Sunday, May 12, 2013

Parents Held In Jail

I believe my parents, who are twins and triplets, are being held in jail and tortured when they are switched out from being in public and at the house here.

Everytime they go on a trip, or come back from church, they are tortured and it appears the U.S. is holding one set in jail and torturing them while the other set is out in public.

Also, I asked my Mom some questions today and she said "it's all in your head" but actually, there IS something in my head.  I went to the mirror later, and looked, and I have scars where I had no head injury from car crashes.

"It's in your head".  Repeatedly, and I WAS asking unusual questions but it's true.  I have a faint scar across my eyebone on my right eye, and that's from hitting a window sill and needing stitches.  But I have a different kind of scar by my left eye, and it isn't from any injury there.  I never injured that area.  I then noticed, by my hairline to the left, not only do I have the symmetrical marks from some kind of clamp on my temples on either side, there is a scar from an incision under my hairline.

I was asking my Mom where they went in Canada if it was for vacation and it was to a "hotel" I was told but that's it.  I asked before that, where we got taffy and didn't she remember getting taffy in Canada.   I asked if I had an identical twin and said if I did, they could have switched me out and if the twin died, no one would even know.  Or, if that twin was not being hidden, they'd know but wouldn't know I was the other twin.  I said because how could my arms be that cut up and no one notice?  I guess long sleeves in winter, but the other possibility is a twin.

Before this she was saying, and after, I was listening to the "father of lies" and not to get such ideas.  Then she said, "Are you reading your Bible?" and I said, "No.  I've read it so many times I have it memorized now."  She said right, and I said, "Go ahead, ask me for a passage or scripture or book and I'll tell you what it is."  She said, "Matthew 6".  I looked at her and said, "What good is the salt."  She looked at me with a slight smile and said, "Nooo..."  and I started laughing.  Maybe I laughed because I got laughing gas and salt water taffy at the same time in Canada, who knows.

I was asking her other things too, like what was done to me when I was tortured and what was put on my back. 

She just said it was all in my head, and "it's in your head" and then told me to read a chapter in my Bible everyday.  Then something I noticed last night was done between me and my Mom so I think it means something.

I noticed in one photo, from a magazine I have at my house, that featured a place like Permberton operating room, there was, on another page, a picture from William of Wales and Katie Middletons wedding.  What I noticed was that her right hand was raised with all her fingers together and William had his left hand raised and his fingers were separated.

I noticed the way his fingers separate is the same as mine.  So I thought then, that he was in MKUltra because why would his fingers have the same weird separation that mine do.  Then my mother was saying "It's in your head" and we were standing at the door and I asked if when they left they were taken to a jail and she said don't say such things or whatever, and then she put a left hand to her left temple, with all fingers together, and I had a feeling of an itch on my forehead so I raised my hand and touched my head, and then realized, the relaxed way I touched my forehead was with my left hand, to the left side of my forehead.  Basically, I touched a spot right above my left eye, in the middle of my forehead.

It was a reflex I had, which my mother knew I'd have first, but I also noticed it has something to do with something else.  And then I went to my mirror and saw I had scars on my head that are not from injuries.

Basically, that photo of their wedding is on a "white hot" page,  the other side of a photo of a woman with bands around her arms and objects dangling from her wrist, and a "sip and scan" photo before that one.  The magazine is full of references to my being tortured as a kid.

I just looked at my back.  What I see is that I need to get rid of the thrush problem still, obviously, that is now a 7 year rash between me and my son.  However, I also saw a few cut lines, and I definitely have incision scars on my head where I wasn't injured and by my eye as I've said.  However, there is an imprint the shape of an iron on my back.  You know, like you iron clothing with?  I have the shape of an iron, and about the same size, on my back, which is hard to see unless it's natural lighting and I adjust to see it. 

Which sort of makes the neckline of Kate's wedding dress look more intentional and sinister.  Especially after my marriage license thing in Maryland, next to a man from England and a woman with her zipper to her dress down in the back, approximating the size of the iron mark on my back and Katie's neckline in front.  On this page that is featuring Middleton's wedding photo, is a "TV" sign and a title for "He's The Boss" and a black and white cake next to it with iron shapes and holes lining in an iron shape, like irons have for misting linens. (October 2011, BRIDES, p. 72).

The other things appear to be possibly large round impressions like from something a dollar coin size, pressed against my back.  Maybe it was Sandoze Dollars.  See my last post for information about Sandoze Laboratories in Bozell, Switzerland (which is connected to Basel, which is why, I guess, Willamette Week editors and Amy Roe thought it so funny to have "Basil" photographing me for their defamatory article).

I love how this is featured on p. 72, "white hot", when Christopher Guest's movie performance as a police officer in "The Hot Rock" was out in 1972.  Turns out, this "Best in Show" man's grandfather, who was Col. Albert Goldsmid, founded the Maccabeans, which is a group James Paul's family (of Wenatchee, WA) was involved in.  He also founded Jewish something or other (see Rachel Hammer Ecklund).

Here's Katie with, not sea horse!  iron horse earrings:

Doesn't she look sweet.

What I need to show you next, is the "remote controlled" tortoise on display, that had a machine implanted into its back and is a "fabulous" crowd attraction.  If I remember correctly, it is a show-stopper in Japan, but I'll have to check location, and then show you the ad about a Hermann tortoise "As Canon sees it" (from under the earth).  The ad says "hot or not?"  I am sure Hermann Danielson, one of my neighbors while I grew up, would have loved to see the ad in his lifetime, or even "Hot Rock" (1972) successor Gannon Garrett (1973) who was murdered. 

I'm just sure Katie is going to have great children.  Hot or not?  I think they won't be hot.  I mean, not "iron hot"--they won't get that hot, or white hot or NASA hot.  Maybe they'll be red hot in the long run, along with her.  First of all, she kept a poster of William of Wales, a total stranger to her, on her wall.  No brains.  Aside from proving lower intelligence, in having crushes on strangers she's never met, it proves she's a follower.  She liked a man she didn't even know because of the influence that peers and the public and media had on her.  The same type of woman who idolizes posters, is the same type that is easily influenced by misinformation, propoganda, and Hitlers.  It means if she finds herself attracted because of someone's fame and power, she is power-driven and will try to acquire this for herself, and at the same time is influenced by others and "shapes" her opinions from the opinions of others.  So if she loves a person she's never met, she is able to hate someone she's never met, based on hearsay and influence.  Which makes for a perfect puppet.  Operation Puppeteer.

How could I have missed how Michelle Erickson looks like Erica Ballinger and Katie Middleton.  So let's see...James Moore of Michigan knows Marshall Mathers whose cousin is Cory Mathers, Marshall goes to London for an FBI deal, and comes back to the U.S. to work things out with Michelle?  Let's go to Sandals.

Okay, "Best in Show" Ballinger and Bechtold...explain to me why Chris Dabney wanted a dog on the bed when he was declaring "Here's another one in the hole." I think it's time to collect some records, don't you?

This is exactly why the U.S. and Canada colluded against me, to keep me from living in one place, undrugged, and un-tortured--they didn't want me to have a chance to figure it out, or to collect documents that proved who was trying to kill me, which points directly at the Department of Justice.

The guy that ran into me, the Mexican, looked like Ballinger's neighbor and drove a car like her neighbor drove, like a pre-90s low-rider type.  I don't remember what kinds he worked on, just that they were older vehicles, one of them stands out in my mind as being white but I might be wrong about that.  He was always outside working on one or driving past when I showed up, either into their trailer park or out of.  Christy sometimes showed up after I was there, or was there when I showed up. 

As for going to Canada, I asked my Mom about that and she said they maybe went one time.  I had asked, "What did we do in Vancouver?" (in Canada) because I remember going there.  I remember one time either my Mother or I was still eating a plum and the lady asked for our fruit, and I finished eating it first or my Mom did, and put it in a bag maybe before we got there or to take out as trash.  Probably to eat before having to give away the fruit to customs.  They didn't always ask us for our "fruit" either.  I remembered the time they asked for our fruit because it was a new rule they had.  They hadn't ever asked us for fruit before, and the time they did, it was new and I remembered how it was new.  I wouldn't have known it was different that time or new, if I hadn't remembered all the other times we crossed over into Canada.  I mean, was it a joke to them?  Maybe they thought I was their "fruit" after they'd drugged me and tortured me that much.  They wouldn't let U.S. "fruit" into their country all of a sudden, but I was good to go.  Their little Canadian "fruit" that they've lied about.  I think I gave them a plum pit once.  I dropped a pit into the bag they asked for, nonchalantly and she looked at me in a smarmy way.

So basically, we were back and forth between Canada and the U.S. in the "fruitless" days.  Then they changed their customs rules and I remembered when they did.  We went over more than once when they asked for fruit.  A handful of times that I remember.  My Mom said the one time was to Victoria, B.C., to the hotel.  I told her, "We went to Vancouver too, because we had to drive across and I remember their border people.  We also took the Ferry and one time we took our car on the Ferry."  So we went to Vancouver, B.C. or across that border all the time, and we ALSO went across the Ferry, with and without our car (I only remember one time with the car) to Victoria, B.C.

I remember going over, to Canada, as I've said, and I never remember coming back.  I don't remember even seeing a U.S. customs person or being asked questions and if we did, we were waved through, but the ones that I remember were Canadian.  To me, this suggests I went over to Canada sober, and they drugged me and I came back doped up, or my mind fried from electrocution.

I also think it's odd that the U.S. and Canada decided to fly me to Vancouver from Penticton by private jet when I went there to ask for political asylum and then from Wenatchee to Seattle, they gave everyone on the jet a beer.  What was the point of the commuter jet, and sipping a beer with everyone, when my son and I are Icons of Torture and Human Rights Violations.  Was that a toast to themselves?  GOOD JOB YOU, for RUINING OUR LIVES.

The CIA and Canada spent billions torturing me and now I live in a trailer to talk about it.

Let's all give the CIA money now.   As we speak, the CIA is torturing my son and continues to hold him in a fake adoption that isn't real and isn't valid and is based 100% on fraud and crime of trafficking.

What else were they giving me in Canada, besides taffy?  and electrocution and drugs?  How about this--they were sexually asasulting me in Canada and forcing me to "pull favors" for them.  This was not just done in Canada, it was done in the U.S.  I was being prostituted by the U.S. government and they were performing oral sex on me, raping me, and telling me to do things for men.  I remember that they performed oral sex on me when I was a baby-toddler.

I also know someone told Robin Bechtold about it, and what the triggers were and to try to use it against me to his own advantage (go Montreal).

The entire U.S. idea about "razors in candy" and "poison in candy" around Halloween, came to media attention in approximately 1985, which was years after I was being cut up with razors and given poison.  The idea was don't take candy from strangers, because there might be poison in it.  And on Halloween, we had to examine the candy and make sure it was "wrapped".  If we got candy that wasn't wrapped, we had to throw it out.  I don't really remember my parents saying to check for razors in candy, but that the danger was poison.  They did discuss, loudly, the news about razors in candy and poison in candy, given to children.

I was a kid that got both.  I got razors and I got poison too.  AND you can throw in some electrocution and sexual asasult.  My razors, electrocution, straight-jackets and arm grips, sexual assault, and poisoning, was thanks to the Canadian, British, and U.S. governments.  I say straightjackets and arm grips because I wouldn't have the aversion to being "held" by my Mom, while sitting in a chair, or hugged, around the arms, or "restrained" by an Uncle, unless it is from trauma because of what they did to force me to stay in one place while they tortured me.   Part of my torture was while I was drugged, and some of it was with my "eyes wide open".  This country deliberately tried to break me and ruin my mind.  Then instead of giving me FOIA I asked for, they played games with raping and torturing me again, and enacting charades over my history.

I was so lucky, I got to go from Taffy Bowen to Sherwood Bowmen.  Are my arms strong enough to "pull"?  Oh, and look at what the little boy in the movie "Into the Wild" is pulling behind him.

Oh shhh!  it's suddenly so quiet I can hear a Pen-broke.  Meanwhile, let's not disobey Katie's orders about her Wimbleton skirt photos.  Don't rape Katie afterall.  You think you can look at her thighs without her permission?  Let it be known Katie can walk almost naked in public, if she wants to, if you pay $200 per person to get in, but let's make sure the public knows she names her price.  Cameo, on the other hand, is a federal gang rape fest because she refused to "put out" and was "waiting for marriage".  Cameo wouldn't sell herself to the public, so the government said go ahead and rape her.  So let's conceal all evidence of crimes against Cameo and Oliver, and rape, and torture, but make sure everyone knows Katie's photos do not sell without her permission or control.  She's going to take it a step farther.  Now she's going to get stark naked to show off her body and then prove she controls access to her "image".  So now, she's left the private zone, of a private property, and gone out in the public zone, and she is trying to prove how she is now going to control access to her public nakedness.  Let me guess what is next.  She is going to have sex with William in public, and snack on turtle caramels, and pull some "taffy" for the FBI, all out on the White House lawn.  And then she is going to demand every single person there that took a photo of her act in broad daylight, out on the lawn of the White House, with William, FBI, and President of the U.S., and the PM of Canada and Her Royal Highness, to hand over all rights to the photographs, and then she's going to make the same demands from NASA and space satellites internationally too.

Who cares if she is not incapacitated either, and does all of this without any alcohol or drugs and on her own time, she is determined to prove "equal treatment" of the law doesn't apply to her life.  She is "Best in Show" afterall, and "some dogs deserve more respect than others". 

By the way, my evidence, even when provided to the FBI, has never been processed.  So even with forensic photographs that prove I have scars all over my body from what the U.S. and Canadian government did to me, they have made a point to say they'll do nothing about it.  The rape kit I provided to police and which has a decision made on its processing by FBI, was never processed.  The U.S. has proved they are sponsoring hate crimes against me.

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