Thursday, May 2, 2013

Coquille Police Harassment 5/1/13

Not today, but yesterday and the day before, I experienced a massive amound of police harassment from local police.

On one short walk at a course I normally take, I was followed and passed by police over 20 times total, sometimes it was the same car more than once.  That was yesterday.  The night before, I was going to take something to a store, and a car approached and I had an extremely bad feeling.

I couldn't see it and then as it neared, I saw it was a local cop.  What was disturbing to me, was that I had no idea it was a police car, at all, and yet I knew something bad was coming my way from that specific vehicle and about a few minutes later, I could see it was a patrol car.

So I turned around and walked back to my house because I was actually worried about my parents.  I had made a request about reporting rape of children to police and had a very bad feeling with it--that this is very threatening to someone in law enforcement.  I didn't even open the email response I got because of this feeling, and then that night, I had a bad feeling, only as a cop car was approaching.

I couldn't see which car it was because it was dark with no moon but as I walked back, either that same car or a different one passed me from the other direction.  It was within 5 minutes or so of my seeing one pass me the first time.  When I saw it approaching and had the bad feeling, it was pulling out of a street that leads to a dairy.  I don't know the name of it offhand but it's off of Central.  From the dairy street, it came down Central towards the high school and passed me.  Then I turned around and a car went by me from the other direction, the same one or a different one, and that time I saw it was a Sheriff's car.  It said Sheriff right there on the side of the vehicle.

I think since the Sheriff's department works with ICE (drug enforcement) and they promote the Middletons drug running, they have a possible issue with me.  I know FBI agent Bujanda and Garza worked with them.

I don't have a personal problem with any of them, except for the one, Sean, who called my parents "old" and dismissed torture.  And, as I've noted, a few from Coos Bay gave me the willies.

After that night, the 30th, the next day, yesterday, I took a walk around a loop, and I was seriously stalked by police and it was deliberate or they wouldn't have been taking turns passing me more than once.  I ignored most of it but one that passed me more than once and made a point of it was a cop car with some bitch cop that I think the male cops like riding in their car.  I say "bitch cop" as in, it was a woman, and she was young, attractive, had her brunette hair pulled back into a sleek bun, and was wearing sunglasses that were like ones I used to wear when I was with cop-connect Alvaro Pardo.

The cop car number was 233609.  She was riding on the passenger side, in cop attire, with a man driving.  She made a point of turning fully around in her seat to stare at me with her glasses on, and then did this again when they passed me a half hour later, same thing, with face not looking out the front glass but turned all the way to the side window, to stare at me as they drove past slowly, with her smiling. 

The other plates I noticed were from a woman who is also a government employee and it is another brunette, with Oregon plates YHN 739, driving an SUV.

Finally, there were a bunch of rich macho men being escorted around with police behind them as they drove in a line-up past me at one point, coming from the direction of my parent's house which is where I was headed.  They were all "gym" people.  I mean, working out and wearing tight shirts to show their muscles from big brand new SUVs.  One that I had a bad feeling about was in a waxed black SUV, some older man who was polished up and a little overweight, but dressed professionally.   You should have seen the wax job on that one.

All of this occured, with police passing me on the freeway, back and forth, and in town back and forth, and from side streets, and at night, after I sent an email to Moses Lake Police Department asking what the statute of limitations was for reporting rape of a minor, if you discover the rape as an adult.  When I got a response, I had this weird bad feeling just seeing it there and I haven't even opened it.  Someone did respond, which was good, and the line that shows says there is no statute of limitations, but then, I sensed danger.

Sure enough, next walk I took, cops everywhere.  It wasn't like there were cops out because of something I blogged or the "Killing Judge Hotchkiss" post where I wonder how easy it is to kill people these days when it seems to be PRIIITTY easy to torture kids.  No one was out and about after that.

They all came out to harass me after I inquired about statute of limitations for rape of a child.  Most of the cops, including the cop car with the woman in it, came up after I passed this woman with plates YHN 739 and had a weird feeling that her plates were to be noted.  I then turned around to see the back plates to be sure and cars behind her saw and she saw that I had.  About 5 minutes later, it was the cops.

So I note this because my Dad's eyes look horrible and recessed back like he's been tortured, and my Mom's eyes are black and I saw one thing happen as I stood there at the door and she gripped the door and tried not to react and then I saw the skin around her eyes turning blacker.  The military or NASA are somehow targeting them with something very bad.  I don't know how they're doing it unless my parents have implants in their heads or near their eyes or ears. Both of them have scars by their ears and they've both had surgery in their necks, and have metal fillings in their teeth.  Somehow, torture is being accomplished.  My Mom says she's had a headache for 2 days on top of both of them being sick.

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