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Scars On My Arms, SLC Roads, and Comparison "I Love Yous" for Assassination Attempts

I saw this photo on my toshiba start-up page with a woman that has purses lined up on her arms, in rows, and I wanted to clarify, that in case someone wondered if what I was seeing was just impressions from weight of something, or having my arms rest against a material or object, that is not the case.

I was not tracing imprints of temporary lines caused by pressure from material of my shirt, or lying asleep too long and waking with the sheet print on my face & arms, nor was I counting places where my arm naturally creases and there are natural lines from the crease.

What I did notice, is that in some of the places where there is a natural crease, where most people might have one, if they bend their arm or whatever, there are a few places where scars were cut into those creases.

I think this was with the idea and hope that they wouldn't be noticed later.  I found a few where there was a noticeable scar from a cut, and along a natural crease, and yet you can see where the cut is and then where it stops and where the rest of it is normal, natural line.

As I said, most of my scars can't be seen under regular store lighting, I guess unless you looked really close and knew what you were looking for.  They do not 'stand out' at all.  They are very old scars and they are there.  For example, I can see one of my scars, along my thumb, with a quick glance, in a store, and to prove I'm not delusional, there is a store employee at Farrs who has a similiar scar on his right hand thumb and it is also older.  It's a straight thin line from the pad of his hand were the thumb is, like mine.  He had other scars too, and I don't know what all of them are from, but I could see them.

There is nothing wrong with my ability to know whether I actually have "scars" or not.

My arms were slashed up, and all the way around. 

I don't have scars like this woman-lawyer I used to work with at The Post Pub, who had visible deep and thicker scarring up and down her arms.  I mean, how funny it must have been for all these people to have known I had the same thing done, but it wasn't self-inflicted, and it was harder to see.  I was suddenly meeting all of these "cutters" and wondering about it and there I was, all along, a victim of mass U.S.-Canadian-UK ritual torture.

If Diana is really dead, and she was collecting evidence against governments that tortured people, she either thought it was a joke and had a sadistic inside rapport about it, or she was actually trying to get information out that people killed over.  I had no interest in her, even when she died, at that time, but other adults thought I might or that she had an interest in me, or they wouldn't have done the things they did.  No one would have been quizzing me about how I felt about her, or having me work for the "Wilson" connection, or setting out large Princess Diana books on coffee tables in front of me, for me to notice when I arrived for a pre-scheduled appointment. 

Probably, no one would have been trying to get photos of my private photos either, or having military take an interest in getting into my house and living there, and a nurse-in-training named "Jan" who had ulterior motives.  So if I had no interest in her, why would all of these things happen to me after her crash unless some intelligence group she had an interest in me.

No one was robbing Katie Middleton were they.  Of course not scheister, of course not.  Or holding a "hostage scenario" to allow professional forensic photographers into my house to take pictures of my personal photos or black and white outfits we were told to put on.

Is this "William" out of his mind?

He married a traitor.  Was Diana encouraging him to notice Katie Middleton in 1992?  because where I was, even though I didn't notice or realize it then, I can look back now and say, yes, the U.S. was encouraging and planning something.  The only thing was, how to get his mother out of the way so there wasn't an obstacle to his becoming acquainted with them to begin with.

What if it really had nothing to do with Prince Charles because Camilla was a foregone conclusion, and that it had more to do with getting that "dossier of names" out of the way to insert Katie into a position the U.S. and some in UK and Canada knew was impossible without some "extra help".  If she had any contact, in her write-ups, whatever, that led to Middleton, where she disapproved, there was "no hope". 

Was it Katie Middleton, afterall, who was on her hands and knees picking out staples from a hardwood floor, as Diana then ordered her rugs to be taken up and searched underneath for "bugs".  Come to find out, I have little scars, some of them the size of staples, where the U.S. might have inserted "bugs".

Not that Diana had me in mind with the idea of marrying someone, but maybe she knew I had been a victim of aggregious torture and was putting a list together.  She either knew about me and wanted to expose it, or she was trying to rub it in to someone and making a joke out of it.  It's one or the other.  She wouldn't have gone out to do "Halo Trust" after my car was hijacked, and I was talked about having a halo to hold my broken neck, if she didn't know me.  She did several things, that touched on big events in my life, and the only reason to use her public position to draw attention to it, was either as a joke or to expose something.

If someone thought she cared about me, or had taken any interest, they might have though I knew or cared about her, and I was pretty much oblivious. 

Anyone who thought her kids might wonder, would either spin it to look like she actually hated my family or something about one of us, and as if we were enemies, or they'd worry about what effect my opinions and discoveries might have on someone.  If she trusted me, or thought someone should, that is dangerous, possibly, for a group that is torturing and murdering innocent people.  Which is why some of them would want to see if they could kill me first, or after, or discredit me or have me go away quietly and disappear into a marriage and kids at a young age.  I didn't disappear into a marriage and kids at a young age, and I was already proving myself to be holding out against MKUltra incentives for others to "deflower" me.  They did not like being turned down, and maybe someone worried about why I had sat on my hands the entire time I was at a "laser light" show with Bryan Parker in a round room.  Maybe that was Vaughn.

I didn't like having anyone touch my hands unless I extended it myself for a handshake, later.  In general, having someone try to take my hand was threatening.  Oh, I wonder why.

And now Patty Otterbach is here, and she has tortured my mother and took her to Dr. Jane Birchard's offices to be tortured.  Patty works for Middleton.

Here's another thing, after the first assassination attempt against me, my mother sent me a heart shaped cookie with I "I Love You Cameo" on it, for Valentines Day, in a pale pink color like one of Robin Bechtolds pink shirts.  After the 2nd assassination attempt against me, my Dad wrote "We Love You Cameo" behind my head on a readerboard and took a photo of me with that behind me, and them on either side.

Robin Bechtold always sat next to me for lunch at school, and when he later saw the photo from the hospital, he gritted his jaw together and wasn't happy to see the writing on the wall.

I wondered why my mother had sent this because no other time in my life did she send something like that to me, not even for Valentine's Day.  She also painted it pink, which was not a color I wore, except for later I had a dress in a pink shade with flowers on it.  Robin had a pink shirt and I never liked it and he was the only guy there that wore pink.  Over a year later, when I went with a woman named "Kelly" who knew Shannon Adams' family, to the military recruiting offices, I wore my only pink article of clothing, that dress.  I didn't plan it, I just did.  It was also not like my parents to write "We Love You" on the board behind me when they could say it to me.  It's something they'd write in a card, and not elsewhere, ever.  The two exceptions were after both assassination attempts against me that were connected by the same people.

Tony Roos, Robin Bechtold, Mike Nichols, ...Robin was FBI and Mike's family was.  Also, I associated pink with Stephanie Maiers because that was her "trademark color".   When we left Moses Lake, Barbara Maiers stopped at my house, got the kids out of the car, and had a photo taken of herself and her kids on either side of me.  It was the only time I had a photo of all of them and it was after her van was going down a bank into a ditch of snow.

Tony Roos went on to U.S. Army and in the second assassination attempt, I was taken to a V.A. military hospital in SLC.  Very slick roads apparently Big Buddies.  Very SLC.

Wow.  SLC roads in Sherwood, my goodness, and SLC roads in Moses Lake darnit, and ever so SLC in Nevada.  Yes, lets send her to ....teeee heee heee!  SLC.

Oh Katie, lets sing about her face being a "map of the world!"

Come on KT, DANCE with me.

Suddenly we see your family for the shits they are.

This is a song put out by "KT Tunstall" in 2006.

I mean, is this great or what.  Right out of the "precious heart" of Scotland.  Katie Middletons Muckerfuckers.

Think about it William.  Why the "hell" do you think your mother got rid of the Scotland Yard.  Oh yeah, she really loved the Middletons.  Part of C-Iyeah-Ayeah.  She says her "earliest memories are Californian" because she went with her Dad there when he took a sabbatical at UCLA in 1979.

This is why Canadians were freaking out when I sang one of her songs at an open mic.  It scared the fucking shit out of them.  How many times was I interrogated about "Why did you choose to sing that song?"  There were Irish there too.  And some fucking C-Iyeah-Ayeah.

Oh.  How sad that KT's Dad died in 2011.  My sincere sympathies.  What a loss to the physics realm.

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