Monday, May 6, 2013

Suing Tennessee over Pont D'Alma Harassment and Illegal Restraint

I am suing this country and Knoxville is going to get some of what they deserve.

I found out why they humiliated me, deliberately, in a federal holding site.  Those police officers who were women, are sick and out of their minds.

They are losing their jobs.

They made a point, out of me, for Middleton and someone connected to England, possibly even William of Wales or some other royal.  Even though I wasn't obsessed with Princess Diana, they certaintly were, and they were scared enough to have looked up every single point about her already themselves. 

I looked up Pont D'Alma's location tonight for the first time, out of curiosity, and basically, there is a park above the tunnel where she had her car crash.  On the lawn above, is a statue of a naked boy, or child, sitting on a cement block, and then a statue of 2 women who are clothed alike, holding a naked girl inbetween them.  It is called a memorial for "Canada's Invalids".

It is also right off of Albert road, and it was Albert that the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, B.C. was named after.

When I was taken to that federal detention center, the two police officers were women, and they forced me to strip and then had me exposed to a 2-way mirror.  It was only after I was completely naked, that one of them opened the door, with an excuse to deliberately expose me to persons who were behind the glass of the 2 way window that was behind those women. 

It was a rectangular window, wider than it was tall.

After exposing me to this, and keeping me out there in the open, they made a public show of me, with both of these police officers standing behind me and twisting my arm behind my back until she broke my hand, and the other one grabbed my other hand and injected me with a substance.  They took the exact same positions, in their stance, as the women in the statue where 2 of them are holding a naked "girl" and twisting her back so that her head is arched up and back.

After the second woman injected me, she got a blanket and then I was being led away with a blanket barely covering my body, to be put inside a box of a room, with a cement floor and I was told, "KNEEL".  Then she told me again to kneel, and said, "and put your arms up in the air"

(and by the way, I wasn't being tortuted with military and NASA technology until I started talking about serious government corruption which possibly put on a show for the Middleton family and William of Wales, because who else would they be so excited about having behind a 2 way mirror to watch me be humiliated in this way by them?)

I said, "If I do the towel will fall."  She knew this.  She already knew, by looking, that if I kneeled and put my arms up, now that she had let go of the towel herself, it would fall.  She wanted me to then be kneeling, naked, with my arms up, in a tiny cell with a camera watching me.

They did this for someone in Canada and England.  They did not do it for just Americans and that fucking cop in charge was most likely a friend of James Whitey.  I believe William of Wales was present, to see my Dad forced to kneel into some kind of toxic white material over a year ago.  Why else would my Dad be "kneeling" for anyone?  I went out to that site, and there was no such material there for him to get his knees covered in like that, where he told me he was "working".  It was impossible.  He was being forced to "kneel" in front of someone.

I think William of Wales was working with James Whitey.  I think Katie Middleton was right there for him while he did.  This would partly explain their interest in having Irish mafia at their wedding  and it would also explain why Seattle FBI agent in charge Laura Laughlin felt like doing Katie some favors.

I also have evidence that suggests William of Wales was possibly peeing on my son or someone I know, or that others were involved, or that it was not pee but another substance.  I am not saying it proves anything--I am saying it suggest something very bad.  It suggests a kind of group behavior of ritual child abuse was being done to intimidate my family, shut my parents up, and torment my son Oliver.

Not only did I find out why Knoxville, TN feds were forcing me to strip in front of 2 way windows, injecting me, and humiliating me to match their idea of fun for what they were looking up over the Pont D'Alma, as a joke, thinking I'd never know about their inside mockery, I found out some of the scars on my hand look like the intersections over that bridge.  They could look like the intersections over many areas, but I also found out that spot is right next to this "Canada lunatic" place, and The Reine Blvd and some other things, and well, reign and albert are quite royal, and next to Canada's place for "invalids" quite sounding a lot like the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, B.C. to me. 

The CIA fucking PAID them.

After this, Knoxville police dared to put me into a room for experimentation as the injection site on my wrist swelled up.  And they had "hand-printed" me while I was there too, by a man that I have seen more than once since then, in the minds eye, because he is not a regular "cop" (you FUCKER).

I don't hardly even get "impressions" because this fucking GOD DAMNED country tortured me to keep me from seeing anything.  Then the one time I barely mention something, at their earliest fucking opportunity, they violently overdosed me on Haldol, for over a week, to ruin me, in case they hadn't done a good enough job when I was a toddler. 

I hope North Korea bombs this country.  This country, and Canada, have no redeeming qualities.  They are corrupt, and so bad it is not even a big deal to them anymore.  They deserve to be wiped out completely.  These are people who are breaking laws and getting paid by the U.S. government as they do this in the open.

This country has gone on from torturing me, to facilitating the human trafficking, kidnappping, and torture of my son.  For all of the same groups and with the same motives.  There is not anything good about this coutnry.

After those women stripped me, the other one sat at a desk and played loud music on a boombox so I could hear it, specifically playing songs Alvaro Pardo had recorded on CDs for me to listen to.  Those fuckers are going to be SHITTING themselves by the time I am fucking through with them.

When I asked my Dad if William of Wales had been there to see him when he got all of this white stuff all over his knees, which ended up causing sores and blistering and is still visible, he said, "Don't say crazy stuff now" and I said, "It's only crazy if he's dead."

There is nothing too big or too crazy now that I know what this country and Canada and the UK have been getting away with.

If Princess Diana did not die, and is hiding out in the U.S. with the FBI, she is NUTS.

I even noticed up on "George" Blvd there is some "Eva" (like Evie Wiltbank) and "Janet" store in place there.  I had to look up Seine after that, because Erica Wiltbank was constantly playing an OTTO, I mean, ABBA song, called "I Saw The Sign".  It came out on the radio after the first assassination attempt against me involving Bechtold and Tony Roos.  I guess it was Ace of Base, but her favorite band was ABBA.  Oh, and here's more for you Mormon Lovers out there, after this, Geoff Rasmussen thought it was hilarious to drag me around in the mud, literally and he even started to look sadistic after awhile, which confused me.  Geoff?

Yeah.  Geoff.  Every other minute, talking about "butts", and then going on to adulthood talking about "cute baby butts" and kids butts.  I found some seriously disturbing photos that some of their Arizona friends took, and they act like it's no big deal, and it's with their own kids.

I also think, possibly, that the sedan with the bright lights that was with Roos was possibly a cop car.  I know there was a dark sedan at one point, but I remember something about a cop car too, but more like an unmarked cop car model, that looked exactly like one, except it didn't have lights on the top of the hood.  I have to think about still.  The bright lights were not from Roos' truck.  It was from a car like a cop car or that sedan.  The sedan I later saw, like a year or two later and I was shocked because I found out it was either Alicia Peters' or Shannon Adams family that had one but I don't remember which of them had the dark sort of sporty sedan then.

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