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I Was Electrocuted As A Kid (Canada and U.S.)

I was electrocuted as a kid and I believe it involved a hospital or medical setting and electrodes.  I have scars on my body to prove it, in places where I've never been injured in any other accident.

We went to Canada a lot when I was a kid.  We did not just take the Ferry to Victoria one time.  We went lots of times.  And we also drove into Canada by crossing a border, into Vancouver, B.C. when I was a kid and I remember going in and I don't remember going out.

My Mom was saying this morning,"I don't think you ever went to Canada as a kid" and I said "Yes I did, I remember."  I've always remembered.  She said, "Okay, maybe one time time we took the Ferry."  I said, "No, it's was lots of times.  I remember."  I also remember driving over the border to Canada with my parents, in an older stationwagon, and being asked to give them fruit as we left the U.S. and I never remembered coming back from Canada.  I only remembered going over there.

My Mom said if we went there, it was "for vacation" but no, we never had "vacations" there.  At first my Mom was saying she and my Dad went over there without me,  but they didn't take me.  This comment is most likely to conceal a record for Canada that if there are any records of entrance into Canada, because I was a child being trafficked between the U.S. and Canada to be tortured.

When Canada later tried to make me look bad, and refused to let me see a doctor when I asked for one in jail, after they arrested me on false charges, they said, "You can't see a doctor.  Only Canadian citizens get to see doctors."  In a prior visit, the immigration officer asked me, "Are you an American citizen?"

If only Canadian "citizens" get to see doctors in Canada, then why did Canadian doctors torture me?

Canada and the U.S. committed conspiracy against me and my son in an effort to conceal crimes against humanity throught their ongoing MKUltra program.

I know Wenatchee knows I was electrocuted too. 

I know what happened to me with electrocution occured in a hospital setting or with probes or electrodes attached, because of a reaction I had that was triggered by a nurse at the Central Washington Hospital.  I was there for overdose of aspirin, and while I was throwing up, they had me hooked up a bunch of IVs connected to my wrist.  This woman came in and got out a "box" from the cupboard and then looked over at me and smirked, and I panicked.  When she left I tried to pull out anything I was connected to, that was a wire going to my wrists, and I tried to leave and they blocked the door.  I said, "I feel better now" as my reason for wanting to go.

She deliberately triggered a traumatic reaction with inside knowledge that I had been electrocuted as a kid.  At that time, I didn't know about it.  I only knew I had a reaction because of it and now I know why.  I also know that if I reacted this way, it could have given some the idea that I did remember.  It is also possible then, that there was a woman involved in electrocuting me.

So after triggering my memory about being electrocuted, instead of torturing me with migraine all the time, next they were electrifying and torturing me and my son by distance energy weaponry that the military uses.  The other thing they did, to try to discredit me, was to lie in that visit, after I had tried to leave, and claim I was positive for THC (marijuana) when I never smoked it, used it, or was around it.  I had seen it one time in my life, by my age at that time, which was 31, and it was in Portland, Oregon at an 'after-party' and I didn't try it or want to. 

The FBI was already lying about me and those who had tortured me, were behind it.

It also means if I have an identical twin (which I probably don't), they were moving me and the twin around so they could cut up my arms and torture me, before they thought we would be old enough to remember.  At some point, they'd have to quit cutting me and release me, if I was getting older, and keep me in one place.  Before that, they could cut me up and then use the other twin as a front for my looking normal and not being cut.  I don't really think this is likely, but it's possible, and the other options otherwise would have been to cut me in the Fall and Winter when I wore long sleeves, and then use medical ointments, band-aids and things for quicker healing until the next cutting session.  It would have been done mostly before age 4 and with a few "follow up" appointments to Canada and abusers in the U.S. after age 4. 

When I was little, we went to Canada more than we ever took "vacation" or went to the beach in Oregon.  It was Canada that we took out-of-area trips to.  Oregon beach trips came up later, after we weren't driving or taking a Ferry to Canada all the time. 

What trafficking me to Canada would mean, is that the U.S. felt "uncomfortable" electrocuting their citizens on their own soil.  They might have done some things in the U.S. too, I already know, but just as they have torture camps occuring outside of the U.S., for "terrorists", the U.S. had torture clinics for citizens that were kids and they moved them to Canada for some of the work.  That way, when I was later "fleeing" the U.S., the U.S. and Canada already had premeditated everything.  The U.S. had Canada blackmailed for participation in electrocuting and torturing me, and Canada had blackmail on the U.S. for microwave and torturing both me and my son in the U.S. through military long-range weapons.

This also means some of the rape against me as a child, was possibly by both Canadians and U.S. officers.  Which would mean later the U.S. would have no problem using assistance from Canadian men and women, to have this cycle repeated against me when I was an adult.

Canada's entire healthcare system is connected to their federal government.  Victoria, B.C. is listed as one place where MKUltra experimentation and torture occured.  Vancouver, B.C. is also listed.

The Cameron (Ewan) facility, which is in Quebec, Montreal, is where Karine is from and this is where the infamous Allan Institute is located, where a lawsuit was brought by kids alleging electrocution sponsored by the U.S. CIA.  The CIA paid Canada to torture me.  So this Allan Institute is connected to McGill Hospital which also has a "Ross Pavilion" that is built across a large shelf of rock.

Of course Katie went to St. Andrews, because afterall, she had some Scots to thank for electrocuting me.  Her parents and she certaintly did.  Another hospital was also built in Victoria, one year after her birth, called the "Victoria General Hospital".  The one existing prior to this was The Royal Victoria Hospital.  It is refered to as the Royal "Jubilee" Hospital after Queen Victoria and is part of the same hospital system that McGill is part of. 

Canada and the U.S. would want someone like Mike Nichols to kill me, and for others to try assassination attempts against me, with this excuse.  They could have a motive of religious hate, and still attempt to use "national security" or "cover up" as a justification for trying to kill me.

These individuals have also been given access, through Canadian and U.S. government, to how to traumatize me by giving information about "programming" triggers used against me when I was a child. 

We even had photos of me being held by my Dad on a Ferry, when I was a toddler, and they are gone, and there were other photos when I was older, that are gone.  There are also no photos of me from age 1 1/2-4 except for 1 when I was 2 years old, and a couple when I was older.

Alvaro wanted a photo that showed me smiling with a red mark near my face, but not anything of me with tears in my eyes.  There is very strong motive to suggest he was involved with Canada as much as the U.S.

Of course I was drugged and medicated by him and at The Post Pub.  What do you think these people have been getting away with, my entire life?  They have constructed the same thing for my son Oliver and no one has done anything about it.  The U.S. and Canada just roll their locomotive right over laws and citizen's rights, and have absolute disregard for national self-respect.

Because my son and I were tortured in Canada, as well as the U.S., we have claims against the Canadian government, the U.S. government, and The Crown.

This is one link about one of the projects from MKUltra but it wasn't confined to that hospital alone.  Also, it wasn't all done with the eyes covered.  People were forced to watch until they passed out:

Also, the lawyer Alan Stein, is presumably Jewish, and he has refused to contact me, or respond, which seems odd if he's taken cases like this before.  It would lend credence to the fact some Jews participated in this program and I have been discriminated against because of it.  Afterall, Josh Gatov was a Jew who got information about my childhood programming and used it to facilitate raping me.  He would not have wanted to select a knife in my presence, on that night, if he had not had motive.  He then took me to see a movie "Clockwork Orange". 

He actually had 2 knives.  He had a pocketknife on him, and showed this to me when he said go with him because he wanted to get something to eat and a "better knife".  Then at the store he selected a larger but still sharp knife, and looked at the blade, from side to side, and touched the tip to feel how sharp, and spent a long time over the knife selection.  His pocketknife was in his pants pocket or on him when he showed it to me, and then he went out and bought another knife, and then he raped me.

This is how I reported it, I was a virgin when it occured, and I was not drunk.  It had nothing to do with being over-intoxicated.  He had a knife, it was on him at the time, he forcibly held me down, got mean and threatened me, and raped me.  He made it known the entire time that the knife was available.

So he used a knife as a weapon for intimidation and he also used selection of a second one as a way to make sure I had knives in my mind when he threatened me, so  he could rape me.

The FBI covered it up, and used Detective Brian Gross to do that for them.  Also, it was Detective Brian Grose who wanted to suggest I was drunk when I was not.  I had very little to drink and I wasn't "incapacitated". 

If you watch the movie 172 Hours, you can see how the British got their inspiration.

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