, inside the circle, is horizontal like __.  So they are two rectangular scars that are on my temples inside of circle marks.  About as long as the top of staples but wider than some of the thinner cut scars I've seen.  So if we combine the left and rt lines on my temples, we get L.
I would like to know why Kate Middleton's wedding getaway car had an "L" featured in the front. 
It wasn't for love, that's for sure.  Maybe it's for Mid-L-Ton.  Or, I guess it could be the exact middle of MKUltra  MKU-L-TRA.  No wonder Will Wagler used to tell me I had "Loser" on my forehead.  Will Wagler used to put this "L" shape on his forehead with his fingers, like holding a gun, with pointer finger up and thumb across and say, "Loser".  I was thinking of videotaping it but the last time I was trying to use it, it was being hacked somehow, from a remote distance and I couldn't get the images so I might have to have a camera.
Well, I had it scarred into my temples as a victim this country hasn't compensated yet.  And will, if they want to survive as a country.  God does not honor those who steal from children, and torture and rape them, and refuse to pay them compensation.
I was electrocuted.
I'm told some of the electrocution was done in Canada.  This may be why my family drove back and forth between the U.S. and Canada when I was younger.  All of the references to who was involved at that time, are pointing to someone named "Mike".  I believe it has to do with Mike Middleton.
His entire family is criminal and corrupt.  Other individuals involved may have been promoting him but a few might be too young to have been on-site when these things were done to me, so they would be protege-types, who wanted to encourage what he'd done.  I saw the movie 172 Hours and the entire thing is not just about a guy cutting his arm off, it shows exact marks that were made into MY arm.  This movie was made by a bunch of England-British men and a Jewish man from Ecquador (Enrique Chediak).  This movie, while trying to show one thing on the surface, celebrates rape and torture of me.  It shows a man like Josh Gatov, selecting a knife, and then cutting scenes that, in this movie, are exact cuts made into my skin as a toddler.  I also have evidence of electrocution.
I just checked my temples, on the sides of my head, for the first time, looking for any evidence of marks there, because I haven't thought of it until now, and yes, I have a mark on either side, on my temples.  So I also had something, an electrode of some kind, put on either side of my head.
I have not had any surgery or injury there since kindergarten, so it is more evidence of electrocution.  They are also the same size as the dots on my arms.  There is just one at the left temple, and one on my right temple.  In the exact same spots.  
So when I was wearing a polka-dotted dress for class photos in kindergarten, it was with the idea that this is evidence and here is an idea of what happened.  Probably someone was severely punished for letting me wear that dress, or another group thought it was hilarious, because they've gotten away with murder, rape, and torture, up until 2013.
They even got Kate Middleton pregnant with a public baby before anyone figured it out.  Which now doesn't make the English Royal family look very good anymore, at least for whoever might be connected.  James Cartright, who works for the Pentagon, must have decided to do favors for Middleton, who worked with U.S. Army in Jordan.  When Kate was inserted into the CIA, she became a conflict of national interest. 
My mother told me herself, Kate Middleton is the person who slashed her face.  My mother had no reason to lie to me about it.  So if Kate Middleton cut my mother's face, then she was actually repeating a cycle of abuse perpetrated by her family against ours, because a lot of rumor (which sometimes points to the truth) indicates Mike Middleton was involved in the cutting of my body as a kid, and I know he is connected to assassination attempts against me in the U.S.  Tony Roos is connected to Mike Middleton by marriage.  He has relatives that are Middletons. So basically, Kate Middleton decided to take after her Dad, in a "like father, like daughter" manner, and cut my mother's face up while people were on the look-up here as she did it.  She has been to the property I now live on.  I also know Kate Middleton was directly involved in marijuana trafficking between Canada and the U.S.  This is partly what drove her to slash my mother.  It was to shut my parents up before she got married, over what they knew about her family.   She wanted to be sure my entire family was controlled in some way and either terrified into keeping their mouths shut or discredited, before she got married to ensure her position after marriage as well.
When I told my mother, "You could put Kate Middleton in jail in a heartbeat", my mother nodded and looked relieved because she knows it is true.  Right after that, all of a sudden Washington state decided to  pass a bill legalizing marijuana, which made the illegal trafficking Katie was deeply involved in, "legal".  She was not just dealing with marijuana, she has been dealing cocaine.  But the marijuana business, trafficked from Canada to Washington state, and to Idaho, was the easiest one for her to caught involved in.
I remember being cut by a man who looked like my Dad and Mike Middleton looks like my Dad.  I don't remember all of the major cutting or being electrocuted, but I remember some cuts later, and the man's face is like Mike Middleton, which is why I tried to find photos of him when he was younger, over 2 years ago, online.  I couldn't find anything--he only had photos of himself now.  He works as a hired hit man for the U.S., and I have reason to believe he took part in cutting me.  I remember a face like his and I was awake and it was done at my house once, or inside of a house.  If you look at my Dad's face and Mike Middletons hair and face, it's similiar.  Same thing with build.  I was told to hold out my arm, just one of them and my hand was held, palmside up, and a man cut into my arm or hand.  I don't remember which.  I just remember being told to hold out my hand and the cutting and it wouldn't have been my own Dad, though I remember it was a house setting that one time, I think our own house in Moses Lake, WA, on Potato Hill Road.
The U.S. has been using the Middletons to traffick drugs for them and employed Mike Middleton as a hired hit man, which he's been for years.  Carol has been working with CIA for years and getting her money laundered to her by the FBI.
They have been using criminals to torture my son Oliver as the next generation, from Canada, Mexico, and U.S. and some who are connected to the Russian mafia.  All of the gangs or mafias will work together or join together, across race and culture, if it's drugs and money.  The CIA and DEA will intervene and cover up for them.  So where the DEA usually goes after drug runners, when I started talking about Middleton, they went after me instead because they protect government hit men.
As far as I know, Alvaro Pardo was working for Middleton, indirectly.  I was under the impression he knew Prince Charles or William of Wales from some things he said, but whether they knew it or not, I think on the side, he was working for Middleton and they were trying to get me out of their way. I wouldn't have been introduced to someone representing for Carol Middleton if it wasn't true.  Through Alvaro I met Russians, Mexicans, Colombians, and British.  He used all of these groups, that work for Middleton, to torture my son in Wenatchee, Washington.  Alvaro was also connected to police and regular cops, because I noticed they knew about him.  It was basically like everyone was told to stand back and stay clear, and let Alvaro do whatever he wanted to do.  He was being promoted by the CIA, the Department of State, and the FBI and cops and justice people were all advised to work with him.  That is what was happening.  When I didn't marry him or get set up, I was sold, literally, back to the military, to be tortured.
The U.S. knew all about the Colombian woman marrying a British man, in Maryland courthouse the same day I registered for a license with Alvaro.  Her zipper was unzipped in the back because she had grown in the time it took for me to keep standing Alvaro up about it.  Her dress was designed for her pregnancy, but they thought I was going to get the license at a certain time, and something kept coming up and I got nervous and backed out.  I did this for several weeks, and every time, Alvaro had some group waiting to cheer on there, and then he was driving away, looking embarrassed.  So weeks passed, and by the time I signed it, she couldn't even zip up the back zipper to her wedding dress anymore.  It wasn't like it was on purpose.  It was "my doing".  Shame on me for delaying the British Bust.
Basically, she could no longer zip it up because her stomach had grown and her boobs were too big.  So then this man, who looked British and had an accent, and didn't like me, leaned over to meet me as Alvaro talked to her.  All Alvaro wanted to do was take photos of her belly.  Probably because either William of Wales or Alvaro was the actual father.  No man takes repeated photos of a pregnant woman's belly, at belly-level, right at that belly-button, unless they are the father or an agent for the father.
They give a drug called midazolam HCL as a sedative for electrocution work.  It's like Midazolam Middleton.
Updated 5/10/13  Since I last wrote, I have disclosed other things which indicate some of the torture was most likely done in Victoria, B.C.  We went there by Ferry several times, and it is possible that one place of torture was the Royal Jubilee Hospital.  The Pemberton operating room was the original room until 6 additional rooms were added in 1925 I believe it was.  From what I have just read tonight, at some point it was underground somehow, or covered, because there was an "excavation" of it in 1991.  I think it is possible this was an underground site I was taken to, where I was tortured and cut.  Pem is like Penn.  It is possible one of the knives used against me was a Pem-knife and then there are some other things as well.  I have an aversion to brick, specifically in basements, and it is natural colored brick, not painted.  Red or red-brown.  At that time, the Pemberton was essentially a "basement" because it was covered up.  The other thing is that the bridge outside, near that hospital, is called the Hungerford Bridge and it has metal and contrete posts that were like the ones symbolically holding my swingset into the ground when I was a kid, possibly another indicator.  When the Pemberton Hospital was being excavated, I had assassination attempts against me.
The other thing I realized I've had an aversion to, noticed today (twice) is Sean Penn.  It is possible that he was introduced in some way, to mask what occured at the Pemberton.  The Pemberton is hexagonal, which is a sign for "satanism" so the idea of Seance Pem may have been close enough for some group to either associate and conceal what kinds of crimes were being committed against me when I was a baby and a toddler.  For all I know, it's both and could possibly be that I was tortured at the underground Pemberton, with a knife or knives, and/or that Sean Penn was featured in some way, in my life, as an instrument and person who tortured me.  My personal belief, is that it's both.

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