Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fran Drescher Reaps What She Sows

I read about Fran Drescher today, after figuring out more about how I was tortured and repeatedly raped as a baby and toddler. My opinion is that she's reaped what she sowed.

Her family is one of the criminal U.S. Jewish families, that has prided itself on making fun of others who are assaulted and raped. My opinion is that when she was then raped, it was revenge for her promotion of rape of children.

Her father is a U.S. Navy Systems Analyst and her first starring role, which she chose to take part in, was for Saturday Night Fever in 1977, which was after some news had been leaked about kids (including me) being electrocuted and raped for MKUltra.

The reason I wondered about her, is because after noticing her "arms up" trademark, and remembering a sad reaction my mother had to it, a long time ago, now that I know I was tied up and raped, it makes more sense. So I go to her information now, and find out her father is a Navy man, and notice the kinds of film roles she picked.

Someone then broke into her house I guess, in 1985, and raped her and tied her up or her friend up and forced her husband to watch. That man went to jail but of course, none of "Frans Friends" who raped me have seen the inside of a jail cell, ever. Not even her friend Josh Gatov.

If she KNEW she was possibly targeted for making fun of rape of children and their torture, then she and her Jewish friends had a motive to get Jewish friend Josh Gatov to rape me, in retaliation. Josh made it clear it was hate crime from the start, and he also made it very clear that he was aware of my past torture as a kid, and used knives to intimidate me and control me while I was raped.

Fran has, ironically, secured a post with the "Women's Health" people for the UN. Of all things.  She's working with the U.S. Department of State.  Her first trip was to Lorraine Rose's native homeland: Poland.

It's fine for criminal Jews to make fun of kids being raped and tortured, and if they complain about rape, they find a way to put someone in jail. And yet look at what they've gotten away with, with Josh Gatov and his Jewish supporter, the Editor-in-Chief for The Willamette Week.

Fran Drescher was pretty much begging to be raped.

Anyone who knew what happened to me and other kids, would have seen the following list of her choices of production titles, and thought she was rubbing this in someone's face:

1977 Saturday Night Fever Connie
1978 American Hot Wax Sheryl
1978 Stranger in Our House Carolyn Baker
1980 The Hollywood Knights Sally
1980 Gorp Evie
1981 Ragtime Mameh
1983 Doctor Detroit Karen Blittstein
1984 This Is Spinal Tap Bobbi Flekman
1984 The Rosebud Beach Hotel Linda

Then, after I was raped, by Josh Gatov, she decided to star in:

2000 Picking Up the Pieces Sister Frida
2003 Beautiful Girl Amanda Wasserman

Here's her photo:

This was taken in 2009 or 2010 at the Vienna, Austria ball.

mm.  Doesn't look so good for Frannie.

She got a job over "Women's Health" in the U.S. just like Hedy Fry got a "Women's Health" position in Canada.

Supposedly it was two men who broke into her house, with guns.  Since I already know Josh Gatov had some kind of a Jewish hate crime theme against me, it is interesting that he wanted two knives with him when he raped me.

Here is the pose Fran Drescher made all the time, and used for the cover of her book in 1995:

Since my son Oliver has been born, she's reduced her electric chair-bed v to a smaller v "peace sign" in her poses for publicity.

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