Thursday, May 23, 2013

Torture Today (U.S. Spends 1/2 the Billions They Get On Surveillance Of One Family)

I was tortured today, by NASA and aerospace defense, to the top of my head on the left side, which is not a side I ever get migraines on, and it wasn't a migraine, it was the same torture they used to split one of my teeth.

It was done repeatedly, from about noon until 4 p.m. today, while I was at my house trying to study and read, and getting other things done.

Basically, the minute I was looking online into things I could do to protect my house from intrusion or unwanted entry.  That was exactly the moment that it started and it was instant.

Basically, the U.S. monitors every single thing I look up and write online, and they coordinate it with NASA and DOD people.

Every single email that I send out, is read by the NSA.  Every email sent to me, is also read.  It used to be that when I had dial-up, it was sometimes too slow for some of this surveillance to occur without sending duplicate copies of emails, only seconds apart, or delaying transmission of email by up to a half hour.

Now, the U.S. has 100% control over all of my online activities, in real time, and they have someone monitoring what I write, every single minute of the day.  I am not joking.

If it is hard to imagine anyone would be sitting down, and watching everything I do online, from online surfing to emails I send and receive, then you have not read any my blog posts about what the United States has done to torture me and my son, as their guinea pigs.

I first noticed something was "wrong", and that someone was surveilling my computer activities, in 1997.

If anyone was surveilling my computer activities before 1997, I was unaware of it.  I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but then again, whatever I did was mostly at libraries or schools that had potential for monitoring.  However, I never noticed anything. 

Basically, the minute I had my own personal PC, the U.S. government had their nose into my information, without a warrant, and without any reasonable need to be surveilling me 24/7.  I discovered someone was surveilling my online work from my house, and noticed "trojan-style" hacking no later than 1997. 

I had not made any reports to police about anything, and I was not a suspect for any kind of incident.  The U.S. had ZERO authority or reason to surveil me.

I'm positive, that later the U.S. DOD and CIA found people in the FBI and police to make excuses for why they were monitoring my online activities.  At some point, they needed some kind of a cover to justify or explain to decent personnel, that wasn't "into" violating human rights, why they were doing this to me.

I also know that my phone calls were being monitored--all of them.  My phone calls were monitored in New Jersey, but I assumed it was just my employers when I was a nanny and I wasn't worried about it.  When I got back to the U.S., and moved out, I soon discovered all of my personal outgoing and incoming phone calls were monitored by U.S. DOD and intelligence, 24/7.

Because I had no political significance, or because I wasn't interested in any kind of "agenda" work, the only reasons the U.S. would illegally tap me, 24/7, and violate every form of communication I had, was for the following reasons:

1.  My parents were assets and forced to work for the U.S.
2.  I was used by the CIA and U.S. Army for MKUltra and they never quit and passed information along to the FBI to use at their disposal, whereby continued monitoring of my activities proves they never quit their "mind control program".  Even if someone from the UK was the one using a satellite or technology against me, they would have to be approved by the U.S. first.
3.  I had been forced to work for federal employees as cheap labor since I was a kid.

Even if my parents worked for the government, or I had been in MKUltra as a kid, or had been forced to work for federal employees in the past, this did not waive my right to constitutional privacy.

From what I've been told, my entire family, as a whole "unit", has been under every form of surveillance imaginable, for over 40 years. 

I don't know the reasons they chose to violate my privacy while I was living with my parents, and I'm sure my parents didn't appreciate the violations either.  However, when I have never worked for the U.S. government or any other government, to my knowledge with my full consent, this country had no right to violate my personal space when I lived on my own, at my own rented apartments and houses.

It explains, however, why so many excuses have been made by feds and police to enter my house and apartment, since I moved away from my parents in 1993, as an 18 year old.  NSA and DOD were tapping my phone lines and computer without any authorization and they didn't need to go into my apartment, all the time, to do it.  Sometimes, to do something however, they did need access to my residence, and my places of residence were regularly broken into and burglarized or accessed by people who worked with military or police or FBI.

The minute the U.S. didn't have access to my residence through extortion of my parents, and getting them to leave the doors unlocked, or allowing them to go through, they were breaking into my houses to get access, because I always locked my doors.  When they couldn't break in, they found a roommate connected to them to invite me to "share living costs" with them at their apartment, or introduced a government worker to rent from me when I owned my own house.

The only times I lived alone, completely alone, without housemates, the U.S. broke into my place of residence.

Every single time.

There is not one single instance of my house or apartment not being broken into when I lived alone.  So when the U.S. couldn't get into my house by my parents, or using someone connected to them, they broke in.

I reported all of these break-ins and half of the time police weren't even taking the reports.

1.  When I lived with Monica, at a first apartment alone, before she would have been likely to have known or worked for a govt. employee, our apartment was broken into and police went in, telling us to wait outside and then we were inside with them.  The police went through everything, and someone had turned over all of the things in the house first.

2.  Apartment in Tualatin-Tigard, Oregon.  I lived alone.  Broken into.

3.  Apartment off of Terwilliger, across from Mosque.  I lived alone.  Broken into.

4.  Apartment on Methow, in Tigard.  When I lived alone.  Broken into.

5.  Apartment in Wenatchee, WA.  I lived alone, and then with my son.  Broken into.

6.  House in East Wenatchee, WA. I lived alone with my son.  Broken into.

7.  House I live at now.  I live alone.  Broken into.

That's every place I lived, and every single place was broken into.  In addition, my house in St. Johns, Oregon, that I owned and rented a room out to, was broken into, even though I had roommates.

And my rented room in Lake Oswego was robbed, along with my Tualatin apartment with Sharon, where I was robbed, whether it was by her CA friends or someone else through a break-in.

I have never, in my entire life, had a residence that was not broken into and robbed, and most of the time, the people involved have been government-connected.

The only reason I didn't notice break-ins in the past, when I had lived with my parents, was because they had an "open door" policy.  They claimed they "never locked the front door" because it was so friendly.  Just like Granny and Grandpa, at their house in Cashmere, WA.  "No one has to worry about anything around here!  We don't lock our doors!  We just leave them open!"

Government workers were going into our house and stealing things from me since I was a kid.  When I moved out and worked as a nanny, someone sometimes still had access to me I guess.  But when I lived on my own, paying for my own place, "independently" (such a dirty word, the DOD hates it more than gang-rape or "fuck") the U.S. lost control of me.

The only way for the U.S. to keep their mitts on me, was to break into my house and apartments, repeatedly.  Then they could steal from me, and the double whammy was when I called police as they knew I would, they sent some military or political asshole to go through my house, plant shit (the only thing that has to be done in-person is hidden cameras), and do an "inspection".

NSA and the DOD could phone tap me through access to an apartment connection or telephone company or telephone pole.  If they were secretly tapping my lines, and didn't want even the phone company to know, they maybe had to do it "in-person" but I don't think so.  I think they had ways around it.  They could also hack or surveil my computer activities without being in my house.

The only reason the DOD or FBI would get into my house, is to "bug" it so they could hear everything occuring inside that house, or to plant hidden cameras.  Because it is possible to "bug" someone's house by having a person listen-in from a distance, they didn't need to go in necessarily to bug it, unless they were using an official cover for why they were bugging my place.  So some guy next door could illegally or illicitly listen in, but to get the "official" recordings, it would be through police or FBI.  That is only if my person was not "bugged" or wired with wires (seriously) or microchips.

If I was wired or "bugged", myself, through implantation of some kind of wire or microchip, which is more likely than not, then the ONLY reason anyone would have a need to have physical access to my house, would be to implant hidden cameras.

Even NASA or DOD or whoever, could use some kind of sonar or satellite to see where I was in a house, if wanted, but to videotape me or have a hidden camera, and watch my activities and see how their "guinea pig" reacted to their abuse, torture and how well their 'predictions' turned out, would be to illegally plant hidden cameras on me.

Which is what this country did to me.

The United States violated my right to "privacy" my entire life and they broke into every single residence I ever lived at, apartment or house, to put hidden cameras on me.

This is the truth.

Anytime I was raped, it wasn't at my house or apartment for that reason.  They made sure I was raped in other locations where they could control whether there was videotape or not, and censor it or change things or use it however they wanted.

We might ask, if it is all part of the U.S. government's crimes, why would they want the rapes to occur outside of my house and apartments?

Any other place I've lived at, I was "at the mercy of" the people who I rented from or who I stayed with (shelter temporarily).  If I was the one who had the key to my own place, my apartment was broken into.

For a man to rape me, and premeditate raping me, he would be caught if he did this crime at my house.  What kind of a man would "worry" about getting caught at my place?  Only a man who had knowledge my house was rigged with hidden cameras.  If a man knew there was a hidden camera inside of my house, placed there by government, he would not choose to rape me at my house.

If he knew I was wired or had microchips in my body, that transmitted audio to intelligence, DOD, or some government group of any kind, he would know that if there is no camera or video, it would all depend on the audio. 

And that is not to discount my character or the power of my own testimony and witnesses who knew how much I drank or didn't drink at all, and whether I was or was not a virgin and how I felt about sex in general.

My belief that I am wired and have a microchip is because of things I remember and things I recall others saying around me, as if to tell someone else.  So it's possible the men who raped me were wired themselves, externally, or had something bugged, so that a few of them could try to elicit what they thought would "work", and that they didn't know I was bugged myself, but the reason I have for believing these men knew I was bugged, and had implants inside of my body, is because of remembering some things Barbara Maiers said in her van once, in an emergency it sounded like it was possible she was conveying information to someone else.  Also, I was trafficked by the U.S., and passed between persons, for the purpose of communicating information between people and basically being a kind of "messenger" to the U.S....probably CIA.

In the old days they used machines to tap out codes, and probably still do sometimes.  Or, someone goes to a place and takes a tape recorder with them or is bugged.  How great would it be to not get caught, by internally bugging a baby and toddler, and little girl, who then grew up to be gang-raped by federal employees?

Any intelligence group, in their right mind, since they've been "bugging" things and "wiring people" since the 1940s and even earlier, by the 70s of course they were using surgeries to implant people to create "walking Chatty Kathys".  What does a Chatty Kathy do?  She talks when you PULL A STRING that is inserted her body. What is inside of the doll body?  A recording device.

One of my main nicknames, as a young girl, was "Chatty Kathy".  I was called "Chatty Kathy" in Moses Lake, Washington.  And I never forgot the time my Dad said to me, after using this nickname with me so much, "Do you know what a Chatty Kathy is?"  I was surprised he said this because he always called me that and I just thought he meant talkative.  But it was always "Chatty Kathy" and so I said, "What?" and he explained it's a doll that talks when you pull on a string because there is a recorder inside.  I remember the time of day, the place where he told me this, and I remember approximately how old I was.  It's not a "recovered memory" because I never forgot it.  I did wonder later, why he quit calling me Chatty Kathy when it was my nickname.  It also fit, because I talked all the time, but the fact that he would stop to explain to me why he called me this, is significant.

This comment, combined with the information Barbara Maiers may have been giving when in a car incident, if it wasn't a flashback, was being transmitted by me to intelligence.

It would also explain why the U.S. federal government had my parents involved in arranging to have me work for federal employees.  Because I wasn't around secretive conversations, it was up to these families I was told I had to work for, to transmit messages to the U.S. DOD and CIA.

If anyone was thought to be lying at some point, or working for another government, and the U.S. wanted to retaliate, they could keep it secret and still use their assets not wanting to expose problems and "issues" they had with their own groups that would come out into the open.  So then they could send a bunch of U.S. federal men to premeditate raping me.  They would do this as a form of hate crime against me, revenge against my parents (knowing they couldn't talk) and anyone else who cared about me.  They might even try to prompt confessions from others, by using FBI, CIA, and military scum to rape me.

If my parents were used as assets and then told to step aside for the Middletons, or I was being punished to punish a man or woman, in intelligence, the U.S. believed had "betrayed" them, or if it was sheer hate just for hating me as a kid and what I was like or being worried or jealous that if I made something of myself I could find out what they did and sue the shit out of them,  then the U.S. would have a motive to pass me from one place to the next, using me, and then when decided I was "too perfect" and hadn't been able to kill me, they wanted to make me look like trash and ruin my life.

Ed Israel asked me, in an interview to work at CTR or it was around that time, in 1997, what do you think is your biggest fault and what would you like to work on? and I wrote, "Perfectionism".  I wrote that I was a perfectionist.  I was then interviewed and asked questions about this statement and then hired.

It is very possible, for those who had used me and tortured me already, that they didn't like "perfectionism" as my answer and thought they'd take care of that themselves.  I.e., "You think you're 'perfect' or 'better than me'? or better than someone we know?  we'll fix that for you."

If they thought I put virginity and waiting for marriage at the top of my list, and that this was a sign of "perfectionism" I am sure it was the first thing they went after.  "She thinks she's 'perfect'."  Or, "She thinks she's special."

Well then, lets torture her during work at CTR with triggered migraines.  That will take care of some of the "perfectionism" with regard to work.  Let's plan a rape.  That will take care of her "pure" and perfect chastity.  For my answer about "perfectionism" I was tortured and raped.

Now I'm not so "smart" or "pure" anymore. 

Robin Bechtold called me up to let me know, after Josh Gatov raped me, he didn't think I was so "special" anymore.

Then Robin used an opportunity, after I tried to forgive him for that comment, to rape me himself.

So back to how the rapes were premeditated.  All of the rapes occured outside of my house, at locations chosen by the men.  With Robin, I had asked him to drive me home, and he didn't.  He actually volunteered to take me to my house, when Erica Ballinger said she would and he said it was on his way.  He did not drive me home, and everyone there knew I was incapacitated and he was not.  This includes Alicia Peters, Shannon Adams, and a few other individuals.

I went with him, with the belief he was driving me to my house and he told me he was too tired to drive there and would let me stay the night on the couch of some place he was housesitting for.  I said I needed to get home and he kept saying he was too tired and he'd take me home in the morning.  The apartment he took me to, I barely remember, but it looked similiar to the apartments Erica Ballinger later told me she was renting from.  I don't think she was renting there at the time, but later she invited me over and it looked familiar.

Robin's conduct was to say things that sounded "right" if someone was listening from the outside but had no idea what the circumstances were.  It was not the first time I thought Robin was trying to talk knowing someone else was listening in, and was carefully planning how he phrased everything.

He did this in high school, and right after he called to ask if he'd taken my virginity (no, it was impossible and he didn't which is why I thought it was weird he called to create the idea he had).  Obviously he was talking with the idea of getting an idea or message to someone else that was false, which I knew was false but maybe others wouldn't know.

He had been crafty since the first day I met him.  Robin Bechtold is as "laid back" as Josh Gatov, and these men use a joking casual facade to conceal extreme passive-aggressive behavior.

With Josh, he took me to his place, with a pretense of something else, and with my knowing him from work and "trusting" him, and then used knives and other things, including his full body weight and pushing me down, to commit an act of violence.  Later, taking me out while I was in a daze and thinking I had to stay with him if he ruined my virginity, he tried to assert innocence.

Robin raped me and made an audio display of sounding like everything was fine when he had never acted that way in the past, ever, asking for permission to do anything, and he only did it when he knew I was too incapacitated to consent.  Then he called later to make it sound like nothing was wrong.

With every single rapist, that was working for the U.S. government or with police, they raped me at their chosen location, avoiding my own house.   After a premeditated rape, they all did the same thing, calling me up to make it sound like everything was fine, or loudly saying they must have been really drunk, or some excuse.

It was all controlled, thought-out ahead of time, and all of these men, are connected to eachother.

UPDATE:  5/26/2013.

If it's true these men worked for the U.S. and they did, even Alvaro, making a point to say out loud that he was "black" and I was with a "black man"...what was that about?  He was from Colombia and he looked latino but he always said "black".  Was that on behalf of Katie Middleton and FBI, to confuse the identity of who they had approach me later?  All the U.S. has to do, is omit evidence or records, and rewrite history and then insert an audio clip with some man saying to me, "Cameo, you like black men? you like me?" and then what was the idea?  kill me in the future or have me die off and then play that for my son or someone and say, "This is who your Mom liked and maybe you're black too!" or "This is who you should trust because your Mom trusted him."

That is something the FBI would do because they edit and alter all of their records and fabricated ones about me.

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