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U.S. Compensation For Crimes: Watergate vs MKUltra

I asked which department of the U.S. is most likely to compensate me for what they've done to me and my son Oliver Robert Guy Garrett (Avila-temporary and fraudulent last name).

I was told no one from the U.S. would EVER compensate me, for anything. "The U.S. doesn't OWE you anything" is what my Mom and Dad said.

I would love to know what country would be bold enough to disagree with that statement.

I'm sure most countries tow-the-line for the U.S. and have a nice tidy exchange where they keep eachother's most grotesque secrets, a secret. But I do not believe there is NO country that is unwilling to expose the U.S. I think there is at least one country that STRONGLY disagrees with the idea that "The U.S. doesn't owe you anything."

Wherever you are, you should tell me, because I don't mind splitting billions.

I believe there is at least ONE country that believes the U.S. owes me and my son, on principle alone. I think they do not even necessarily feel motivated by an idea of money at all. I think they know how rotten, cruel, and dirty this country has been to us.

However, if it comes down to money, I know I have a case and that my son has a case, and I know that if someone outside of this country wanted to take my case, and brought forth evidence that would shame this country, I think this country would be willing to "cut a deal".

Afterall, they cut me and my son, with knives and razors. They don't know how to cut a deal?

I don't like the U.S. idea of "negotiation" by attempting to hide their crimes and get me to "join" them, and perform sexual favors for their employees. That isn't compensation--that is abuse and exploitation.

I don't think there is one single lawyer in this entire country that has the balls to even take a case like this, against the U.S. From what I've seen, of this justice system and even of private attorneys, in this country, when I tried to get compensation for even P.I. money for car accidents (which were actually premeditated hit-and-runs), lawyers worked together and took bribes with eachother instead. They didn't need my money, or money that would be generated from taking my cases, they just took bribes that were worth more to them instead.

That is certaintly a problem internationally as well.

Afterall, what's it worth to ya? Anyone from another country could look at it the same way and have evidence against someone or this country, that could be used in court, and compensate me and my son, but instead, they decide to take bribes and do a secret deal under the table, or, I guess, when it's not exactly voluntary, blackmail (worse case scenario).

So how much money are we talking about? What does having ME and MY SON "in the picture" do for someone who might be able to not only do a good thing, but who would also look at this in a practical sense. Leave me in the picture, and how much would it pay? and the time and effort of legal wrangling besides. Leave me and my son out of the picture, and how much would it pay?

Besides, "I might get killed".

Sure Deep Throat. You might get killed.

Not everyone dies for being a "whistleblower". "Deep Throat" actually lived well, up until recently when it "got hot".

The main point of Watergate was getting a political side. And, actually, information about MKUltra came out of it too. In one file cabinet was the transcript on Nixon, yeah, whatever, and in the other cabinet were the tapes and photos of children being gagged and bound and electrocuted. ZZZt. How shocking.

Yes, I believe there are many reasons for some lawyers to prefer to just take money quietly and not have a huge hassle of doing a lawsuit for someone that would be a fight against the federal government. Like Justin Titus, for example--great example of taking the easy way out.

But isn't there someone like me out there. If there isn't, I really am the "last unicorn".

I mean, are you telling me there is not one single lawyer, in the entire world, that doesn't have it in them, to "get them". I mean, for the sheer pleasure and joy of getting them, and getting them good. Not only would it be highly intellectual and top chess game of the entire decade or millenium, it could be highly, highly profitable in an eventual way. What I would anticipate, is that it would be a lot of work, but the satisfaction is that the U.S. suffers and their resources get drained trying to answer to the questions. Then you take the heart out of the entire nation by exposing them for what they did to their own babies and kids. First punch...their resources get drained, and they get "occupied" in more than one way. Second punch, you take their heart out and morale goes down. Third punch, you look them in the fucking eye and let them know that bribe they just tried to pay, is now going up for public auction and exposure. Fourth punch, you put documents and photos and audio files online for everyone to hear.

Then you file the lawsuit and either they settle or they lose.

Then again, why make it four punches? I don't let the dough rise more than once. I punch it down once and I don't have to do it a second time, and it still rises.

I want to know if there is any normal, driven, and motivated lawyer out there, with balls, because in this country, they don't have 'em.

And yeah, most other countries might not either, or don't care.

I think there is someone out there who would love to go for the jugular and take this country to court to compensate me and my son and expose this country. I think the pay off it eventual because unless someone is giving money, to your account, to help fund this, in another country, it would be out-of-pocket costs. Of course, unless you have a trump card that basically, when shown, means they buckle to your will. Doesn't someone have that? A nice photo of my being tortured? or of my son being tortured? a nice document that lines up with my description and location and the kinds of scars I have on my body? A witness that regrets being a witness?

They can't kill you as easily if you live in another country and then again, it would look suspicious--so it would bring more attention to the group that would be motivated to kill in order to keep something quiet.

The eventual pay off could be public support, fame, solicitation from rich clients who now want to pay you upfront to take their own cases, book deals, movie deals,...I am pretty sure the pay off and fame, together, over something this big, would continue paying, even after you're gone and your kids and grandkids and the rest of those you designate are collecting their inheritances.

It's not treason either, for those who are from the U.S. side that might pass some form of evidence to another person outside of the U.S. What is happening to me and my son is hate crime and is as bad as any kind of war crimes, but they're doing it here, to their own people. No one from Watergate who testified was put in jail for "treason".

If you take a bribe and do a secret deal, you get paid, but it's not going to last forever. The fame of taking this kind of a case public, would last for generations, and would pay for generations. Fame, or notoriety, it would depend on who you talked to, but regardless, the reason you DO want me and my son "in it" is for this reason: maximum pay-out that extends into book deals, movies, and other media, and keeps your profile high enough to attract people with huge amounts of money who figure, if you took this one on, you can win anything.

This means, your family will never see the end of the money, and this is going to propel you through more than one generation of profits.

So in closing, I was told tonight the only way the U.S. might "pay" me is if I "went on disability". I guess that's because if I don't answer their four questions for a bank card just the right way, this is their way of measuring whether or not they have succeeded in ruining my life and my mind enough yet. I love how the U.S. federal government likes to "check in on" progress of torture.

I don't need "disability". There is nothing wrong with my mind or my abilities, and the fact is that I am tortured every single day and night, and it's been this way since 2005. This is when I filed a report against the FBI agents. Sorry, but that seems rather "coincidental" to me.

Wouldn't you like to see a photo of electrocution by sodium hydroxide and water over metal braces? We'll show you the "Real Watergate".

The building of the Watergate complex has a circular building, that housed boutiques and was called "Les Champs". If you look at it on a map, you can see the design. It was right next to the water, hence the name. This was housing a number of notable political groups, offices, and parties in the mid-60s, at a time when MKUltra was in secret operation. The information that came out of the wiretapping and break-ins of this complex led directly to the investigation of MKUltra, which claims it "ceased operations" in 1973, one year after The Watergate break-ins. This wasn't true, things just got moved around. The Watergate break-in was in 1972 and the order to halt "operations", supposedly, was a few months later in 1973. The Watergate hearings of 1974 led to the MKUltra hearings of 1977. This is at least suggested, though some of the sources may have been from other areas.

What appears to have occured was retaliation for talking about MKUltra, so after it was moved to other locations, the torture was intensified and the program continued.

One thing done to me, that a family member remembered, was I was forced to stand on a metal grate as it was soaked in water and I was electrocuted...I either stood on it or was on a chair or bed and had it attached to my feet. I had some kind of a head device or brace also put on my head, as I was electrocuted. I was forced to have my arms raised up in the air sometimes as well, and I don't know if it was that they were tied or I held onto something above my head (maybe trying to take off the head thing).

The movie Neverending Story, with the girl with the pendant on her forehead, is like something I had put on the middle of my forehead for electrocution. I'm not sure how many different things were applied to my head, but at least two things, possibly.

I know I had some kind of a metal grill or plate put onto the bottoms of my feet, or that I stood on it. I don't know exactly why it was my head as well as my feet, and what kind of cross-current they wanted to generate. When I looked up different kinds of head braces, I thought the cage one with intersecting bars and a v in the back, looked like something I might have had on my head, but I speculate because of the triangular lightening of my hair which possibly occured from radiation. The head brace that I felt sick over, when I saw, was something that had an arm that branched out and had a sensor or dot brace in the forehead and then one in the back of the head. I am not sure why I got nauseouus seeing it, but I did, with that one. I am positive that I was not just lying down but that I was also forced to either sit or stand up as I was hooked up to wires and IVs, and I say this because of my panic reaction while semi-reclined with IVs in my arms, and throwing up. I probably threw up so much as a baby and toddler, that this is why I never allowed myself to get that drunk more than one time, because I hated throwing up. I hated it so much, I never repeated the amount or kind of liquor that had made me sick. I think this is because I did a lot of throwing up as baby and toddler. It might also be why I have an allergic reaction to anti-metics now, which are used to "reduce nausea" because if someone doped me with that stuff after I was electrocuted and throwing up, I might not only have an allergy to it, but a panic reaction that some doctors have always known about.

The electrical current work was done by using water and either sodium hydroxide (ALK) or potassium hydroxide (KOH). It's salt.

Funny how the "steel industry" changed their name from U.S. Steel to combine with Canada and be "STELCO". I mean, nothing like Amy Roe's grandfather designing the metal braces clamped onto my body for electrocution and his dear grand-daughter to defame me. Then she got a guy named Basil to photograph, maybe as an inside joke about Basel, Switzerland, where many CIA-led MKUltra experiments were held. Many PET scans, with use of sodium hydroxide, LSD, and electrocution experiments. Sodium hydroxide is a electric conductor and also is used for PET radiation and administered by IV.

I was told to lick the ends of batteries as a kid to make sure they work. This was a clue to the use of electrical charges being applied to my body, and an indirect reference to the use of salt as a common conductor for electrical currents. It was also a reference to how water conducts electricity and shocks you. Later, in 1995, after I was flown to Utah, to "Salt Lake City" for treatment, I was made to overhear conversations, in Salt Lake City, about whether or not they wanted to strap me to the hospital bed or not. One doctor talked to another doctor, in front of me, about what kind of restraints to put around my wrists and arms and feet.

This was after I was a victim of a literal hijacking, where Mike Nichols hijacked my car and tried to kill all of us in a kamikazee idea of "she'll talk if she lives" assassination attempt. It was after I discovered I had some scars from cuts on my arms. So here I was, with a broken neck (so they say) and a head injury, and I wasn't moving at all, and there was all this discussion, around with me, with my being conscious, before and mostly after my surgery, about "what kind of restraints should we put on her". This one man was asking if he should use wrist shackles or some other kind of arm and wrist restraints and for my feet too. Then the other doctor looked alarmed that I had my eyes open or opened them, during this talk, and said no, no, don't put anything on her.

This was before my mother or father arrived. I don't know if the one guy wanted me to be presented "MKUltra" style or what. When my eyes opened, they said they weren't going to do that and then they didn't. Later, I was given an old iron bar bed, with iron bars at the headboard and feet and it weirdest me out. I thought it looked like a mental hospital bed but it was probably more symbolic of the metal grates and braces and things I was chained to.

The other thing occuring at the time of Watergate and MKUltra, which was possibly used as a negotiation or blackmail tool, was the people of Panama wanted rights to the Panama Canal, which was previously controlled by the U.S. after they got it from the French and the UK. Jimmy Carter was involved with that one. Jimmy CAHtuh. Funny, because I want to rub my forehead now.

During all of these exposes, the full horrid truth of MKUltra operations remained a very black "current" operation. It was literally "underground" and the torture done to kids was at even greater security because of the attention they were then getting from investigative journalism and people who were discovering horrendous documentation.

The contact that metal electrodes may have had with the sodium hydroxide, in electrocution, would cause a "precipitate" (I believe it's called) to occur. It means copper would probably turn blue and iron (or steel) would turn red. You know, dots. Like our red and blue slushies in the snow cones that are round at the top. Who knows, salt could turn different kinds of metal used on my body, different colors during electrocution.

It's always nice to get a big shipment of Hostess ding-dongs, in those circles wrapped in foil, as a present and reminder. Nice how they ooze stuff on the inside too. Nothing like a little alkaline build up on the batteries.

Sodium hydroxide is NaOH, (aka, ALK); potassium hydroxide (KOH); and caesium hydroxide (CsOH) which may be close to calcium hydroxide but I think it's different.

So is Jimmy CAH-tuh the British or English way of saying Carter?

James Caught her! Jimmy CAHtuh. I think it sounds sort of Southern or definitely English, Carter. Yeah Lynda Carter, I love those steel hand cuffs and the head brace. Whatever was the inspiration.

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