Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Twin Parent's Tortured, Screaming, and FBI Premeditated Rape

My Dad had a "burn" from sodering something today and was icing his thumb.  Yesterday my mother had long burn marks on her arms, and it was a different Dicksie than the one tonight.  The one last night had the nose that is off to the side, from someone breaking it.  The Dicksie tonight doesn't have that nose.

The twins or triplets or whatever, the Bobs and Dicksies, have slightly different noses, slightly different jawlines, and different colored eyes, not by very much but a little.  One has bluer eyes than the other for example, and one has different sectoral heterochromia for example.

The body builds are very close but slightly different as well.

I think there are 3 Dicksie's, 2 or 3, and 2 Bobs.  Maybe there is more than 2 Bobs though.

I made a collage, before I realized there were 3 Dicksies, with a section that had 3 blond girls inside of a circle, sort of in a round well shaped thing, or tunnel.  I remember someone reacting to that.  I didn't realize it might have been that they guessed I had figured out the U.S. has kept the Dicksies and Bobs in hiding and interchangeable.

Tonight there was screaming and some of it was from my parents house.  When I went outside, some neighbors were making these sounds but that's not the direction it was coming from--it was coming from my parent's house as well.  I don't know if someone was in there or not, and left or what.

I had a bad feeling about a few people in town today.  Most of the time, okay, but got a bad drift for a moment. 

I think I was possibly lying semi-submerged in water when I was electrocuted as a toddler.  I believe most of it was in a chair, semi-reclined, or upright, like an electric chair.  But I think something was done while I was semi-submerged in water, as in a bathtub or some kind of rectangular holding table that allowed water in.

I think this because I remember how I reacted to a blindfold (washcloth) being put over my eyes or on top of my head while I was lying down in the tub, with a babysitter there.  I don't think it was Melanie (the regular babysitter) or Tiffany actually.  It was a woman with dark hair or brown hair.  If it was Melanie, she did it at the very end when I didn't expect it.  If it was Tiffany, after she did this, I told my parents and it was the last time she babysat us.  However, I vaguely remember a woman coming in who babysat only a couple of times that did this.   I sort of want to say Tiffany because I thought it was someone I could trust but maybe I assumed this with babysitters in general and that is why I was so shocked.  I remember when the woman did this, she had a sort of sadistic smirk on her face.  This is partly why I remember it--because I remembered how she was acting and I knew it wasn't an accident or mistake and that she was trying to get a reaction.

I think I hit my head on the faucet when I sat up quickly when she did this, but maybe not.  I sort of remember that, and remember my head was under the faucet, near the drain, not turned around the other way.

Later, at Granny and Grandpas house they only filled the tub a few inches full and then later I filled it myself, but no one tried to submerge me or anything.

After this babysitter did this to me, she left the bathroom and then came back in.  She kept leaving and coming in and going out and coming back in.

I guess if she was mimicking what was done to me in a medical-observational "Nazi" setting, to provoke a memory, or to try to ride over that memory with a different one, this is what it would resemble, a doctor or nurse checking things and leaving the room and then going out and coming back in to make adjustments or talk to someone.

A lot of the illegal U.S. experimentation and torture of children is done when they are young and then to prevent memories of the actual torture from resurfacing, they will try to "record over it" with a new memory that is close but different.

Like having a tape cassette, which I used to have, and you record over and over and over it, erasing the last material, as many times as you want.

The U.S. tries to erase and distort memories of torture by re-enacting similar scenes and making adjustments so your memory is confused, or forgets the original memory, or they use phrases and even exposure to the names of people that are close but different.  So if someone was always saying, "Strain the Urine" they might later say repeatedly, "Train and You're In!"  So then as a kid you're thinking about how often people said "train and you're in!" and this is what you most remember and you forgot that what was said originally all the time, around you, while they tortured you, was "strain the urine".

Some of the processing that the U.S does to mask over and cover for their crimes is even plotted out in phases.  First they change one part and then a little more, and then a little more until the original meaning is completely lost, like in the "telephone game".

My Mom bent over recently, the one from yesterday and there was a mark on her chest like from a laser mark that discolored her chest.  When I was growing up, after I commented on a knife scar on one of the Dicksie's backs, I was never allowed to see my Mom changing again, or to see her without her bra on.  I have always wondered what kinds of different marks she might have there if she was made to hide everything from her own young daughter. 

Some of the things the U.S. federal employees did, who had knowledge of how I was raped and abused for MKUltra, used methods that made me more vulnerable when I was already incapacitated or questioning, by trying to use things my Dad did with me when I was a kid, that were innocent, to try to keep me from fighting back and lowering my reserve.  These federal employees were taking opportunities from government files about me, just like priests and pastors who groom kids to sexual assault them.

The use of knives, pocketknives especially, and razors, has been used to intimidate me as well, when this was used to torture me when I was a baby and toddler.  So since they were able to control me and I couldn't do anything about it as a kid, and fear was instilled into my subconscious that if I tried to fight someone with a knife I'd get killed, and not just cut, the same people who knew them used this against me later, to force rape on me and know my fear of knives would come in handy for them.

When it comes down to it, the entire charade of Portland police and FBI using Detective Brian Grose to ask me questions about it, and record what I was saying, had nothing to do with making a case about rape.  Instead, those fucking cops were making documentation for the U.S. Army, law enforcement, and CIA, for what a great job they did raping me and subduing me as a kid, and here's how it played out later when I was an adult.  The police did nothing more than take laboratory notes and documentation, to pass onto the people who first tortured me in MKUltra, as part of their continued excuses to keep doing what they were doing.  They wanted to know "results" from their "scientific" and psychological "torture and experimentation" of raping and trying to control babies and toddlers when they're adults.

That is part of what "mind control" is.  The U.S. uses "mind control" as an excuse for raping and torturing a kid, and then claiming if they do certain things to the toddler then, when they do it again when the baby or toddler is an adult, the U.S. government FUCKERS will be able to "predict" what the reaction will be, how it will work, and how they can use  the subliminal elements of torture to "control" the responses of the adult later.

This country committed heinous crimes against me and then did the same thing with my son.  They premeditated raping me as an adult, using over 6 different federal employees who were given information about me to do it.  They obstructed me from justice when I was smart, and a quick thinker, and had my homework not been stolen, I probably would have been one with a full-ride scholarship to a good college, and in a career that made a lot of money, which I was good at, and made me happy.

Instead, the crimes against me by this country and Canada were SO grotesque, they covered it up, the possibility I might start to figure it out or talk, by defaming me using federal employees and obstructing me from traveling to block me out of my lawsuits that protected me.

The minute that I asked for Federal Information about myself, which would have turned up the information that would have led to my discovery of MKUltra, instead of turning that over to me, the United States tortured me using NASA.  They were already torturing me but not everyday, to incapacitate me totally, until right after I was making FOIA requests for the first time in my life.

Instead of giving me the information I had a right to have, as a citizen, the U.S. wasn't done raping me.

The men who work for the U.S. federal government that raped me all incorporated things I used to do with my Dad first.  Most of them did.  So they tried to use my attachment to my Dad, for themselves, as a way to groom me before they raped me and then use this to keep me from talking about it or reporting it right away.  For example, I used to get ice cream with my parents at Baskin Robbins all the time as a kid.  So Robin Bechtold decided, at some point, to make selection of ice cream at the store, something he did first, before trying to make out with me.  I used to go to the ice cream counter and we'd spend all this time looking at different kinds of ice cream and asking about it, sometimes trying a sample with a mini spoon first to see if we liked it or not.  Robin decided to take me to the grocery store to "look at ice cream".  He started making this a kind of routine, of taking me to a grocery store, to look through the glass doors at different kinds of ice cream and then pick something out that was "Ben & Jerrys".  He then wanted to eat it in the car with me or outside at a park, with each of us with a spoon, from the carton.  As a kid, we were taken outside to eat our ice cream cones with our family.

Everything Robin was doing, was United States government tipped-off grooming.  He was literally premeditating how to gain my trust, and using my DAD and how I had been treated by my Dad or what he did, as a way to gain it.  Robin Bechtold is as sleazy as you get.  The other men after him, did the exact same thing, and even mentioned my "Dad" when they raped me.

Geoff Rasmussen, for his part, in a junior or senior year photo, where we'd been given an award of "Most Enthusiastic", decided to pick me up for the photo, like he was carrying me over a threshold.  I didn't agree, he just did it and it wasn't something he ever did.  I remember the smirks he had with the photographer and didn't think anything of it at the time, but honestly, it is odd that Geoff, whose Uncle is FBI, and who was in business with Wiltbanks (who Bechtolds were in business with) would want to be photographed that way for "Most Enthusiastic".  Most enthusiastic for being carried over a "threshold" how it reads about me.  The only person that ever carried me that way was my Dad, after I fell asleep at parties as a kid or on the floor or bed while being babysat and was then woken up and carried that way to my own bed and tucked in.

I was carried to bed that way, through my doorway, and then I was tucked in.

So guess which FBI asshole decided to try that one again with me?  Mike Tancer. 

But backing up, after Robin Bechtold was wanting to do an "ice cream flavors" decision at the grocery store, guess who wanted to go to the grocery store to do the same kind of "picking things out" first?  Josh Gatov.  Josh Gatov  wanted to "go to the grocery store" just like Robin Bechtold's pattern, and "pick out an apple and wine".  He made the exact same kind of "production" about it, going on and on about which kind of knife to get and how were they different and then picking out cups carefully, examining them and turning them around the way Robin Bechtold did with ice cream cartons first before buying a flavor, to read the label.  Josh turned the different cup packages around the exact same way Robin turned around different Ben & Jerrys cartons before picking one out.  He got different kinds first and then the same kind all the time.  Then it was the apple, finding the perfect apple.  In the middle of all this, Josh stopped in front of a refrigerated section of food, and looked at cheese.  So he threw in a mimicry of going to a freezer case to pick out ice cream, by going to a refrigeration section with shelves and looking at different kinds of cheese and then he said he decided not to get cheese.  But he spent a long time wanting me to stand there as he looked at, and turned over, different kinds of dairy, this time not ice cream, but cheese.

Robin and Josh knew each other.  The men who raped me, who were working for the federal government and whose parents worked for the federal government, knew each other.  Geoff Rasmussen was involved even though he didn't rape me or try anything.

I'm glad a few people know what I'm talking about and believe me, because I know it has been making more sense for a few who didn't believe me before.  I'm glad you can either relate or figured out who the liars are.

These are government employed men who had family members that were cops, FBI, and otherwise employed with the U.S. federal government, and they shared information about me to premeditate raping me and then the FBI threw in some money to obstruct justice to discredit me.

The most interesting part of my "testimony" to Detective Brian Grose was if I detached or disassociated or not and I was encouraged to talk about that.  I guess the FBI wanted to get information on how well they had raped me and cut me up as a kid, to see if I would disassociate and try to forget the memory and then stay bonded to the people who tortured me there, or who I thought it was even if it wasn't.

This country can go to Hell and Robin Bechtold and all of his people are slimy, sleazy, scum that grovel for favors.  On top of being part of the effort to plan and premeditate raping me and defaming me and using police against me internally, he had one motive for dating women and it was money.  If his wife "Wendy" thinks he loves her, guess what honey?  You're a hooker with a hobo bag that says "easier income" to Robin. If he wasn't trying to rape women for the federal government, and lying about how he loved someone, he was targeting women who either had money themselves or came from families with money.  It is all he ever talked about--money.  I would ask him a question about his girlfriend, whichever one it was at the moment and all he ever focused on was how much money she made and how much money her family had.  I have no doubt Robin would take a bribe to rape me, for money, if not for feeling upset that HE thought I thought I was "better" than he was.

He'd take Canadian money in a minute.

After all of these men raped me and defamed me and ruined my potential, with WOMEN literally helping them plan how to do it, and celebrating their accomplishments, they figured no one would want me.  No other country would want to take my family in now, after what they did to all of us.  Because as much as they could use us and steal from us, and make us look like we weren't talented, or very smart after all, the better it worked out for them.

When Robin, who is Catholic, colluded with a Jew, Josh and raped me and then passed on information to have more men rape me, and Geoff, who is a Mormon was involved in giving information and working for Wiltbank, they pretty much tried to reinforce prison walls around us by using their religious affiliation and communities to have them against us collectively as well.


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